My Moon

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Welcome home party

I took the extra time to finish this chapter for you guys
and Merry Christmas!

Now that your home and safe and your injuries are healing we should host a party for you coming back to us my father said in a excited voice. My eyes went big “a party I...I...I don’t think that will be necessary” he put a hand on my shoulder with a serious expression on his face, I think you need it to get to know the people and have everyone take a second look at you. I sighed and gave him a simple smile “well ok if you think it will be good for the people here then ok”. Charlie came into the room to take me back to show me around sense I wasn’t able to right away, I waved goodbye to my father that I just found out about and Caesar I can say he was pretty handsome like Charlie told me earlier.

Walking down long hallways for about two hours we finally got to go outside to see the garden and training grounds, I did want to go see the garden first sense I never seen a garden before or like flowers! The first flower I saw some kind of navy blue with some black with it, Charlie told me it was a moon flower. I looked at the flower again it was a beautiful sight. Smiling I walked over to the other flowers that where spreading there petals and leaves out towards the sun and dancing with the wind blowing through the air. It was calm and nice and I felt so relaxed and safe in the garden, I never felt like this back at the sun nation. Charlie took my hand “we can see more later but I’m sure you will want to see the training grounds” I looked at her and I smiled and nodded, so we walked to the training grounds and saw a few people training.

I did see Caesar dueling with a blonde man with real swords and not guns, well you don’t shoot at your Conrads but targets. Could I go down there and practice too? She looked at me and smiled “you don’t have to ask me but your in the right clothes to do so” I smiled brightly and I couldn’t wait to show off. But before I could walk down Charlie grabbed my arm “but I’ll come to get you when it’s time to get ready” I nodded in response and I started to walk down to where Caesar was.

I didn’t really know how to fight with sword but I can fight with a knife or gun, but I’m pretty sure someone here will teach me how too. Caesar did see me and put a hand up at the man he was dueling with to stop for now, he walked over to me he was covered in sweat and was only wearing a white button up shirt and black pants with a belt also he was wearing boots. He didn’t look bad at all he just looked sexy to me but I moved those thoughts out of my head and waved at him. Where’s Charlie he asked with a confused look “she went back to the castle but she said I could stay here and practice with you and the other people here” oh, well I guess you could practice with us or if you want to practice alone that’s fine. “Actually I had a idea” he smirked what’s your idea “how about we duel each other just no weapons” I put my hand for him to shake for an agreement he did take my hand saying yes.

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He backed up with his hands by his side ready to do anything, I raised mine too by each side of my face ready. I threw a leg at him but he blocked it and grabbed my leg sliding me by his side while still standing, I took my hands grabbing the back of his face and front and made him hit my knee he was holding. I think I broke his nose but he didn’t give up, he just lunged at me to fall on my butt it did hurt a little not much though, “your not bad but just a little work” he said while standing above me, I smirked I took my leg and swung it under his two legs making him fall like last time. I laughed at him and got up real quick to pin him down, I didn’t get the best grip of him while having him down on the ground, but it was good he didn’t struggle to get free. You know your making this to easy I said in his ear “oh really” he was smirking and I got confused before I could react he slammed his head into my chin knocking me back. He grabbed my arms with one hand and had both legs tied with mine, I was stuck i at least tried to get free but nothing worked, he was laughing at me. I glared at him “you surrender” well I can’t get out of this so ya I surrender, he let go of me and helped me up off the ground.
Well I guess you win this time I said “well ya I guess but I only went easy on you” I gave him a small grin, well that’s not all i can do I can do much more. Charlie wasn’t back yet and it was almost time to get ready for the party “I can take you back if you like” he held his arm out for me, sure I would love that, and I took his arm and we walked back to the castle with the rest of the people behind us on are way to get ready.

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