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for 5 years he was bullied by his wife's family they always think he is useless , a good for nothing son-in-law, he was kicked by his original family the Lee family they accused him of poisoning his grandmother the ruler of the Lee's and forced to live without developing again.... our MC isn't a normal person since he was young when ever he get angry the thunder will follow everyone in the family is afraid of him when he get cold he have no mercy yet now he is just a useless maid son-in-law for his wife family what is going to happen to our MC and what fate is waiting for him no one knows thank you for reading I hope you like the story

Fantasy / Romance
Belkadhi Mikel
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"What are you still doing here go bring me some tea"

"Ok mom just one second I will bring it now"

"Don't call me that I am ashamed to have a son-in-law like you go you useless piece of sh*t"

That was the arrogant Melissa Yu she is the mother-in-law of Wade Lee she get the best feeling of happiness for scolding him thinking he is a waste and never should have married her daughter Lina Yu thinking always that the Yu family tricked them and dispirited them for having a son-in-law like Wade Lee

Although Wade didn't care he is used to this kind of treatment for 5 years now all this humiliation for him is nothing in front of what the Lee family did before

He runs back to the kitchen poured the tea and the got back to to Melissa Yu with a smile on his face she was talking on the phone so she didn't care about Wade Lee that time she just took the tea cup and continued talking to her girl-friend

At that time a loud knock on the door Wade Lee opened it and he was pushed by a big beauty with an elegant dress a yellow hair and a luxury brand sunglasses it was none other than his own wife Lina Yu

"Mom we have a meeting with the Yu family we need to go they will discuss the family crisis we are in let's go I don't want to be late"

Melissa was sad hearing this actually the crisis of the Yu family was caused by her poor management lately but eventually this family meeting was requested by her father-in-law after marrying Levant Yu she changed her surname to follow the Yu family and with that she got into their business her husband is aboard so she was dealing with the family business lately she was so arrogant that she missed the best two deals for the company so she caused and capital breakdown and above all that she lost the right to manage the company even when her husband got back he failed to deal with the problem

"Ok I am ready to go....,HEY you useless go get the car ready we are going out "

Wade Lee rushed out and got the car ready he was the only one to check on the family's cars before they go out if it weren't for him they would had an accident long ago

After a while the all family of four got to the family villa the only one who live there is the head of the family along with his wife and servant

Entering the parking lot it was full of high-end luxury cars that belong to the Yu family as for Levant Yu car it was far away from their's it was a 2015 bmw serie 3...

Going into the hall all the guards where alerted and whispering looking at Wade Lee with a funny expression of course they knew the purpose of the meeting

Getting in tge usual big room with the huge table in the middle everyone are sitteled inside already Wade as always have no chair on that table Lina , Melissa and Levant Yu got to their chair and the head of the family Hang Yu started the meeting

"Everyone know why we are here today the company is going down and we are short on money our assets aren't enough to cover up this break down so I as the head of the family found a solution "

Everyone was stunned this is the first time Hang Yu decid to deal with the matter himself but no one dared to make a fuss about it

"Lina my grand-daughter you are going to accompany Mr.Fin for 4 days as a reward he will give our family 50 million dollars to cover the loss "

At this moment Lina was shocked she never thought that the Yu family will force her to sacrifice her body

"But grandpa.." Lina was at daze and Wade himself was about to explode his face was cold

"What aren't you willing to sacrifice for the family Mr.Fin has a fancy in you in my opinion you should divorce this waste of a son-in-law and marry Mr.Fin instead and it was you idiot mother fault that we are here today"

All the family felt exited after hearing this they all look down at Lina although they are jealous of the success she made in the past dealing with all the design affair of the company and they started adding the flames

"Yes Lina you should sacrifice for the family"

"Yes it's better to marry Mr.Fin our family business will rise fast"

"You have to take responsibility why aren't you happy Mr.Fin is a rich second generation he is fat yes but young and wealthy his family background is amazing "

At that time the sky began to get dark and the sun dissapeared as a word came out of Lina mouth that shocked everyone including Wade Lee

"I agree grandpa but on one condition"

"Good good grand-daughter I always knew you are smart what is it "

"I want 15% of the shares of the company under my parents name and half a million dollar in Wade Lee account after I divorce him "

"NO!!!" At that moment Wade couldn't bear it and slammed the table hard that everyone was stunned where did this worthless got all this courage?

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