Book of Immortals - Part Four -

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Raese Tries to Charm a Waterbeast. Lucien hunts a she-demon. Sebastian acclimates to an impossible valkyrie in WaterRose. Teverius confides a secret about a watcher. Chavias may not be so bad. Where has the King of Assassins gone? A huntress is learning to prey on cimmerii. Deragan moves the Bishop family where he wants them. Rhyers deals with an emotional Ebony Marshall while trying to remain friends with her stubborn brother. Alazareth makes an unwise decision after Riaura makes a poor choice for a lover. And Chaos is building in Ardae. Cimmerii are rising.

Fantasy / Romance
Manda May
Age Rating:

LUCIEN - A Fogdragon

Grier Country


Lucien took the form of the wolf to blend more adeptly in darkness. Black and gray fur concealing him from prying eyes.

He’d leapt easily into the peak of the tree outside the Meralee Carter’s private chambers. Perching within the branches as comfortably as a cat. Set on watching the strange mist swirling outside her window.

No ordinary wolf could’ve done so. His yellow eyes shined brightly in the darkness. Glinting from reflected moonlight. But we’re not ordinary.

Why is the mist moving like that? Radix? He was shocked to see only a sleeping woman inside. Looking at her more closely, he realized she wasn’t asleep but immobilized from her fear. It tainted the air. Focusing his night vision, he perceived the increase in her rapid breathing. Seeing her chest rising in the darkness. Hearing her breaths shortening.

He watched mist moving into her chamber, creeping in the open window as though someone breathed it in the room.

What is this? His curiosity was piqued.

Meralee rubbed an unsettled stomach staring at her black ceiling. Breaths emerging in frozen puffs. Cheeks red from sudden, unnatural cold. The window’s slow creak drew her attention. She lurched up to watch her window easing open. A cobweb fog drug in on filmy fingers. Hovering above her bed. Sighing as it spanned the width of her ceiling. congealing before her.

Why? He saw nothing which could cause it.

Yellow wolf eyes narrowed to slits as he attempted to see more clearly. Leaning to observe the fog from a different angle.

Meralee pulled linens tighter against her nose as though a small child.

The wicked temptress does have fear?

The chill pervaded her blankets. Creeping under her flesh to settle in her bones. She gritted her teeth to dull their chattering.

The fog took shape.

A creature?

The white mass thickened into a beast with two legs, two wings, claws on every limb, and a mouth filled with spines.

A katash. Lucien recognized the singular spine, the ridges on the snout, knowing each of the katashs looked different. But he knew this particular beast.

I should. It’s me.

The mist sounded like it drew another husky breath before evaporating from around her. Pulling back out the window. Withdrawing far quicker than it came.

It’s spoken its piece and has no further use here.

She trembled so hard her bones rattled.

The wisping withdrawal crept past Lucien. Enveloping him in icy dampness before passing him. Heedless of my presence.

Lucien realized that somehow, this vision had been intended for her. She’d unwittingly generated it. Despite how much it scared her, it’d been her own subconscious which summoned the mist to speak to her.

Regardless of how it’d moved, it had no life of its own.

He looked back at her wide blinking brown eyes staring before her where the shape had formed. Definitely a Watcher. He heard Bast’s declaration echoing in his ears.

“You are indeed…My pretty prey.

She’s much more then she seems, this girl. It was suddenly peaceful again.

She stared wide-eyed about her room for a long while. Looking at the ceiling as though wondering if some remnant of mist lingered there.

Outside her window, the black wolf sat. Closing his eyes and lifting his chin he willed her comfort. Warmth like an extra blanket around her. Like my arms wrapping her.

She blew a relieved breath. Her body easing at the immediate warmth. She scooted back down under the blanket and tugged it over her shoulder.

He watched her until her breathing slowed and she no longer stirred. She sighed heavily.

Rest, My Beauty. Lucien sat outside her window, as the black wolf, throughout the night. Pondering what manner of creature this was. His yellow eyes watched over her as the Captain asked.

She’s not as invulnerable as she has everyone believing.

She’s scared of these visions that haunt her. He could only imagine what’d it be like to possess such a gift and have no way of understanding it. Nor anyone to confide in.

Lucien had never experienced that. He had his legion of brethren to discuss any disconcerting issue with. And those closer to him to confide in. Bast always listens.

The Captain always listens. And there were others. I’ve never been as alone as she is right now. And a part of him decided somehow…I’ll get close enough to this pretty pit viper to remedy that.

By morning, the girl dismissed the visions of the night past from her mind.

But not from mine…

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