The Forbidden path

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A poor lonely girl who was mistreated her whole life for being diffrent from the moment she born lived as a slave from a young age to an awful king and his son's. Waiting for her true love to sweep her off her feet and take her away finds herself near death after the king find's out that she is pregnant with his eldest son's baby, who is half human half vampire, inraged that a low life women like her would try to keep the baby she soon runs in her weak state unlit she falls but then a mircale happens that changes her life and her child's. She is given a choice to die swiftly and painless or to live and become something more, to become who she was meant to be in the first place.

Fantasy / Drama
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History of this World: Alavenmia

This anlternate earth is know as Alavenmia which in the old days meant 'full of magic and mystery' with strang creatures living about. Their was vampires, were-animals ranging from wolves to bears, even dragons, and humans of course some normal but more then a few who could use magic and let's not forget fairies, demons, ghost, gods, and almost anything esle you can think.

No knows how this world came to be everyone just woke up one day with nothing in their heads at all. It took a long time to reach were we are today some areas full of technogoly and others still in the past of the dark days and other's a mix of both. full of people who are understanding and some full evil and mean people of diffirent shapes, sizes, and view pionts.

Endless wars and battles plauge this land for countless years now and many lives have been lost and blood lines lost for the power to rule over this world as an all powerful King and God. No one knows when the fighting will stop but many have tried and many have failed for a power that no one knows about for reason let alone who started all this pointless fighting.
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