Will my life ever go back to how it was?

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What if one day you're rich and famous but the next you're not anymore.......Mindy is a rich girl. Her life lingers around shopping, parties and the never ending money. But then something not quite expected happens and she has to move to Chicago to live with her aunt. With a new school and new people she obviously feels like she doesn't fit in. Life always finds a way to bring lost souls together and for her, she meets up with her old friends. Luck doesn't strike again because yet another tragedy befalls her family and it leaves her heartbroken. Will she move on or will she live in the shadows of her past?

Praise Lee
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Chapter 1

I was in my room doing my homework when my dad came home. You know being the daughter of a CEO is not easy. I rarely see my dad and for some reason I don't mind.

My life is just perfect,well that's at least what my sister Joey says. Having an elder sister is really cool cause she advices me alot when it comes to relationships.

I rushed downstairs only to find him asleep on the couch. I shook my head as I approached him.

"Mindy it's almost past midnight what are still doing up don't you have school tomorrow morning?" Dad asked after he woke and found me staring at him.

Well today is a school night and I have an essay due Friday and I don't want to meet with Mr Hemsworth on Friday morning.

"Dada (that's how I call him) I had some homework to finish up." Soon my mom heard us and came downstairs yawning."honey did you eat something at the office or should I heat up the food for you?" My mom asked as she literally kept yawning. "No am okay sweetie I ate with some of my directors." Did I tell you how passionate my parents love each other.

Well if I haven't let me bring you to light. When my mom and dad are on their off days the seem to look happy because they get time to spend with each other. At times they behave as though they are still in high school. My sister and I always look away when they start their lovey dovey stuff at breakfast.

I just shook my head from side to side and went back to my room.

Thursday mornings this is where we(as a high school student) start getting high hopes of the weekend. Mmm how I love the smell of bacon in the morning.

As I kept on embracing the warmth of my precious blanky was swayed to the side "get up you sleepy head"I heard my sister's voice. I groaned and covered myself again.

"Get up Mindy you're gonna be late for school" shit! I've never been late for school. I am not going to start now. I got up so quickly that I didn't even notice that my sister was there. I didn't even say good morning.

Well after what happened this morning I ended up missing first period. I still got int trouble with Ms brown and no ebe dares to make miss brown mad.

One time she almost expelled a guy for accidentally cursing the word shit in her presence

(Oh miss brown is the school's principal) I walked into the cafeteria with my two besties. Sam Josephs and Trina Michaels." Hey you didn't come to Aden's party last night what happened?" Trina asked

Oh Trina if only you knew. I had a ton of homework to do and to top it all of an essay which is due in less than 48hours .

" I had alot of homework to do" I said as we sat on our favourite table. Actually it has our initials on it. I guess that's how you claim a table around here

When school was over I had to go over to Trina's place to help her with clearing her closet.

" I haven't cleared my closet in weeks I have alot of clothes that I don't wear. What do you suggest I do with them?" She asked as we walked int her room.

Trina's room is so girly. From the pink walls to the huge bed on the side. Her closet is so big that it could be used as another bedroom. Well it's not as big as mine.

"Maybe you could donate them to orphanages. That's what I do."

I really love children and I never want to see one going clothe less. It's just being humane. I let out a sigh of frustration because I know that what's coming won't be a an easy task...

When I got home I was so tired. When I opened the door I found mom ,Joey and dad in the couch all looked disturbed. Wait a second....... what is dad doing here.

Well im happy that at least today we'll have dinner as a family. But by judging by the looks of it they are not happy.

"Who died" I muttered silently so as not to be heard. The Look that dad gave me made my joke to slowly die inside me.

"Mindy could you please sit down we need to talk." I gulped hard and sat beside him.

I really didn't understand what was going on. They all looked sad in a Very awkward way.

"Dad could you please tell me what's going on your making me nervous" i finally said after a long long absolutely long silence.

"There is something that has been happening in the shadows of the company. One of my accountants has been embezzling money from the company's accounts. Now we are in a huge debt and the only way to pay them off is to sell all our assets."

I couldn't focus on what he was saying because if this is a joke it's not funny. I can't sell my car my baby can't just leave me like that. No this is not possible.

"Dad this is a joke right it's a prank. Why aren't you laughing telling me how I looked like" I wished that this was just adream, but the sad thing was that it wasn't.

"I wish it were Mindy I really do but what happened has tedy taken place so I guess there is nothing we can do."

If we'll have to sell everything. How will we live where will we stay?

" And where are we going to live" I asked hopping that he wouldn't say aunt Jannie.

I love my aunt but it's just that I don't get along with Ben. My cousin.

Honey im so sorry this hadtj happen now but we will have to live with bankruptcy....

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