The Girl With The Torch

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A girl finds a torch, which can take her to a different world...

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The finding

One cloudy morning,violet set off on her morning walk through the woods next to her house. She threw on her blue coat and headed out the door. “ Bye love!!” Her mother called from her bedroom window. Violet ignored her as she wandered into the woods.She planned that she would walk to her friends house ( at the other end of the woods) and give her an old book she had been asking for.Suddenly, Violet stepped on something hard - like a cylinder. She stumbled on it.she shrieked as she fell to her knees, wondering what on earth had been left in this huge pile of leaves.Getting back up, she clasped the object in her hand. When she managed to stand up, she examined the object, quickly realising it was a very old torch, that didn’t work. She was rather intrigued by her finding, so she ran home to find some batteries. “ why you back so quick?” Her dad asked, “ found something.” Violet replied, rummaging through the battery box. “ darling that torch is a special torch, don’t need batteries, just needs To be heated up.”
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