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Chapter 2

It was the strangest feelings I ever encountered.

There was this overwhelming tingling, cool sensation that creep over my whole body. It was to the point that the hairs on the back if my neck stood up. Then oddly enough my body seemed super dizzy, as if I just got on the tilt-a-world ride, and yet my mind was completely at ease.

What was going on with me? I questioned for the first time being aware of my surroundings.

Fighting the heaviness, I somehow commanded my eyes to finally open and sudden a shift occurred inside me. Everything become peacefully still and I felt lighter than air.

Staring at a tall ceiling, I tried to recall any previous memory. But my mind was blank.

Who was I?

As I hoisted myself to sit up, my lips parted in discovering a circular room with big windows allowing the soft, natural light to enter the room.

With the white lace curtains over them, it suddenly reminded me of my younger years at my Aunt's home....

I paused in thought before the words fell out of my mouth, "Aunt Stella."

The only thing missing was the sound of wind chimes, birds chirping, or even the neighbors cutting their lawns.

Instead it was very quiet for some odd reason.

"Is anyone here? Aunt Stella??" I asked unsure when trying to find sight of a doorway. "Hello?" My voice tried to sound demanding.

Holding my arms close to my body, I felt sudden small and naked. Naked in the way that I felt vulnerable. This wasn't my aunt's happy home.

I barely whispered more to myself, "Where am I?"

"I'm so worried about her, Sarah." A soft voice called out and I responded nervously, "Hello?"

My eyes scanned the empty room and I found it hard to swallow the lump in my throat. There was no one here?

The voice, which was becoming familiar to me, continued to say, "She hasn't been doing well these past few days."

Another female voice countered back, "Shouldn't she be over it by now? It's been almost-"

"She still loves him, Laura!" Oh my god. I knew that angered voice from anywhere. My sister, I believe?

"Amelia!" I called out with joy of not being alone. "Amelia where are you??" My voice carried around the small room.

By instinct I felt like her voice came from the left window and drew back the curtain panels with hope.

"Amelia what is going on?" My words came to a halt with uncertainty as my hand smacked hard against the barrier.

Taken back by this, was nothing compared to what I discovered in that mere second. Before my very eyes was Amelia pacing back and forth in her cluttered and very pink decorated room. On the other side Amelia, another girl laid sprawled out on her small twin sized bed with a magazine.

Again I whispered as my hand pressed again the invisible wall, "Amelia?"

But my sister continued her pace as if she never heard my voice.

Adrenaline was now coursing my body when Amelia's name ripped out of my voice loud and I knocked on the glass hard as I could for there attention.

Nothing again.

Whipping my foot repetitively at the glass, my voice shook, "Come on Amelia. Look at me!! Look at me!!"

Placing my hands, on my knees as I huffed from the exertion. But I discover none of my attempts to be seen had worked. This room was becoming way to small now when the inedible fear started to creep inside me.

It was as if I didn't exist.

Laura sighed and threw the magazine to the ground, "Look I'm really not trying to sound cold-hearted. It's just Julianne needs to move on. I think to be fair, Tyler even needs to move on. Right now they are both stuck in, in" she tried to find the perfect word and Amelia replied as she sat next to Laura.

"Limbo. I know. But Julianne is a rare breed. She won't give up on the things she loves."

"What are you talking about?!!" I yelled with slight tears dripping down my face and I punched the barrier with a surge of anger. "Why!! Why is this happening?"

Sliding down the one way window, I couldn't understand.

Was I somehow dead? My mind tried to reason, I don't feel dead. Then again, there was no explanation as to how I was here and saw what I just did.

Limbo, Amelia's voice rang in my mind.

"Could Amelia be onto something? Maybe this is purgatory," I said to the empty room. I don't think my strive to understand was helping my anxiety.

No this wasn't what I would picture purgatory. I figure it be like a doctor's waiting room with other people.

Maybe this was punishment.


"I want to go home," I said glancing back at Amelia's now vacant room.

Walking around the room, I pulled back each curtain one by one. I was determined to find as much information as I could about my whereabouts.

Window one was Amelia's room.

Window two, I discovered I was looking through the fish tank in my parents living room.

Window three, was a view from above, I believe, a mirror chandelier hanging from someone's large foyer.

The fourth window, I had no clue. It was just a dark room.

The fifth one stared at a clock. Not very helpful, but at least I could figure out how long I was in here now.

The sixth window watched the sky from above.

And finally, I placed my hands on the seventh barrier gently afraid it would break under my touch. My perspective was from the circular mirror I had hung last year in the bathroom of my apartment.

No, I shared it with someone.

I hit my head with my hands and said tired, "Think you stupid brain!" Taking a deep sigh, I talked to myself out loud. "Who else lived in the apartment with me?"

My eyes search the mirror for clues and I noticed a blue and green toothbrush. Make up was all over the counter and a small perfume bottle in the shape of a green pear laid in the midst of the mess.

I suddenly recalled that smell. It was light. Refreshing and had hints of citrus.

"She loved that smell. And green was her favorite color like her," my mouth widen at the sudden clarity. She had beautiful green eyes like emerald....

"Jewels," I said finally connecting a lost piece.

I lived with my girlfriend nick named Jules.

Sitting in front of the mirror, I patiently waited and waited in hopes to see Julianne's face once again. It suddenly felt like million years had passed without her. But no one came inside.

Turning around facing the mysterious room, I had come to realize for the first time, I was on the wrong side of the world.

Somehow I was trapped in theses prism of mirrors.

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