Vampires, the New Endangered Species

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Chapter 4 Sebastian's Story

We went into his library that was on the third floor of his villa. This room was as immense as a town library. There were enormous shelves lined up in perfect rows down both sides of the room with a large table and chairs in the center. At the back of the library there was a window with a sitting area in front of it so you could look down into his garden and the city beyond. As we walked towards the couches I glanced at the books that we passed. With my new vision I could read the titles of the books on the top shelves even. He had a spectacular collection of books from every genre, from every country in what seemed like every year a book had been made. If I was going to be cooped up here for a duration of time then at least I had a place that felt normal to me, this was a room that I knew I would be spending a lot of time inside in the near future.

The window was open as well as the curtains so a nice cool breeze came in along with the sun.

Sebastian went to the window and stood in the sunlight. I gasped thinking that he was going to turn into dust as soon as the sun hit the skin that was showing on his hands and face. He chuckled and turned towards me, “Seems like you have been reading silly vampire stories, and no we don’t burn up in the sun. Come see what we really look like.” I walked over to stand beside him and to look at his face, then my own hands. They were all translucent, I could see the veins in his face, what I thought were his cheek bones, and even the tendons in my hands were very apparent.

My mouth was agape at the realization, “So I don’t have to avoid the sun and live in complete darkness?”

“No my dear boy, we only cannot be seen by humans when we are in the sun, they would know immediately that we are not like them at all. But you can go out onto the terrace in the garden anytime you wish, that is the reason for the high walls,” he motioned to his garden below us, it in fact did have a ten foot brick wall surrounding the square area that had a wonderful array of flowers and blooming trees. He now motioned to the seats behind me and said, “Please make yourself comfortable and I will tell you all that you need to know. If you get thirsty at all please help yourself to the icebox in the kitchen. When that last jar is gone then we will go hunting and I will show you that realm of our world.”

I took a seat on the big couch facing the window and he took one of the chairs facing me and started his tale:

I guess I should just begin when I was turned; my life beforehand wasn’t spectacular at all so there is no need to waste time telling that tale. I was a professor at the University in Rome doing research on psychology and the human anatomy. You see I am a bit of a neurotic when it comes to the mental and physical formations of humans, especially now that I am not one. I was conducting research on how the physical ailments of people could affect their psyche and vice versa. I was actually starting to come to conclusions that of course they affect each other, but you must understand, in my time this was unheard of, the medical world was so archaic compared to what it is today.

Anyway, I was leaving the university one night very late and as I was walking home I was attacked by my creator, Anthony DeMarcezi. I was not given the opportunity that you had, to know what was coming. I felt him grab me by the shoulders and bite me on the neck, the next thing I remember was waking up in a dungeon of sorts. My thirst was unbearable; I started screaming, partially in pain and partially in frustration, confusion and anger. At this point I had no idea what had happened to me, I just thought that I had been kidnapped and was being held hostage for some reason. Then I noticed my hair. When I sat back down on the bed that was when a lock of my hair fell forward and I noticed its new shade. I was horrified that it was no longer black, but white as bone. And with the mind that I have I was enthralled with what could have happened to me to create such a shock to my system as to how this occurred. I sat in that room for what seemed like hours, with my throat on fire, a hunger and thirst that I needed desperately to quench and the frustration of not knowing anything.

Finally Anthony came and released me. As soon as he opened the door I sprung to my feet and went after him like a madman, I started to claw at his face and hit him anywhere I could. And he just laughed and laughed. After I exasperated myself he took my shoulders in both of his hands and said, “Now, now Sebastian, calm down. Follow me so you can satisfy your hunger.” I went with him up several flights of stairs and out a door that opened up to a vast field that was surrounded by woods. “Come, there are many deer and elk in these parts for us to feed upon.”

I asked him what he was planning on doing to me and why this was happening, he just smiled, “I have already done to you what needed to be done, and I am going to tell you why after we feed. Please have patience, because now you have all the time in the world.”

At that moment a huge elk came into view on the far side of the field at the edge of the tree line. He looked over to me and said quietly, “Now watch closely as I show you what to do.” I was wondering what he was intending since we had neither spears nor bows to kill an animal, then I realized what he was doing. In a flash he was running towards the unsuspecting elk. Then Anthony was latched on to the elks’ massive head and was ripping its neck apart with his teeth. I was horrified at what I was seeing. In my mind there was no way that a human could be that fast and powerful. The elk was dead in seconds and Anthony was climbing off the beast and was coming back towards me. I was scared to death and started to run in the opposite direction. I knew that I would not be able to outrun him, I just saw what he was capable of, but that was an instinctive reaction. Of course I still had no idea what I was, but when I started running I realized that I was going faster than normal. At this realization I stopped dead in my tracks, and thought what had happened to me? I turned to look at Anthony, he was standing in the spot where I once stood, which to my shock was several hundred yards away from where I now stood.

He was laughing, a roaring, belly-shaking laugh. He finally subsided enough to say, “Sebastian, you silly fool, you look as though you have seen a ghost. Alright boy, your turn to feed now, like a true vampire!”

At that last word I gasped in shock and fell to my knees, this couldn’t be real I thought to myself. Vampires are fictional creatures in scary books, not real life beings that prey on people… and animals. But after some reflection I knew he was right, I was now part of the undead world, never to be the same again. I just sat there in shock for a few moments staring at Anthony and back to the dead elk on the far end of the field from me. Then my new found senses hit me, I could see the elk perfectly clear, every hair on his lifeless body, and could smell the scent of the beast. I could hear crickets chirping from a distance, and could even hear the heartbeat of another large animal in the forest. Anthony heard it as well, “Now it is your turn, do exactly as I did and you will feel better, stronger and more aware. Now go, you know where the beast is, you can hear him, smell him.”

I did as he instructed and took off at full speed into the woods. The exhilaration was amazing, I loved the new strength and awareness that I had, and it was almost like a drug. I found another elk in no time at all and did exactly as Anthony had done. I jumped at the unsuspecting animal from ten feet away and landed on him so hard that he fell to the ground. I ripped at his throat and drank all of the blood from his body until he no longer squirmed under my hold. I was so relieved that the burning in my throat was finally quenched. I stood up and looked at what was at my feet. Part of me was sickened at the thought that I just took a creatures life with such violent force, but the other part was so fascinated at how much my body had changed. This was definitely cause for more research and observation. I desperately wanted to go back to my lab at the college and run blood tests on myself, and of course hair and skin tests.

Anthony came up behind me to see my successful kill, “You did very well, are you feeling better now?”

“Yes, much better. Now, please explain all of this to me, what use am I to you now?” I had a tone of irritation in my voice that he picked up at once.

“Of course, of course. Let us go back to my home and I will reveal all to you at once. But do not try to escape me again young one, you will realize that it will benefit you much more if you do as I say and not try to resist me, or who you are now.”

We walked back to his home which was concealed very well from the field that we were in. I couldn’t tell there was even a building there until we were right on top of it. It didn’t look like a normal house at all, it was more of like a massive mound of boulders than a structure with actual walls. We went back in through the door that we exited from earlier. As we descended the flight of stairs I took the time to notice what was around me, the walls were solid brick and had little niches along the stairway. Inside these crevices were little figurines of women and children sculpted from wood or marble, they were quite remarkable and beautiful. We didn’t descend as far as the dungeon that I was held in before, this time we entered a doorway that led into an enormous living area.

It was furnished with wonderful rugs, artwork and more sculptures of women and children. But the most amazing item in this room was the main focal point in the center. There was a twelve foot tall marble statue of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was standing there so lifelike with a basket of roses in one hand, and she was holding her skirts up ever so slightly to expose one bare foot and ankle. I exhaled a sigh as I walked up to her to get a better look at the artistry.

“Do you like her?” Anthony was standing beside me now looking at this creature with love in his eyes, “That was my wife, Anna. After I was taken from her and my children I remade them all so I could still have them with me for the rest of my life. Sadly my work doesn’t portray her real beauty.”

Turning to look at him I said astonished, “You made this, as well as all of the others?” I was amazed at the artistry; the detail of the folds in her skirt, the strands of hair coiled around her neck and the petals of the roses in her woven basket. “It is truly spectacular, you are a great artist.”

He scoffed, “I am no artist at all, I was actually a judge of the courts when I was still human. But after we turn, we really can do anything that we want with amazing skill and accuracy. As you have already noticed your senses are much sharper than before. I am sure you will take advantage of your new found powers as soon as you are able. Now please sit with me over here and I will tell you of my plans for you.”

Now of course I had been intrigued as to what this was all about and was glad he was finally getting to the point. I sat down as he wished and he took his place beside me in an identical wing-backed chair as I was in. He took from a table on his other side the book which you now know of. Of course at that time it wasn’t bound like it is, nor did it have as many pages as it does now.

He told me the origins of the book and how it had passed from one vampire to the next. He let me know that we needed to be the keepers of this journal and that I had to one day do as he had done, change a human and pass on the book. He told me of his change and his creator as well. He let me know that the reason why this book changes hands is to not only record what our lives entail, but also that our race continues on. You see, vampires are a dying breed, and like any creature that is on the brink of extinction, they strive to avoid that fatal ending. Anthony told me that at one time vampires were able to breed with humans, and other vampires alike, but for some reason that is not happening anymore. And that is why he chose me to continue the line. He wanted my knowledge of the human anatomy and mind. He felt that if I could discover what had happened then maybe we can procreate again and avoid extinction.

Of course my scientific mind was completely fascinated by this part of the story, I found that I was only half listening to him as he continued, for my mind was already trying to discern certain things. When he mentioned that we only feed on animals and not humans did my focus return to his voice. I asked him why that was and he told me that it was easier to feed on animals than the living. There were still some that fed on humans, but they were few and far between and they didn’t live in places that were heavily populated. They stayed within their covens and only ventured out when necessary. Vampires had taken a huge jump over the last few centuries in the fact that they were not the monsters that they once were. People like himself had families and lives and once turned it was hard to change all of that. Even though we crave blood and not food any longer doesn’t mean that we have lost our souls and the love for other humans. This of course was a relief to me. Not for the fact that I had a family, because I really didn’t, but simply because the human anatomy was my life and passion. There was no way that I could have taken another life to satisfy hunger.

He went on to tell me that I would live there with him and anything that I needed for my research I could have, to just ask him and he will supply it. We spoke until the sun set. I asked every question I could think of and he answered every single one honestly and calmly. Even the questions that I had that made me angry and shout at him with what he had done to me and concerning my future. He told me that as a human my limits were short, now my life, and anything that I wanted to do, was limitless.

He stood very slowly, “Now let us go out so you can feed again. You will need to feed several times a day for a while to build up your strength and abilities. Would you like another elk or would you like to try something more challenging?”

“It doesn’t matter to me actually, whatever you think is best. I am not tired but I need to think over a lot of things, and I really would like to see the laboratory that you have set up for me.” I felt melancholy suddenly and didn’t want any company at all.

He just answered simply, “Yes, of course, let us feed first on whatever is roaming outside then shall we?”

We went outside and the fresh air smelled so good to me, of course I could discern every scent that floated on the breeze. We were only outside for a few moments when a black bear emerged from the far end of the field. Anthony smiled, “Ah, a good challenge for you Sebastian. Kill him as you did the elk, swiftly and fatally in the throat.”

I did as before; I ran to the bear with astonishing speed and leapt upon its back while it was foraging in the bushes. It took a total of three seconds for me to drop him to the ground and kill him. His blood was different than the elks, it tasted more musky and thick. And to my delight there was much more of it as well. I wasn’t thirsty when we went out there but after the bear I felt that I couldn’t get enough. Without looking back I dashed out into the woods to catch whatever crossed my path. I didn’t have to wait very long, a wolf sprinted away from me off to my right. I took off after him in a split second. Of course with my new strength and speed I was on him in just a few steps. Right when I was about to make my move the wolf suddenly turned to the left and I landed on the hard ground. I had to scramble to my feet and start the chase all over again. I couldn’t actually see the wolf any more but I could hear his heart and smell his scent. I was back on the trail and could see the wolf suddenly; I sped up and made sure that I didn’t miss this time. I attacked the wolf with such force that I ripped him apart before I knew what I had done. I stopped and sat on the forest floor with the mangled carcass at my feet. I was appalled at what I had done, appalled that I couldn’t control myself. I don’t know how long I sat there, I wanted to weep but knew that I couldn’t. I had my head in my hands thinking of my past and my new future. I felt Anthony touch me gently on the shoulder, “Come home Sebastian. You have had a long day, it is time now for you to rest. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can start your research.”

I stood and followed him back to his house in silence. He led me to my new room in his house then left me to be alone with my thoughts. I didn’t hear him close the door behind him as I turned to look at where I was to live now. It was lavishly decorated with oak furniture which consisted of a large bed, dresser, night tables and sitting area with chairs and circular table in between. Several huge oil paintings of landscapes and a large desk with stacks of papers upon it. I went to the desk to see what was stacked and to my surprise it was all of my work from my lab at the university. I was so pleased that I sat down and started to look through what I had spent so many years working on.

I was still sitting there when the sun rose and beams came in through the bay window in my room. I stood and went to the window to see the dawn on my first full day as a vampire. When I turned back around I noticed another door besides the one I originally walked through. I went to this door and was amazed at what was behind it. It was the most splendid lab I had ever seen. Way more advanced than the one I previously had. There were beakers, tubes, scales, balances, racks of empty jars and many other items that I had never seen before. I was instantly enthralled and went to work immediately. There were no windows in this room so I had no idea how long I had been in there until I went back to my bedroom to fetch the papers that were on my desk. It was night beyond the window in the human world below. I didn’t care, I had my work to finish and my new project waiting.

I started on finishing what I had originally had in progress, I couldn’t leave these things undone, that was not in my nature. Once done I had a thought, of course I couldn’t give these findings back to the university, as far as they were concerned I was gone forever, never to return without a word. But I knew that I was successful in what took years to do.

I emerged from my rooms to find Anthony reading in his study, “Hello Sebastian, it is nice to see you again. I take it you are pleased with the lab I have set up for you?”

“Yes I thank you. There are things in there that I would like to figure out since they are very advanced compared to what I had at the university. But now it is time for me to start on your project for me. Where do we begin?” I sat down in the chair that was adjacent and identical to the one he was in.

“I am glad that the week was productive for you and you have finished all of your preceding work.”

I was shocked, “What? I was in there for a week? Are you sure about that?” I was appalled that I was in there for so long.

He just smiled, “Yes, I am sure. As you now know we do not need to sleep, nor are we inconvenienced with other mundane human things. You will be able to do all sorts of things now with no interruptions at all.”

Now realizing the benefits I replied, “That will be helpful most indeed. Can you please accompany me to my lab now so we can get started? I would really like to keep myself occupied with something that I am at least somewhat familiar with.”

Anthony smiled, “Yes, familiarity is very important for the first few months, it helps you to cope with what has changed in your life.”

We went to the lab and Anthony proceeded to show me and teach me what everything was used for and how it will help with our new tasks. I will make this part brief since it entails scientific jargon that will bore you to death. But you will now see, Craig, how it will help you to understand what I want you to do for me; besides keeping the book going of course.

Male vampires used to be able to breed with human women. Often times it would kill the woman in numerous ways. Sometimes the seed would contaminate her body and she would perish moments after the act was done. Other times it was the male that couldn’t contain his own strength and he would physically kill the woman one way or another. Or if the woman was able to carry the seed and germinate her egg, when the fetus grew to unnatural proportions in a matter of weeks, the woman’s body would literally break apart. Then there were the few times when the body could bring the fetus to full term and she would then expire at the moment of birth. There have been numerous children that were born from this coupling, and they would be half-breeds. They would usually have characteristics of both human and vampire; and these varied from child to child.

A female vampire could only conceive a child with a human male for the first month or so after her turning. It seems that her body would no longer produce eggs after that time frame. Why a male was able to produce more sperm for a longer period of time was a mystery. A male and female vampire could also produce children for the first few months of a woman turning as well, but more times than not the fetus would die within a few days of being born. No one could ever figure out why this was happening as well. But you see, after several centuries both male and female germination was happening fewer and fewer times; no matter what race the mother and father were.

This is what Anthony wanted me to research. How all of it was possible, and what had happened over time. We spent years and years doing research and studying the effects. I kept coming up with no valuable answer nor an answer to the multitude of questions that kept arising.

After several years Anthony finally took his leave of me and our research. He wanted to move on with his life and felt that the book and research was in competent hands with me. I went into the lab one morning to find a note atop the book on my desk stating that he was leaving and that I could stay in his home as long as I wished and that I would never see him again. And I have not.

Now Craig, I’m sure you are wondering what I want you to do in regards to this aspect? Quite simply, I want you to be my guinea pig so to speak. I need you to mate with females, human and vampires to try and create offspring.

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