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TRENT MCLEAN WALKER a teenager woke up to find himself being used to test the IUC( INTELLIGENCE UPGRADE CROÎTRE) BRAIN TEST. He managed to escape and now his sister is kidnapped by them, can he save her and the world. Let find out

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

4:30pm, 28|11|3030.
On a laboratory bed,someone just woke up with a surprise😧look on his face.

character introduction> trent mclean walker was a regular american native kid, with dread hairs.he had blue eyes and was quite tall for a teenager.he had a white dad and black mom and a sister he loved dearly. He had a triple name and most important, he didn't know what was going on, how he got here and why.<
Trent:(looking around), was going on here. Sh*t my head hurts😫, ahh.

Doctor1: sir the patent is awake.

>character introduction> professor mark hawkins was a master of science. He was a mature man who was likely in his late 50's.he was tall with a beard and white hair, he also worn glasses. He couldn't save his wife 💔 from cancer. Because of his he buried him self in work trying to find a cure or a perfect way to enhance human life😏. This brought about the“IUC BRAIN PROJECT”. Although the first project was a complete failure and even resulted in loss of countless lifes of older people, mark manage to avoid prison and continued work underground.>

Mark: finally ❗(with a smile). another successful one. For fiteen years, I have been testing this this IUC BRAIN TEST. And have accomplished countless results. You my friend are most successful project.

Doctor2: sir 😥, we have a situation.he said showing him a system pad.

Trent: was is going on here😕. Who the f**k are you, let me go.

Mark: I see 👀. Not only did he react well, he also showing signs of black zone class. But am sorry my little lab rat I have to kill you.

Trent: what, why. Wait I don't understand 😵😖. Somebody let me go.

Mark: I wish I could but you are going to be a high-risk threat in the future.(he took out a model 5 awakened dropper), Goodbye my little lab rat.

Trent closes his eyes trying to understand what was going on. All he could remember was....

1:00pm, 27|11|3030.
> character introduction> sammy Gean was trent friend, he wasn't someone who girls would fancy about but he wasn't bad either with a blond hair and curvy face and dark brown eyes he was someone was good-looking in his own way. although he can't be called close but trent always knew how to watch his back when he needed him both physically and academically. He was also one of the lastest batch taken.<
Trent has taken an extra-extra class to teach sammy, who couldn't understand a thing in physics class. Currently they are both waking home

Sammy: man, am beat.those classes ain't cut out for me, I don't understand a thing.

Trent:(looks upward As if trying to find something before putting his hands in his pocket)Hmm.

Sammy: what Hmm, you been spacing out all day, you even missed a question. What wrong bro.

Trent: nothing really just don't feel the day. It seems like something isn't right but I don't know what 💁🏿‍♂️.

Sammy: come on man, dont spoil the day for me again please 🙏🏿. By the way, did you hear about the kidnapping happening recently.

Trent: come on, you don't believe them do just rumors, if it was so serious why isn't it all over the news.

Sammy: that true. I think.

They got to sammy house.

Sammy: hope u make it to my party on weekend, cus you never come.

Trent: I don't think so because it family weekend and you know my mom how she loves family time.

Sammy: fine, see you around.
Sammy walked into his house, trent continued to walk unto he finally got home. He walked to the door and found it unlocked...

Author: and he died the end 😭.

Sammy: you are worse than maths.
Author: get our dumb kid, any way guys please like and subscribe, it a load of motivation for us to write this book. I hope you like it. Don't forget to comment and tell us what you think.😚

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