The Supernatural Revolution

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Running Up That Hill

Part Two: Running Up That Hill:

The fight began right after that little girl’s death. The supernatural had enough of this mess. It was time to fight now. But where to start? The elders still wanted to do this peacefully. The youth on the other hand, had their own ideas for a revolution. An eye for an eye, a life for a life, they thought. Those little brats kicked an innocent child, so why not kill one of them in return? They had just the monster to do it.

The older brothers of the murdered girl contacted a well-known demon from Hell. The three boys performed the summoning ceremony late in the night. Their parents still believed revolution still could be achieved through peace. The oldest son snorted at that idea.

“You still believe in peace with the humans after they killed your only daughter?!” he shouted at them.

“Violence will only make things worse!” the father protested.

“But we just can’t sit around and do nothing!” the boy yelled out. “They killed our sister, your only daughter!”

“Yes my son,” the mother replied. “But killing another child won’t solve anything!” The three of them fought on like that. As a result, the oldest son stormed out of the room. He didn’t listen to his parents at all. They only hardened his heart even more. The taste for blood grew harder in his mouth. He spread this desire for revenge to his younger brothers. They too agreed that a price should be paid for their sister’s death. A child must die to make it up. So in the night, the boys snuck out into the woods where their sister died. The two younger boys drew out a circle of pure blood. The oldest son stepped forward and began chanting out the curse.

“Oh Kazuo! I beseech thee, hear our please!” he chanted aloud. A red trail of smoke slowly emerged from the ground. The youngest boy became afraid. He wanted to run away right then and there. But, his older brother stopped him right away.

“Don’t run away,” he said. “Our sister needs us now.” The boy hesitated at first. Then, he recanted and stayed. The older boy smiled at his brother kindly.

“You have made the right choice,” he told him. The younger boy nodded nervously. They both turned back to the light show. The red smoke kept rising higher and higher. It all finally cleared away before the boys. Kazuo floated before them in all of his fiery red glory. His shut remained glued shut. The youngest boy looked on confused.

“Why are his eyes shut like that?” he asked. The older boy grabbing him gave off a little chuckle.

“You goofball!” he called out. “His eyes are closed because he’s not angry at the moment.” The oldest brother stepped forward without any fear.

“Oh great Kazuo! A terrible deed has been committed against our family!” he called out loud. “Three boys have killed our sister! We want you to take revenge on them! Do it for us, please!” The dragon-like slowly began to slowly open his eyes a slit. He didn’t speak at all. The demon just fell straight up into the sky to carry out such a terrible deed. The boys watched on overjoyed.

“Our little sister will be avenged!” the oldest son called out loud. The demon found the houses of the three boys. They all slept peacefully in the night. The monster’s eyes opened wide with rage. Kazuo killed those that had wronged families. These boys were no exception to the rule tonight. The demon broke down into smoke and broke about into three. The red clouds flew under the doors and came over the sleeping boys. They flew into the boys’ noses and mouths. The smoke took over their lungs. The poor souls practically choked in their sleep. They struggled for air. Kazuo wouldn’t let up at all. He just kept diving and growing inside of their lungs. The boys practically choked to death in their beds. Once the deed had been complete, Kazuo flew out of their lungs and flew up into the sky. The clouds of smoke reformed and disappeared back into Hell.

By morning, the parents of the boys found themselves greeted with a heavy sorrow. Their little boys had died in their sleep. Naturally, the parents blamed the supernatural. The humans all band together to declare war. The parents of the half-breed sons fell into panic after the murders.

“What have you done?!” the mother screamed out to her sons.

“We did it for our sister!” the oldest son yelled out.

“No, you didn’t!” she screamed. “You did it out hate and anger! You have destroyed the frail peace that existed between us!”

“Peace?! What peace?!” the son shouted out. “We are treated like animals and being killed every single day! They aren’t worthy to be superior to us! It’s time that we all lived as equals!”

“Yes, but this isn’t the way to start it!” his mother cried out in desperation.

“Somebody has to do something!” her son shot back. As they fought on, the absolute truth known to man began to brew in the distance. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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