The Supernatural Revolution

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Drawing Battle Lines

Part Three: Drawing Battle Lines:

Right away, the humans and supernatural began to battle. It would seem that the half-breeds would be torn on what side they would be on. That would be almost accurate. Most of the half-bred supernatural sided with their stronger kind. Only a small number stayed neutral. The old cycle of war had started up again. All because four little kids got killed. However, this war had a point to it. The supernatural just wanted to be treated equal. Was that too hard to ask for?

Ironically, there wasn’t too much bloodshed in the process. Both sides didn’t want to lose any more of their own. The death of little children was enough for them both. But yet, how can there be war without bloodshed? Something must be sacrificed in order to obtain a goal. If not lives, then what? Both sides worked that out as the revolution went along.

Tactics from combat to mental mind games. Both sides seemed to have the advantage. They seemed to know each other’s weaknesses just by the power of observation. So much so that the battles seemed to go nowhere. But yet, no one wanted to kill anyone. Something had to give. But what? What could send everything crashing right to the ground? Only one way to see…

One hot summer day in August, some traveling merchant were looking for a way to make money. (Actually, they were con artists looking for money—but that’s beside the point.) So far, the crooks came up with nothing. Then, a break came through for them both. They came into a village of humans. The tired and hungry men became relived because of their discovery. They had a double-hitter as well. A place to stay and suckers to make money off of. Jackpot, the men thought. And they had just the right scam in mind too. The men causally approached the village. A teenage girl has just come out with a basket full of dirty clothes when she spotted the men. She thought that they were the enemy at first.

“Stop right there!” the girl yelled to them. The men complied gracefully.

“It’s okay!” the older merchant called out. “We come in peace!” The girl didn’t seem to believe them.

“Who are you? Are you armed?” she asked. “What do you want?”

“Please miss,” the younger one replied. “We just want a place to sleep tonight and some food.” The girl still watched on suspicious.

“How can I be sure that you are not one of them?” she questioned. The men turned to each other smiling with an answer for that one ready-made. They turned back to their potential sucker.

“Here, let us show you,” the older one replied. The girl watched on in silence. The two men pulled out knives and cut a slit in their hands. All three winced in pain. The two men showed the girl their hands. She looked on amazed. They didn’t heal at all. The girl nearly dropped all of her dirty clothes because she was so shocked. They had her sold now. The men looked on at her.

“Now do you believe us?” they asked. The girl couldn’t speak at first. She could only nod.

“S-Sure!” she called out. “Sure, come on with me!” The men grinned at her.

“Gladly,” the younger one told her. They all followed her into the village. She had taken the bait. Now for the rest of the scam to unfold. The people in the village greeted them happily. They treated these men like kings. The con man enjoyed everything the village had to offer. They ate like kings. The men enjoyed a hot bath and a nice bed. In the middle of the night, a young girl crept into the house that they were staying at. She made it all the way to the room that they slept in. The men snored loudly in their sleep. The little child slowly walked over to the sleeping men. She poked the older man on the shoulder.

“Hey san,” the kid whispered at him. “Hey, hey, hey.” The man slowly woke up.

“Wha- What is it?” he asked her. The child smiled at him brightly.

“Are you spies from sent from them to confuse us?” she asked with an innocent face. The man stared at her confused at first.

“Say what?” he asked her. The child watched on at him.

“My friends and I were wondering,” she went on. “What exactly are you doing here?” The man slowly pieced it all together. She didn’t seem to trust them at all. He had to fix this right away just so that he could go back to sleep. An idea came right into his head right away. The man’s eyes opened wide. He looked around quickly. The crook leaned in close to the young impressionable girl. She did likewise with him.

“You want to know a little secret?” the older merchant whispered to her. The girl nodded at him quickly. The man leaned in close to her ear.

“You know some secrets to defeating them!” he whispered loudly to her. The girl’s eyes grew big at the sound of those words.

“R-Really?” she asked in shock. The liar nodded at her. His little sucker looked on at him intrigued.

“How?” she asked quickly. “Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!” the man smiled at her gullibility. He whispered a long string of half-truths and lies into her sweet burning ear. The girl believed every single word that he said. In the morning as he expected, the told every single person in her village. Suckers that they were they believed the lies as well. In days, they formed the “perfect” battle plan. The people put the two merchants in charge of everything. The men happily accepted. (With the help of a lovely fee, of course!) Oh, things have just now gotten interesting now!

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