The Supernatural Revolution

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A Sacrifice Must Be Made

Part Four: A Sacrifice Must Be Made:

Ironically, the mystics had been sold some information about the humans as well. Three demons held Hell ratted on the humans just for a sport. Of course, this information was also fake as well. Usually, mystics could spot out a lie right away. But the thought of war had taken over their minds and kicked out rational thinking. Thus both sides began preparing for war. They would attack by dawn tomorrow. The notion of no blood went right out the window right away. After all, a sacrifice must be made in order to achieve peace. It took them a while to learn that one. But who should be sacrificed? Only one way to find out…

By morning, both sides were ready to fight. The armies met in the rice paddy fields. Actually, those bunches weren’t a real army at all. Both sides just looked like a crowd of townspeople. If an outsider could see them now, the people down below would just look like two angry mobs about to jump at each other right away. The elders of both sides stepped forward.

“We want our justice!” the mystic elder demanded. The human elder snorted at him.

“And why should we?!” he shouted out loud. “You all are just a pack of monsters that are a threat to us all!”

“You’re the one who are monsters to us!” the mystic yelled out. “We just want to live in peace with our lives.”

“Never!” the human elder yelled out.

“And why not?” the mystic asked.

“Because,” the human yelled out. “You are monsters!”

“You’re the monsters!” the mystic elder shot back.

“No, you are!” the human shot back.

“No, you are!” the mystic yelled. And then, battle began from there. The fight looked really ridiculous from an outsider’s point of view. But not to the two “armies.” The mystic side just wanted their rights. The human side wanted to repress that. They all looked so evenly matched from a far. The sides didn’t even seem to know how to stop fighting as well. This pointless battle would seem to go on forever and forever if someone didn’t stand up stop the madness from going out of control.

During this particular battle, many revelations came into conscious minds of all. One of which was that both sides had been lied to. They all knew that they couldn’t do anything about that because the crooks and the demon were long gone with the money. Also, both side realized that this is a stupid war that they were all fighting. But what could they do? Both sides all started this mess together. Now, they had to finish it up or else be stuck in this pointless cycle for the rest of their lives.

In the end, both sides had an equal number of losses. The water in the rice paddy had been stained with crimson blood. Ironically, a slim amount of bodies lied around on the ground. The remainder of both sides looked at the damage pitifully. They all finally agreed on one thing. This war had turned out to be a pretty pointless one. But what could they do? They all started this mess and now they had to finish up someway somehow. However, ending that seemed next to impossible. What conclusion could they all possibly come to after all of this mess?

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