The Supernatural Revolution

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The End at Long Last

Part Six: The End at Long Last:

Above in Heaven, Kami, just like everyone else, watched the war unfold from the beginning. Unlike everyone else watching, he found it to be pretty stupid. So much so that he decided to end it right away. He turned to Gabriel standing next to him. The angel himself had the same expression on his face.

“Had enough?” he asked his boss.

“Yes!” Kami said aloud. “It is time to end this pointless bloodshed!” Gabriel nodded at him in agreement.

“I’m on it!” he said aloud. He hurried down to the messenger’s office. He from Bayu writing at her desk. She looked up when she heard footsteps. Gabriel looked in at her. The other angel read his mind right away. Though her face stayed emotionless, her eyes began happy. She too wanted the same thing that the boys wanted. She gave him a little nod. Bayu turned on the intercom.

A loud thunder crackle roared through the sky in the living realm. Everyone looked up right away.

“Attention humans and mystics!” Bayu called out to everyone on the battlefield. “This war is pointless! You are all equal in Kami’s eyes! You may stop fighting now!” Everyone looked on confused.

“But why?” they asked her. Bayu became annoyed by such stupidity.

“Just do as Kami says!” she barked. “Anyone tries to go against these orders will be severely punished! Now let the mystics have their rights and no more killing, okay?!?” Everyone just stared on blankly. “What’s she getting angry about?” they thought. Oh well, just agree with her to appease her.

“Okay,” they said. “We’ll stop!” Bayu breathed out in stress.

“Good,” she replied. “That is all!” It all went silent from there. Everyone all looked at each other. How could they argue that one? All they could do was to do as the nice lady said since these orders came from Kami himself.

And so it was. The mystics were finally granted their rights—two years later. It took a while for most of the humans to accept and love the supernatural as their equal. Some still hate them to this day. But, you can’t worry about them, can you?


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