Corrupted Extinction (NTOO book 2)

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** This Book can be found on GALATEA APP from 10th AUGUST!** This is book 2 of the series Not The Only One please read that one first! Phoenix is back and the world has gone to shit, humanity as we know it is going extinct due to a virus plaguing the world. But is there more to it? Join Phoenix, Taylor and Blake in this fast paced story as we see through their eyes what's going on as they go through love, heartache and war while trying to keep humanity alive. ©️ copyright Charly James-Matthews (Charly J.M.) Cover made by chloenchicken please go check her out with her stories like: Adira's Shadow The Siren's Love WARNING This Story has violent scenes, graphic scenes and those of a sexual nature.

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Chapter One


Fifteen years…How crazy was it that fifteen years had gone by since I had announced we would be coming out to the human world, revealing ourselves.

Of course, there were those that didn’t agree.

A huge coven of vampires had argued this was the worst thing we could do, they would lose their source of food, they had gone years without detection and if we came out to them the humans would arm themselves to the vampires, risking their species. I had tried and tried to explain that we would work out a better way, blood banks, donations, we would sort something but they disagreed, they wanted to keep to the old ways, sneaking in the night to take their prey, they enjoyed the fun of it. They left us, refusing to work with us any longer and then they began to attack, every time we tried to leave to speak to the human leaders they had people on watch, attacking us to the point I had to call everyone back to keep our people safe.

Some wolves disagreed too, but after long talks with them they decided to move their packs to areas where the humans were far from them, keeping out of it all, keeping to themselves, they did not attack, they left swiftly. I respected their decision and left them alone, making sure they knew I was here if they need us.

After a couple of years, we decided we were going to try again with revealing ourselves, but we were stopped again, this time because a virus was sweeping over humankind, their numbers dropping dramatically. It was chaotic as we watched from a distance, I didn’t want to risk the packs, we had no idea how this virus would be against us.

Huge groups of humans were ignoring their leaders, they didn’t believe in the sickness sweeping the world, one by one they went down, dropping like flies as they convulsed on the ground.

With nearly eight billion people in the world, it was a shock when the numbers began to drop so quickly, soon enough it dropped to six billion, then to five, four, three and then two…Six BILLION people died to the virus, after countless warnings from their leaders, after trying to slow the spread they still didn’t listen, they did it to themselves. Riots and looting began as jobs were lost, the economy died and money became irrelevant.

The UK was now pretty baron of humans, only small groups were hidden around the country, either protected by us or being used as blood farms by the vampires.

I had announced war on vampires who used them as human blood bags, they shouldn’t be prisoners to them, I had to protect them. But is was difficult…Really difficult.

It did turn out that we were immune to the virus though and the fae had begun testing how our blood would react with humans to save them, though most of the time they went crazy and we couldn’t work out why.

The humans knew of us now, though there were so few left it wasn’t how we had hoped it to go. We had to protect them, to stop them from going extinct.

My borders had expanded, we had built more houses, for all that needed it. We had a mixture of wolves, a few vampires, guardians and very small groups of humans we had come across. We were still searching for more.

The world had gone crazy, it was pretty much a world for the supernatural now, but I had to help them, I couldn’t let them all die out like this.

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