Corrupted Extinction (NTOO book 2)

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Chapter Two


“Bryant! Get the fuck up! Come on! Do not make me come in there and kick your ass! It’s our birthday! Come on!” I bang on the door of my twin’s bedroom groaning. It was our eighteenth birthday and here he was still in bed.

“Go away!” He groans.

“If you don’t get up I will go and get Uncle Kai to come to get you!” I smirk. Kai had the knack of annoying the hell out of Bryant, he was so playful and teased him all the time. Uncle Kai was my favourite person in the world. As we grew up I loved every moment we were with him, he snuck us sweets when Mum wasn’t looking, helped us get into mischief, which Mum always ended up glaring at him, arms folded as he looked down at the ground, a small smirk on his face as he knew he was in trouble but they were such good friends, he knew he would get away with it.

“I hate you,” Bryant grumbles opening his door, his hair a complete mess as he runs a hand through it.

“Happy birthday to you too twin,” I smirk as I walk in and hug him.

“Happy birthday twin,” he smiles sweetly kissing the top of my head. Boy, was my brother tall like Dad if anything he had almost surpassed him.

“So, I got you something,” I go back out the door and grab the box from outside with a smile.

The box was heavy as I dropped it into Bryant’s arms as he grunted at the weight, sitting on his bed as he opened up his draw and held out a present for me too.

“Thanks,” I smile as he began to open his present. I was so nervous, Bryant had played a lot of pranks in his life and it was my turn…Kind of…

“You got me a clump of clay…Seriously…” he frowns at the huge lump of clay as I giggled.

“I used my earth power to get that for you, you should appreciate it,” I smirked.

“I hate you,” he grumbles.

“Ok, there might be a little more to it,” I grin as I begin to wave my hands over the clay as it disintegrates, revealing a beautifully hand-made hand blade.

“Holy shit Tay!” His eyes widen with his smile as he picks it up.

“So, not only is it hand-made for you but take a good grip and use your fire on it,” I smile. I had had a fae make it and it would use whatever elemental power we used to strengthen it. My brother favouring fire like our mother while I favoured earth.

He lights his hand on fire, the dagger drawing it from his hand and into the blade turning the blade into a fiery sword.

“HOLY SHIT!” He exclaims in wonder as he begins to move it carefully through the air.

“You like it?” I ask nervously.

“Like it…I love it Tay, thank you!” He says withdrawing his power and putting it down as he sweeps me up and hugs me.

“So, what did you get me?” I grin as he lets me go.

“Uh…It’s not going to seem as cool as this…Damn it Tay, must you always one-up me,” he says sheepishly as I open the box in my hands.

I open it to find soft wrapping tissue as I move it to the side to see a gorgeous necklace, it had a huge pendant with our family crest on it.

“Open it, it’s a locket too,” he smiles as I take it in my hand and open it carefully as I see small photos of our family.

“It’s beautiful Bryant,” I say a tear in my eye.

“Are you making your sister cry again, Bryant?” our eyes shoot up to the door as we both grin.

“MUM!” We call out as she opens her arms out for us, hugging us to her.

“Happy birthday my babies,” she smiles.

“Muuuummm, we aren’t babies anymore,” Bryant groans.

“You’ll always be my babies, so shut it,” Mum says as I giggle.

“Alpha, you’re needed downstairs,” Alpha Cole walks up to Mum as she sighs.

“What is it this time?” she sighs.

“We have news of another hideout, Alpha Hanson found it on their way here,” Cole answers.

“The alpha was coming here? Why?” I ask.

“To celebrate your birthday’s of course, you’re eighteen, your wolves will be able to sense their mates, we decided to throw a party not only for your birthday but to give all a chance to find their mates,” Mum smiles.

I didn’t think about that…What if we find our mate? What if they want us to leave our home? I won’t leave, we can’t leave.

We won’t be going anywhere Lily, I don’t care for a mate, I’d rather stay here with Mum and Dad.

Yeah me too, but what about the mate pull…Mum told us it’s one of the strongest pulls when you meet them.

Then we’ll reject them, simple.

I don’t think it’s that simple Taylor.

We’ll see.

“I bet Keeley is excited,” Bryant smirks knowing how Keeley had been since she had turned eighteen.

We had all expected her and Blake to be mates and yet they weren’t, Blake was devastated, he was in love with her whole-heartedly and wanted to be her choice mate but she wouldn’t have it, she wanted to wait until she found her soul-mate, I wasn’t entirely sure if it worked the same way with the fae, it was a grey area, Violet had said they know their soul-mates, though with each of them it was different, it could be a smell, a touch, a vision or she could just sense it, Keeley had her heart set on finding the love of her life and she knew Blake wasn’t it, though she loved him, she loved him as her best friend.

“Yes, though Blake is pacing his room, I don’t know if he will come out tonight,” Mum sighs.

“Alpha, please, the others are waiting,” Cole says as Mum groans.

“I’ll get Blake out don’t worry Mum,” I smile at her.

“Thank you, sweetheart, I will see you both in a bit, I love you, happy birthday,” she kisses both our cheeks before rushing off.

“Rock, paper, scissors as to who tries first,” Bryant smirks knowing Blake would be difficult. I roll my eyes putting out my hand, he never won at this.

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