Corrupted Extinction (NTOO book 2)

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Chapter Three


I can’t believe she’s doing this, she’s actually going to abandon me. Keeley, the girl I had been in love with since we were kids was going to the party tonight in the search for her mate.

Why couldn’t she love me as I loved her?! I gave her everything!

Every time she was sad I was beside her, I hugged her, told her how beautiful she was.

I never abandoned her and she told me she loved me, but as soon as we were both of age she changed…Why did she have to change?

I will never understand girls, why must they be so obsessed with finding ‘the one’ when there is someone right in front of them that would be perfect for them.

Perfect…We ain’t perfect.

Copper I swear to god, shut the fuck up.

She’s not our mate, so what, you love her and can still have her as a friend, she’ll always be our friend. We’ll find our mate, one day.

I don’t want anyone else! She’s mine!

You’re going insane Blake, stop letting your thirst get into your head, you’re a moody git when you’re hungry.

Fuck off Cop.

A knock at the door pulls me from my conversation with my wolf as I groan getting up and opening the door to find Taylor stood there.

“What do you want?” I grumble rolling my eyes as I go back inside.

“For you to be a little nicer on my birthday, come on Blake, we used to have fun, when did you get so…Old man on us, you’re twenty-six, not a thousand,” she crosses her arms at me. I could see she was pissed at me.

“Fuck, happy birthday, you try having your heart ripped from your chest because the girl you love doesn’t want you,” I flop onto my bed like a teenager as Taylor giggles at me closing the door behind her.

“You’re insufferable, you’re like a teenage girl sometimes you know that?” she smirks sitting on the bed as I kick her off and she falls to the ground with a thump.

“BLAKE!” She cries out before bursting into laughter, causing me to smile cockily.

“Call it your birthday bumps,” I chuckle.

“I hate you sometimes,” she smirks.

“No, you don’t,” I shake my head sitting up as she lifts herself back onto the bed.

“So, will you come to the party?” she smiles, batting her lashes at me.

“Nope,” I shake my head.

“Oh come on! Please! We can’t celebrate without you there! Janie will finally be back from training with Alpha Hanson, which I heard they might have found a little hideout too,” she begs.

“A hideout?” I perk up. I had been working with Dad and the others lately in trying to find more groups of humans and we hadn’t found anything.

“Yes, Mum got called downstairs, come on, please come tonight,” She begs again.

“Fine, but only because the whole family will be home,” I roll my eyes as she squeals and hugs me tightly as I hug her back breathing her in with a sigh, she always smelt sweet, like chocolates.

“Thank you! So, what did you get me?” She grins cheekily.

“Ugghh…” I bite my lip, I had forgotten to get her anything…Again…What a shit big brother I was…Though I didn’t always feel like a brother, more like a friend. Sure, I loved that Mum and Dad had adopted me but I never felt the brotherly connection as strong as most would, but I loved them, but like they were my best friends. Much like Kai and Mum. Mum, I would always view as a mother, she had been there for me for years and I loved her beyond all belief.

“You forgot didn’t you…” She crosses her arms across her chest. Jesus, when did her boobs get so big…

Ugh, when did you start looking at her boobs, dude! SISTER!

Only by adoption…Not blood.

STILL! What about your love for Keeley…You were raving about her a moment ago!

I’m a man…Cut me some slack!

Pfft, man…Right…

I growl as Taylor raises a brow at me, just like Mum did when she was annoyed.

“Don’t give me that look, Taylor, your present is going to be awesome…When I give it to you later,” I say as she frowns at me.

“Hmm, better be. Now, get showered, you stink,” she wrinkles her nose as I chuckle.

“That’s my man-stench, leave it alone,” I smirk as she stands up.

“Man-stench…That’s one thing to call it…Get ready, if your ass isn’t at the party I will come to get you and I will drag the others with me,” she says with a sly smirk.

“OK! Jeez,” I laugh as she walks out the room.

She smells good…

Copper, I swear I will banish you to the back of my head…

Tell me I’m wrong, you’re the one checking her out.

It’s gross, I shouldn’t have done that.

Not our sister…

She might as well be.

You don’t believe that.

Cop, I swear…Enough dude. It’s going to be bad enough tonight with Keeley without us thinking about every girl around us.

Because you DO want a mate!

Of course, I do, but Keeley should be it.

Get over her! She’s not our mate! Just stop before you drive us both crazy and focus on the family for now.

Fine. I groan getting up to get ready, what the hell is going on with me?

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