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Elsa is 24 years old with a great boyfriend and the best roommate she could have dreamed of. She leads a pretty simple and quiet life, blissfully ignorant of what she truly is or what she could be. But when she starts her brand new job after her college degree, her life is turned upside down and she’s suddenly forced into a whole new world she never knew existed.. WARNING: MATURE CONTENT 18+

Fantasy / Erotica
Anita Perez
4.7 12 reviews
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Chapter 1

Elsa is 24 years old with a great boyfriend and the best roommate she could have dreamed of. She leads a pretty simple and quiet life, blissfully ignorant of what she truly is or what she could be.

But when she starts her brand new job after her college degree, her life is turned upside down and she’s suddenly forced into a whole new world she never knew existed..

Chapter 1


It’s already 10h07 when I finally find the room for the meeting. I arrived at the company only 3 weeks ago and I still have issues finding myself in this huge building. As it’s my first position after finishing my master’s degree, I feel pretty bad that I’m already late to meetings. I finally reach it, I take a deep breath before gently knocking on the door and slipping in quietly. My manager is already there, sitting across 2 men that I haven’t met yet, one middle-aged with salt and pepper hair in a very impeccable suit, the other similarly dressed but much younger and, oh my god, so much hotter. My eyes kinda do a double take when I look at his perfect model face and I have to force myself to look away to avoid making a total fool of myself. There’s an incredible smell in the room and I’m quite sure it’s coming from the god now sitting across from me.

My manager briefly introduces me before I apologize for my lateness, still trying to avoid M. Perfect Face’s eyes. I sit down shyly while apologizing.

- I’m sorry for being late, the training session got delayed.

- No worries, it happens. Says the salt and pepper haired guy. He introduces himself quickly and I find it difficult to focus on his words as I can feel another pair of eyes drilling into me.

- Nice to meet you, I’m Elsa Evans, the new business analyst. I answer politely before turning towards the supermodel across the table.

At the very moment I actually look into his green eyes (like super huge beautifully intense yellow-green eyes!), I feel a tingle deep inside of me making me want to scream without any reason. There’s also something warmer appearing in the lower part of my belly. Mate. Ha ? What was that ? I’m too distracted by the god in front of me to focus. Wow, this guy is so incredibly gorgeous, I want to tear his suit off of him.

- Lucas Hayes. Branch Manager. Nice to meet you Elsa.

Of course, his voice is just as sexy as the rest of his entire being, low and deep, making my insights tremble again. Something about the way he said my name gave me chills all over my body. It’s a little disturbing considering that he keeps on staring at me in a very intense way, which in any other circumstances I would have found creepy…

I’m kinda getting nervous now, and I don’t get why I am so disturbed by his presence, to the point that it becomes really difficult to concentrate on the meeting.

The moment the discussion is over, I get up, following my manager who’s still in deep conversation with the other guy (I realize I already forgot his name ?). The one named Lucas (him I remember very well) seems to approach me at this point and ends up leaning over to ask softly :

- Would you like to grab a coffee Elsa ? I’d love to know your thoughts on the company so far.

I can’t believe it (like, seriously ???) but I can’t possibly refuse this although it’s a bit awkward to ask me for coffee in front of my manager.

- Go ahead Elsa. Lucas is one the best, you’ll learn a lot from him. She says, waving vaguely at me, still talking with the other guy.

- Well ok sssure ! I manage to stutter like a 16 years old.

What is wrong with me ? Usually I’m able to make a much better first impression. Without departing from his wicked smile, Lucas Hayes shows me the way with one hand while he says, almost innocently :

- Shall we ?

I don’t answer (as my mouth is not working properly today) and we walk over silently to the elevators. I suppose he wants to go to the 18th floor where the company’s cafeteria is. Waiting for an elevator, I can’t help but glance sideways at him, taking in how gorgeous he is. At least 6.6 foot tall with a seemingly perfect muscular body (as in Henry Cavill muscular !). With his broad shoulders, narrow hips and long lean legs, he’s literally picture perfect and I have to hold back staring directly at him. His face is pure Greek Model with a well-defined jaw and chiseled features, a narrow and straight nose along with a full luscious mouth that should not be allowed in men. Finally the elevator arrives. Empty.

I step in it, strangely nervous and as soon as the door closes, he turns over to me and pushes me to the back wall, pinning me down with a hand on my waist and another one on my neck.

Before I can even realize what is happening he has his mouth on mine, his tongue asking for passage between my teeth and for some reason I can’t understand, I grant it. In a few seconds, his tongue is intertwining with mine, his hands are literally grabbing my boobs over my blouse and I’m melting inside. It’s like nothing I ever felt, electricity all over my body, my panties are drenched and all I can think about is “please don’t stop”. God I think he could literally take me right now in this elevator. My company’s elevator... Fuck, what am I doing ?!!!It’s like a thousand sirens suddenly lit up in my brain, reminding me that this is not normal at all and that above all: I have a boyfriend!!! Oh no !!He’s grabbing my ass now, pulling one of my legs towards his waist (oh my god, he’s soooo hot!) and I don’t know how I manage to push him away since a voice inside me is screaming to get back on his perfect body right away. But instead I ignore the shocked look on his face (he must not be used to this type of reaction. Wait, does he do this a lot ??) and I storm out of the elevator which is just opening.


I watch her run out of the elevator and I’m just stunned. Like I can’t move. It hurts so much I think I’m gonna be sick. What the actual fuck ?! I’ve waited 28 years for this moment and I get rejected ??? Seriously ? Damn it, this is not happening!

Breathing in deep, I regain my composure and manage to find a bathroom while hiding the huge boner I’ve had since she walked into that meeting room. Shit, she is so beautiful… Small pointed face, high cheekbones, pouty mouth and big doe-like hazel eyes with long dark lashes to cover them. Her long dark hair falling into curls just below her breasts, that of course were absolute perfection in that cute flowery blouse. She was wearing a pencil black skirt and a black cardigan on top of her blouse, giving her a professional but very innocent look. Well judging by the way she kissed me back, I better not fool myself into thinking that she’s actually innocent. I pretty much doubt that she’s a virgin but then again I couldn’t blame her considering that we only met just now. I have to get more information on her. Now. Impatiently I call Raph, my beta, and ask him to get anything he can on her.

Once I’m sure he understands all that I’m asking, I start to review what happened in my head. My wolf had been restless for days, weeks even, and I couldn’t understand why. She was new to the company so I probably smelled her scent amongst the hundreds of people working in the tower. The same way I had smelled her long before she even opened the door to the meeting.

At that moment, I knew I would be meeting my mate. The delicious smell that came off of her! Lilies, blueberries and something else… Something much more animalistic, much more to my taste. Thinking about it makes my cock twitch again. Shit, I have to keep it together. When she raised her perfect hazel eyes on mine I knew for sure. There she was. My perfect mate, the one I had been expecting to meet since I was a pup.

It had been agony to pretend to care about this damn meeting when all I could think about was banging her in the first bathroom I could find.

But I had been patient, though clearly Clark had figured something was up and covered for me. I had tried to make as much eye contact with her as I could but she’d been weird about it, like she avoided my eyes, as though she refused the bond ? This idea is bringing back the panic in me : is she really going to reject me ?

When I had asked her to come for coffee, I really thought she’d gotten the clue… And she did completely react when I kissed her. She wanted it as much as I did, that I was certain of judging by the sweet smell coming from between her thighs while I had her pinned. What’s her problem then ? I need to talk to her again, as soon as possible, and I need to get this fucking file on her now.

The tension in me is building up, becoming almost unbearable. My wolf is running crazy, pushing me to go and get her from her desk. As if I could do such a thing. Well I could, but that would seem weird to all the humans working here. I need to keep it together.

By 1pm, I finally have Raph’s file. I open it in a hurry but after only the 2nd page I can’t believe my eyes. What the fuck ? Calling Raph, he answers almost immediately :

- What the hell Raph, tell me that’s a mistake?

- I’m sorry Lucas, I checked twice. That’s really it. You’re sure about what you said ? I mean, you’ve waited so long, maybe you’re mistaken ?

- No Raphael, I’m not mistaken about finding my own fucking mate, who do you take me for ?

I can’t help but growl to mark my point and even through the phone I can tell that I have correctly reminded my Beta who’s in charge. Still this makes little sense to me. From what I read here, Elsa has grown up in a human family, in the human world. How the fuck is that possible ? Is she adopted ? Looking at her family portrait, she really resembles her parents though. I don’t get it and it’s driving me mad.

- Talk to Sabrina and get her to call me as soon as she has something.

I hang up without waiting for an answer and start pacing around my office until my pack’s doctor finally calls me back. It happens around 3pm and by then, I have managed to pass 3 times by my mate’s department. I feel like a fucking stalker. I know it’s my wolf that’s driving this but knowing is not helping.

- Sabrina, please tell me you have something.

- I’m not sure Lucas, let me make sure I get this right: you are sure it’s your mate ?

I roll my eyes in exasperation. Why does everyone keep on assuming that I can’t even recognize my own mate ?!

- Yes, 100%. It’s like my wolf is crawling out of me anytime I’m even remotely close to her and her smell is driving me totally insane.

- Ok, yes, that sounds about right. And you’re also sure she’s one of us ?

- Well, that’s the question isn’t it ? Honestly I’m pretty sure yes. She smells like it, and when we kissed, she acted very much like a she-wolf. Shit, Sab ! I mean, when we met, I could feel her tense as much as I did. I’m fairly sure she’s attracted to me too considering what happened after.

I voluntarily leave out the details there but I’m fairly sure she gets my meaning.

But then she just… left?!

I can’t help the hurt transpire in my voice and I hope she didn’t notice. I don’t like appearing weak to anyone in my pack, not even my doctor.

- Well, from what I can see, to be honest, I’m not sure she’s really aware of what’s happening. Or even who you are…

- How can this even be possible ?

For a moment I can’t help but feel really vexed by her statement. I have been the Alpha for the last 4 years after my dad passed and since then I managed to gain the respect of my entire pack as well as all surrounding ones. There is no wolf around that wouldn’t feel my Alpha waves instantly upon meeting me.

- I’m not sure. But Alpha, the best way to understand what is happening would be to bring her here. So I could ask her my questions and examine her myself if necessary?

- Well that might be problematic seeing how she just ran away from me !

I realize that I’ve said that more harshly than I intended and I sight to release some of the tension before adding:

- I’ll try tonight when she leaves the office. I’ll let you know.


I leave around 6:30pm, exhausted from the extremely weird day I had. After the super hot and very inappropriate making out session with this Lucas guy, it was really hard to focus on anything, even more so when I kept seeing him around on my floor.

I feel restless and I realize as I call for the elevator to come home that I’m really hoping he might be in it. Even better if we’re alone... What’s wrong with me ?!! For the hundredth time today I start to feel guilty about Colin, my boyfriend of 5 years which I’m supposed to see tomorrow evening.

I really like Colin, he’s smart, sophisticated, intelligent, funny and very caring. I met him my first year of college and he was my first “real” boyfriend. But I’ve never felt anything with him like I did today in that damn elevator. I realize that my panties are getting wet again as the elevator arrives and the doors open. I literally stop breathing but then I realize that the elevator is full and Lucas Hayes is nowhere in sight. Well, what was I expecting ?

I’m wondering what I’m going to say to Colin about the top model in my company and what happened today while I’m exiting the building in the chilly autumn night. That’s when I smell him (weird?!!). But I’m 100% sure it’s his smell, a tangy mixture of freshly cut wood and sweet spices for some reason. It’s dark out already so I don’t see him at first but suddenly he’s right in front of me. He’s now wearing black jeans and a very sexy black leather jacket (does he change every day like this?) and I can feel my heart racing once more. He’s even more beautiful than this morning if that is possible… I like how the leather jacket is outlining his tall, well-built torso and I find him suddenly quite intimidating. Like he’s so tall and big, I feel really small standing next to him all of a sudden. I gulp nervously and he seems to realize it because he steps back a little. I hadn’t even realized how close he was.

- Elsa, could we talk ?

He probably wants to say that I shouldn’t take what happened this morning for anything more than it was and at this point I’m fairly sure that he’s the biggest player of the company… Still I can’t help but nod slowly at his request, averting his gaze before following him in a corner of the building where there’s less passage. He seems to look for his words so I decide to take the lead :

- Look, I know what you’re going to say. Don’t worry, I won’t take it for anything more than it was. But you should know I have a boyfriend so it can’t happen again.

At those words, he frowns angrily and I can feel a terribly ominous aura coming from him. I step back a little, scared about the whole “psycho” attitude coming out of nowhere. Noticing my alarm, he seems to calm down a little but now looks hurt, his incredible yellow-green eyes almost watery. Wow, he must have more ego than I imagined.

- I’m not saying I don’t think you’re hot, obviously I wouldn’t be credible after this morning but it’s just not right for me.

I look down after this embarrassing confession and I’m getting ready to leave but all of a sudden he’s only inches away and backing me up against the wall behind (again?!!). Slowly he lifts up my chin so my eyes look directly into his (seriously this color isn’t normal at all).

- Elsa (ok that’s just insane how sexy my name sounds in his mouth), can you tell me what you think happened this morning ?

I frown at this, not understanding where he’s getting at and embarrassed that he’s making me say it. Is he some kind of perv ?

- Well… You know… You… kissed me. In the elevator ?

At those words, he seems both horrified and relieved, and I’m feeling even more lost. I blink in surprise and a bit annoyed at this point. He must have felt it because now he’s smiling at me apologetically and somehow a little patronizingly too.

- Sorry if this is amusing to you, I’m sure you do this with all new girls in the company but you see, I’m not interested in being part of your harem. So if you could just let me go home, I’d really appreciate it.

Now he looks shocked and I’m completely lost by his reactions. He looks like a lunatic, switching from one emotion to the next so quickly… He steps back a little (when did he start leaning towards me ??)

- You think I do this with any girl ? Kissing total strangers on a whim ?

- Well, considering this morning…

- Fuck Elsa ! Damn it woman, you really have no clue do you ?

Ok, what the hell ?? Now I’m back to being scared thanks to this sudden wave of anger. What did I do to make him this mad so quickly ? I’m also a bit hurt… I’m smart yet I have no clue what he’s talking about.

He must have realized that his tone was a bit much because his face relaxes a little and he adds in a much softer voice :

- I’m sorry if I… offended you… I mean… This is so complicated. But I need to show you something. Will you come with me ?

I’m at loss for words now, not understanding what he’s talking about at all. And all of these mood swings are making me dizzy. Is he on drugs ? I eye him suspiciously, trying to assess his sobriety.

- I won’t hurt you, if that’s what you’re worried about. You can let your friends know where we’re going if you want ? Please ? I need you to come with me since it’s not something I can explain in words. It’s something that can only be… shown.

I blink again, completely silent, looking straight into his deep mesmerizing eyes. Something in me is screaming to follow him while the rest of my person knows this is insane. Why would I follow a complete stranger to an unknown place ? He may rape me, kill me and ditch my body somewhere in the woods. So why is it, I’m not that scared of him ?!!

As if he’s reading my mind he adds :

- You can trust me Elsa. I would never do anything to hurt you. Ever.

Something about the way he said those words is making my body burn with desire again (oh come on, what’s wrong with me today ?!) and somehow I end up nodding before I can’t stop myself.

His eyes lit up at this moment and he grabs my hand to drag me in an underground parking lot. Ok now I’m gonna get killed and it’s entirely my fault. But 2 seconds later, I’m in front of the beautiful Lucas Hayes who’s riding a huge motorbike and handing me a helmet. I blink. I’m not getting on this thing.

But he looks at me again :

- Do you trust me ?

And all I can think of is hell yes ! What the ?? I’m so out of character today, I really feel like I’m not myself at all. More precisely, I feel like the 17 years old version of me (the one that got me into so much trouble…).

It actually feels good, exciting. I haven’t felt this alive in so long that I stop thinking for a second and grab the helmet before sitting behind him. At first I’m scared of putting my hands on his stomach but then he starts the bike and I cling to him like my life depends on it (well it probably does). And oh my god ! I can feel his abs below the jacket, he seems perfectly chiseled and so much muscle is making me wet again (honestly, when have I become such a horny girl ?!).

We drive for what feels like forever and I’m actually worried about how I’m gonna get home but I also can’t help the incredible feeling of happiness in me. The wind in my hair, the forest around us sending all those incredible smells my way (my nose has gotten much better lately)… Somehow I feel quite well, grabbing onto the incredibly gorgeous man in front of me, letting him drag me to some remote part of the state.

It’s 8 something on my watch when we turn onto a small road in the woods (we’re really going there ?!) and after a while, reach a very secure gateway with guards and a checkpoint. What the hell ? Is he some kind of celebrity ? Well with his looks it wouldn’t be so surprising… I’m trying to see if I’ve seen him somewhere when one of the guards opens the gate with a hand sign while saying:

- Welcome home Alpha.

Ok… What was that ? Does he have a secret identity I don’t know about ? Am I getting to a secure military facility or something ? It sure feels like it considering this arrival… I’m all lost in my thoughts when Lucas (or whatever his name is) turns to me to give me a warning :

- This is my… Family’s property. I have a very big… Family. Try not to let it disturb you too much.

Ok. What the hell have I gotten myself into? I’m starting to get nervous again, realizing that I’ve just followed a total stranger to a remote property in the woods with people that actually look like they’re part of a sect or something. This is what I’m thinking more and more while we ride off amongst several buildings, all beautiful houses where some people greet Lucas Hayes in a very respectful manner. I hear the word “Alpha” several more times and I’m really starting to think he’s some kind of guru or something when he finally pulls off in front of the biggest house of all, like an architect’s house, all made of wood and glass. It’s so beautiful I kinda stare wide eyed for a minute. Looks like one of those energy efficient Nordic houses and I have to admit he really has impeccable taste. As if he reads my mind, he turns to me now that he’s taken off his helmet (making his brown locks unruly around his perfect forehead) to take off mine, gently. I let him for some reason, the same when he literally grabs me by the waist to make me get off the bike.

As I’m still looking at the house, he goes on with a big grin on his face :

- Do you like it ? Had it built for myself.

I’m at loss with words again so I simply nod, while he gestures towards the front door. I walk silently while noticing the weird crowd that seems to assemble close to his house’s yard, all looking directly at me. What the hell ?! He seems to notice too because before opening the front door, he turns away to them and I can hear a growl coming from his chest. Like an ACTUAL GROWL !!!

Ok this isn’t weird at all ! The worst part is, at this sound, all the onlookers seem to get the gist and scatter around, like nothing happened. What the hell was that?! Before I can ask though, he gently pushes me inside and I’m now in what feels like a very warm bachelor’s loft. There’s no ceiling other than the wooden roof itself, the floors are hardwood, there’s a chimney where a fire is already lit and black leather couches on a furry white carpet. At the end of the living room area, there’s a dining table that can serve at least a dozen people and beyond that I can see the countertop marking the beginning of the open kitchen. I can’t help myself and start to walk towards it. Here the floors are polished concrete and the fully equipped kitchen is all dark granite. It feels like a professional chef’s kitchen. My eyes then trail towards the staircase on the left, leading to a beautiful banister overlooking the living area which is undoubtedly where the rooms are but then I realize that he’s been looking at me silently since I’ve started my investigation of his house. Blushing, I clear my throat nervously before trying a polite :

- Your house is beautiful. Is this what you wanted to show me ?

He smiles wickedly at this and my stomach is now salsa dancing (how can his smile do so much to me ?!).

- Well not exactly. But I’m really glad you like it.

He said that with so much intensity, looking me straight in the eye, making me all horny again. God it shouldn’t be allowed to be this hot. I look somewhere else trying to regain my composure before adding :

- Ok, so what is it then ? What was so important you had to show me tonight ?

Now it’s his turn to seem embarrassed.

- Actually, before I can show you anything we should wait for my… friend. She has some questions for you and some explanations. Then I’ll be able to show you.

Ok. That doesn’t seem suspicious at all.

- You’re not trying to get me to join a cult or something ?

He looks so shocked at the idea it’s kind of funny and I can’t help but giggle at his offended face when a woman in her mid-thirties enters through the front door.

He turns immediately to her :

- Finally ! I expected you to be here when we arrived, Sabrina.

What the hell? How can he talk to her like that ? She looks so much older than him!

- I’m sorry Alph… Lucas, I was delayed with Lisa’s birth. It’s all right now, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

- That’s great, I’ll be sure to visit her and Jake later on. In the meantime, let me introduce you. Sabrina, meet Elsa. My mate.

Ok now I’m confused as hell and I have no idea what he is talking about. What’s a “mate” ?? And why did he say that it was something to be super proud of ??

- It’s an honor to meet you Elsa. My name is Sabrina, I’m the pack’s doctor. Welcome.

Ok, I didn’t understand a word that was just said and it must have shown because the lady keeps on in a very soothing voice :

- I know you must have a thousand questions right now and I’m here to answer them but first I need to ask you a few things too. Do you mind sitting with me on the couch ? It will be more comfortable this way.

I’m completely lost and clearly worried that I’ve fallen into a crazy sect but I decide to follow the woman (pretty too with sandy blond hair and clear blue eyes) on the couch. Lucas Hayes is following me close, making me nervous once more.

- Al... Lucas, do you mind giving us some privacy ? Says the blond woman, who seems to have noticed my discomfort.

But Lucas Hayes doesn’t answer and just growls instead (growls ? really ?). The woman seems to understand and states softly instead :

- Very well, could you at least stop looming over her ? This is not helping. You could come and sit here.

Lucas looks at her very angrily and suddenly I actually feel like he’s gonna tear her to pieces (what ?? Why would I think that ??) but he seems to regain control and without a word, obeys and goes to sit in the armchair straight in front of me, separated only by the coffee table on which she is sitting. Somehow this separation is calming me a little.

The blond woman looks to me now, taking my hand as if I was a dying patient.

- Elsa, I’m gonna ask you some very weird questions now ok ? I need you to answer them as truthfully as you can so I can explain better what is happening here ok ?

- Errr… Sure? I’m frowning like crazy at her way of talking and I’m getting really anxious to understand all of these shenanigans.

- Ok, so can you tell me about your family ?

- What do you mean ?

- Like who are your parents, what’s their… lineage ? Their heredity ?

That’s a very weird question indeed, borderline racist. But something in me tells me I need to answer honestly:

- Mm, my mom is from Boston, her parents were French, immigrated in their youth. My dad is from California, but he’s part Navajo from his mom I think. I’ve never met her.

Why am I telling her this ? And why do I feel like it’s important ? Sure enough at my words, Lucas lets out a surprised sigh but quickly regains his composure and I can’t tell what he’s thinking now.

- Ok. So now… What can you tell me about… wolves ?

I blink for a second. What does that have to do with anything ?

- What do you mean wolves ?

- I mean, do you know anything at all about wolves ?

- Like the animal ?

- Yes ?

- Well… Not much, only what I saw on National Geographic ?

At those words, Lucas Hayes literally scoffs in exasperation and gets up, turning his back on me to face the sliding glass doors that look straight into the forest. What did I say that was so wrong ??

Sabrina brings back my attention to her and with a very soft tone she presses me to go on.

- It’s ok, just tell me what you remember from National Geographic ?

- Well… I don’t know. Wolves are predators ?

- Yes ?

- They eat small game animals but they can also eat larger prey when they hunt together ?

- That’s correct. Anything else ?

- Err, I don’t know, they live in packs ? With a very strict hierarchy amongst them ? The strongest male is the leader, he’s called the Alph…

All of a sudden I stop. I’m really starting to panic. She’s not getting where I think she’s getting right ? All those people calling him “Alpha” ??? And what did she say earlier ? “I’m the pack’s doctor” ?? What the fuck, these people believe they’re wolves or something ?

She must see I’m freaking out because she grabs my hand gently and while stroking it soothingly she presses on :

- It’s okay, it’s not what you think. Stay calm, I’ll explain in a second. Is there anything else you know about wolves ?

- Mmm, I don’t know… I answer in a slightly panicked voice. Trying to indulge her to give me some time to think for myself. I start rambling a little too quickly, not thinking about what I’m saying:

- The pack is organized around the Alpha male and the Alpha female… They’re the leading couple and they’re in charge of the survival of the pack ?

- Ok, that’s good so you’ve heard of the… Alpha female ? What else do you know ?

- Nothing ! I burst. What the hell is going on here ?

I can feel my heart racing now, I want to get out of here, I don’t like what’s happening at all, my head is spinning and something inside me is rising again. Oh no… I can feel my rage building up again. I can’t let it out, it has always only ever brought disaster in my life…

- Calm down dear. Everything is fine.

But I’m past listening to her. My gaze is now fixed on Lucas, who’s still not facing me but I’ll be damned if I’m not about to drill a whole in his back with my glare.

- What are you even getting at ?! This is… Insane !

- Elsa, calm down, everythin…

But Lucas turns all of a sudden and cuts her off :

- You already know Elsa. You’re a wolf like all of us here. I’m the pack’s Alpha and you… You’re my mate. The only woman I’m supposed to be with because wolves mate for life like you saw on fucking National Geographic !

He just said the last sentence with so much anger it’s scary. I’m trembling now. Fuck this ! it’s not true. Not happening. They’re insane. All insane. I’m in the middle of an insane cult. Yet somewhere deep inside of me, something KNOWS. And it’s scaring the shit out of me. No. Not possible. This whole thing is a dream. I stare at Sabrina, trying to get her to deny what he just said :

- I know it must be very confusing for you dear, try and stay calm. And keep an open mind ? It’s better if you listen to everything before…

But Lucas has clearly run out of patience. He’s now walking straight towards me and before I can even react, literally drops on all 4, his clothes tearing all at once while he turns right before my eyes into a gigantic gray wolf. I stumble back and fall on my ass while the massive (what am I saying, he’s at least 3 times the size of a normal wolf!) gray wolf puts his face only inches from mine, his yellow (lightly green) eyes piercing through me, a low growl coming from his chest.

And that does it. Terrified, I stumble back and start to run as fast as I can, opening the front door brutally, rushing out through the front stairs right towards the woods because I have no doubt the rest of this weird village is just as insane as what I’ve just witnessed.

And I’m running now, running as fast as I possibly can, like my life depends on it (well it does !). I’m so scared but suddenly I see a flash of gray fur on my left and I realize that the huge gray wolf has followed me ! He easily caught up to me ! What am I supposed to do ?! I keep on running even faster if that’s possible when I hear his voice directly inside my head :

Elsa, stop, you’re gonna hurt yourself !

What the fuck ? Did the gray wolf just talk to me in my head ?! Ok that‘s it! I’m crazy for sure! I keep on running to escape this mad situation when I feel something jump on me, pinning me down. The gray wolf. He’s so much bigger than me that I can’t move, no matter how much I try to wiggle out of this.

Stop Elsa, for fuck sake, I said STOP !

And I stop. Instantly. What the hell ? How can his voice make me stop like this ? Without any efforts he flips me over and I’m now on my back, the huge wolf towering over me.

What the hell are you doing ? ! The first shifts are very dangerous, you could really hurt yourself, running around like that !

The weirdest thought passes through my mind then: he really cares for me !! Why the hell am I thinking about this ?! And why is it making me so happy ?!

- Of course I care stupid ! You’re my mate ! I waited 28 years to meet you! What do you think ?!

Did he just read my mind ? What is happening ?!!! Still it’s making me so happy I can feel my tail wiggling in excitement. Hang on, my what ? I look down at my body now and sure enough, there is a tail. And black fur, everywhere. And I no longer have arms. I have paws and claws. Ok I’m gonna pass out now.

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