The Stubborn Alpha's Challenger

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Chapter 2: The Resistance


I push him off me. “Listen, I’m flattered, but I have somewhere to be.”

I bite my lip and quickly push past him towards my friend and bandmate, Max, who is leaning against the exit, waiting to leave for our gig at the pub. Well, the gig that is a cover-up for a Resistance meeting.

I’m one of the spearheads of the Resistance, an organization fighting to free the humans. We’re trying to drum up support from the warlocks mostly, werewolves if we can get them. We already have the vampires’ support, mainly because they are almost as subjugated as we are. We plan to take over the werewolves in this area, but it’ll only work if we can hold our control, which is why we need support from the warlocks.

We’ve been creating territory wars between werewolf packs with the help of some vampire clans. That way, the wolves battle against each other, in turn decreasing their numbers. Once they’re weak, we strike; vampires and humans together. Hopefully, we can call on the warlocks to keep our hold once Saemel finds out and sends other werewolves to take our hold away.

This process will be long and grueling, but I’m happy to be doing my part, even if it means I have to dress up and sing and dance for a bunch of dogs and glorified magicians.

Max asks, as he walks alongside me out of the building and down the sidewalk, “What was that about?”

I shake my head. “Nothing, just some people who came after the show to say I did well.”

“Just people, or were those werewolves?”

“An Alpha and his sister, I think.”

His eyes widen. “Wow! An Alpha came to your show? That’s a big deal.”

I chuckle. “I don’t think he was there of his own volition. Looked like his sister dragged him to the show, and he didn’t seem too thrilled that the lead is a human. I don’t think he’s sympathetic to our cause, but she seems to be.”

“Well, at least there’s that.”

I glare at him. “Yeah, I’d be a little happier if he wasn’t the Alpha of River Run.”

We approach the entrance of the red brick bar, The Stallion. Before he can reply to my comment, Max and I both say in unison to the bouncer, “I hope you have tequila and cranberries in here.”

The bouncer smiles and lets us in. He’s there to alert us if any wolves or people not part of the Resistance enter, so we know to stop all Resistance talk.

I walk in, the overwhelming smell of beer filling my nostrils, and I glance towards the replica of Liberty Leading the People on the right wall towards the back, a small red light perched beneath the gold frame. The light is off, which means we’re able to talk freely.

The bar cheers as we walk in, and I smile, waving as I greet, “Hey guys! Nice to see you all again.”

Max and I walk towards the small black stage, the old wooden floors creaking loudly beneath our steps, and meet our two other bandmates. After a quick setup, I take the mic and greet, “Welcome, we’ve got a great crowd here tonight. Talk amongst yourselves, plan, scheme, whatever. I’ll be here to be the hype man and provide plausible deniability.”

They all chuckle and then quiet down, their attention focused on me as I speak, “God, I fucking hate getting up on that godawful stage and dressing up in makeup and costumes I couldn’t dream of affording in real life. They dress me up like a doll in clothing we have to make and makeup we have to package in unsafe factories and are paid next to nothing for.”

I receive a few hollers of support from the crowd as I continue, “And performing for those rich dogs who come out of the woods to see a play about human subjugation and treat it like a fucking comedy. At least I saw some warlocks in there who were feeling it, so I guess that’s a start.”

I pause, taking a moment to compose myself. I take a deep shaky breath and gulp, trying to get rid of my lump in my throat. “You already know this story, but I have to tell it every time because I think it speaks to our cause and to how disgusting those fucking dogs are. The Alpha of the River Run Pack and his sister saw my show today, came to fucking congratulate me after. I would have been happy if it wasn’t a bastard from the River Run Pack who murdered my father.”

My knuckles turn white as I clench my fist around the microphone. “Lots of you know this, but my birth parents left me as a newborn baby on the doorstep of a poor couple. They barely had enough money to keep themselves fed and clothed, but when they saw me, they couldn’t turn me away. They raised me as their own and loved me as their own. My father and mother worked their asses off to take care of me, a child who they didn’t conceive and didn’t have to take as their own. I think that speaks to the level of kindness my parents possess.”

I scan the crowd, smiling when I see my mom emerge from the back to hear me speak. “There’s my beautiful mom, Eliza. She’s the most hardworking, loving woman you’ll find. She owns and runs this bar, and we love her for it, right?”

A chorus of excited “right!”s resonate from the crowd before I continue, “Well, my dad was coming back from work one day, I was twenty-two at the time, so this was two years ago. Back then, I wasn’t involved in this cause until, as my father was coming back from working a thirty-six-hour shift for seven dollars an hour at the shoe factory, his hard-earned money in his wallet, a wolf approached him. The wolf was a member of the River Run Pack, which we found out later. He demands my father give him his wallet, and my father told the wolf to fuck off. For his disobedience, the wolf slashed his throat and took his money; even though he didn’t need it. He just wanted to take it from my father for the damn fun of it.”

I glance at my mother, who is tearing up, as she always does when I tell this story. I tear up, too. “Leaving my mother a widow and me without a father, but with anger. A lot of fucking anger. I want every one of those fucking wolves dead, but I know we have to do it slowly. My father’s death is the reason I became involved in the Resistance, and I’m sure each one of you out there has a reason. We’re all angry, we’re all tired, and I know it can be so fucking hard to be patient when you’re so angry inside, but we need to be. There are wolves out there fighting over territory other packs never messed with! We caused it, but they’re too stupid to ask questions before they kill because they’re monsters. They’re animals. We’re smart, we’re patient, and we’re ready for our revenge, and I promise you it will come. There are good wolves out there who want to help us. There are good vampires and good warlocks, too. We can coexist, and we can live in a world where no species treats another as more or less powerful. We truly can. I believe that. But, until then; until they decide to join us, they’re all just dirty fucking dogs to me.”

I raise my pint of beer. “Cheers to us! Cheers to the Resistance!”

The crowd erupts into cheering as we all take a swig of our drinks. I return to the microphone and laugh, “Well, I’ll shut up and play some songs now, enjoy your night off. You deserve it.”

My band and I begin playing just as the door opens, a red glow materializing from the light beneath the painting. Everyone in the bar notices, so we cease all Resistance talk.

Oh fuck.

His tall, rectangular frame emerges through the door. He has a very masculine build, long and strong legs, and massive biceps. And, from what I can tell by the fitted shirt he’s wearing, he has a very sculpted chest.

His hair is brown, not dark enough to look black, but a very true brunette color quaffed on the top of his head. He has a very lumberjack-esque, manly look to him, enhanced by a beard, tan skin, rectangular face, square jaw, and he’s so very tall.

His eyes are a very dark, deep pine color, and his lashes even darker than mine; his eyebrows are thick and well kept. His beard is long enough to look full and very manly, but not long enough to get in the way while you’re kissing his gorgeous lips. God, why am I thinking about that?

We finish the song, and the whole time I can’t peel my eyes off the man who must’ve stalked me here.

I turn to my band and say, “Take ten. The guy who just came in is the Alpha who was talking to me at the show.”

Max asks, a worried look on his face, “You okay?”

I nod, only half convinced as I reply, “Yeah, hopefully.”

I walk down from the stage and meet him where he is seated alone at a square, wobbly table and greet, “Alpha Erik, strange to see you again.”

“You thought I’d give up that easy?”

I ignore his comment and sit down across from him. “Why are you here?”

He looks around the room, everyone staring at us, and says, “Well, you completely ignored me when we talked at your show when I was trying to be kind, so now I’m going to be frank with you. I know you have a mundane life, but that’s over now that you’re mine.”

He grabs a napkin from the table and a pen out of his pocket and scribbles something onto it before pushing it over to me—a phone number.

He continues, “I’ll know where you are. If you try to hide or ignore me, I’ll find you. I’ll give you twenty-four hours to say goodbye to whoever you need to, and when you’re ready, text that number. I’ll pick you up, and all will be fine and dandy. If you don’t call that number and make me hunt..." He pauses, smirking at me devilishly. “Well, you’re coming with me either way. It’s your choice which way you want that to be.”

My jaw clenches as I look over to my mother, who has a worried expression, then to Max, who has the same look. I turn back to Erik, but he’s already gone.

I bury my head in my hands. He was serious about that whole mate thing, I guess.

I glance at the painting on the wall, and the light is off. Max and my mother both rush over to me at the same time and ask in unison, “What happened?”

“He says I’m his mate. He’s taking me in twenty-four hours to be with him whether I like it or not. Looks like this is going to fucking suck.”

Max exclaims, “What are you talking about? That’s Alpha Erik! He controls one of the largest, most powerful packs in this region!”

“Yeah, and he’s about to steal me from my life and my friends and family!”

He takes a seat and says, “Caelynn, you’re going to be his Luna! If you officially become his Luna and, well, you kill him, the pack has to accept you as their Luna no matter what. You’d have an entire wolf pack at your disposal. At the Resistance’s disposal.”

“How the hell am I going to kill an Alpha?”

My mother chimes in, “Gain his trust first. He’ll have to think you’re in love with him for him to mark you and make you his Luna. When he trusts you, then you kill him in his sleep.”

I bite my lip. “That’s sneaky, mom. That’s really sneaky.”

“Think about your father. I know you’re not the killing type, but it’s necessary.”

Max nods. “It’ll be a lot easier to keep our control, warlocks or not, if we have one of the strongest packs in Lupania at our disposal.”

“But what if I can change his mind? What if I can make him want to fight with us?”

My mother replies, “You can try, but never disclose this plan to him. No matter what. If you can get him on our side without violence, great. If not, well, then killing him is your only way out.”

I close my eyes, the image of my father’s dead body flashing across the back of my eyelids.

My lips curl with anger and hatred. I open my eyes. “I’ll kill the bastard. I’ll wait till he’s sleeping, and I’ll kill him. I’ll try to get him on board, but I’m doubtful he will. Even if he wants to, he won’t fight the other packs for a human. I’ll try, but I’ll kill him if I have to.”

“Well, text his number then,” Max says. “We’ll tell the rest of the Resistance about the plan, and we’ll create more territory wars between him and other packs, so he can gain even more territory and pack members while you’re working to gain his trust and become the Luna.”

My mom adds, “That way, more wolves will be loyal to you once he’s gone.”

“And you’re sure they have to be loyal to me after he dies?”

Max smirks. “Yes, it’s their stupid tradition. Use it against them.”

I nod, a smirk growing on my face as I imagine the look of surprise as he realizes his “mate” fooled him, the mighty Alpha. A human overtaking an Alpha.

Revenge is going to be sweet.

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