The Stubborn Alpha's Challenger

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Chapter 3: The Drive

About two hours later, a black luxury SUV pulls up next to the small house I share with my mother, looking totally out of place on the pothole littered street. I take a deep breath, picking up the two bags I packed full of my favorite clothing and essential items, and load the luggage into the open trunk.

Erik steps out, rushing over to take the bags from me, but I shoot daggers at him with my eyes and spit, “I don’t need your help.”

He looks down at his feet, returning to the driver’s seat like a guilty toddler. I look back at my driveway, my mother standing at the edge weeping softly. I walk to her, wrapping my arms around her like it’s the last time because it very well could be. She holds me with an iron grip, her warmth and love filling me; hopefully, it’ll be enough to make up for the time I’ll spend cold and loveless with the monster behind the steering wheel. She whispers in my ear, “Make us proud. I love you, and your father loved you.”

She lets go, staring intently at me, her eyes glassy from the tears. I press a kiss on her cheek and say, “I’ll do what I’ve got to. Hopefully, I’ll be able to call.”

She smiles, her eyes telling me she’s not too hopeful of that, and she takes my hand in hers as I turn to depart.

“I don’t want to let you go, Lynn.”

I fight the tears threatening to spill, choking out, “You’re going to make me cry, mama. I don’t want them to see me cry.”

She wipes her eyes, nodding. “Yes, yes. I’m sorry. I love you so much.”

She lets go of my hand, a loud whimper escaping her mouth as she does. She covers her face, and I quickly turn away. I can’t bear looking at her grief because it tears my heart to shreds.

I open the door to the backseat, jumping in the car. “Go.”

Erik follows my request and rolls forwards on the street, and I allow myself one last glance at my house. My mother is on her knees, weeping as a neighbor consoles her.

I avert my eyes, forcing myself to keep my gaze forward. I’ll be back soon. This is all for a reason.

The woman in the passenger seat speaks softly, “I’m sure your mother will be able to visit. Right, Erik?”

I interject before he can reply, “She can’t afford her house if she doesn’t work, so she can’t take time off. I won’t be seeing her for a very long time.”

“Well, surely you’ll be able to co-”

Erik glares at her, and they appear to have a short conversation with each other in their heads before she sinks into her seat and whispers, “Nevermind.”

I look behind me and notice two men sitting in the second backseat. One seems very friendly; he’s pale, skinny, and has blonde hair and icy blue eyes. The other looks not so friendly with olive skin, a thick black beard, bald head, and black eyes that turn bright reddish amber when I make eye contact with him.

“Easy,” Erik warns from the front seat. Through the rearview mirror, I watch Erik’s eyes turn a bright golden color for just a moment. The bald man relaxes, his eyes returning to black.

I question, “Is it normal for your eyes to change color?”

The woman answers, “Yes, that is the color of our wolf’s eyes. When our eyes change colors, that means the wolf consciousness is taking over.”

I nod, taking a mental note of that.

Unable to stand the static silence anymore, I ask, “Who are you?”

“I’m Caitlyn, Erik’s favorite sister.”

“You’re my only sister.”

She rolls her eyes, and I question, “What do you do? Are you in the River Run Pack or another?”

“My mate, Christopher, is the Beta of the Lupus Pack, which is a small pack right next door to ours. I serve as the bridge between the two packs’ alliance now.”

“Cool,” I turn around and question, “What about y’all?”

Ice eyes answers, “I’m Brad, Erik’s Gamma.” He pauses, looking over to the other man who has his arms crossed, looking pissed off, then rolls his eyes and continues, “He’s Javier, Erik’s Beta.”

Javier noticeably isn’t a fan, but Brad seems nice.

Brad questions, “What’s your name?”

I answer politely, “Caelynn. Nice to meet you, Brad.”


The car is silent for the rest of the hour-long drive to the Lupus Pack territory, where Erik drops Caitlyn off. At this point, Erik turns to me and asks, “Would you like to sit up front with me?”

I almost blurt out “no,” but I have to try to seem warm. I need Erik to trust me eventually. I fake a smile. “Okay.”

I step out of the car and into the passenger seat. My body tingles being this close to him, close enough to touch. I would love to run my hands through his hair while his lips tangle with mine.

Caelynn! Get a grip!

The fact that he’s so damn attractive hurts my ability to hate him and must be why I’m having these sudden thoughts and feelings about wanting to be all over him. It can’t be the mate bond.

There’s dead silence for the next twenty minutes, Erik stopping to let Javier and Brad out. As Brad exits, he says, “I’ll be seeing you soon, Caelynn. Have a nice night, you two.”

I smile and nod, not feeling the pleasantries anymore.

“How much longer of a drive is it?”

“Ten more minutes to where I live. It’s about five minutes from the pack’s town square where headquarters is, a fifteen-minute walk. You can come there with me tomorrow if you want.”

“I think tomorrow might be too soon to be taking strolls with the man who has taken me hostage.”

He huffs, glaring at me, “I’m not used to having women be so defiant.”

“Are you used to stealing women from their homes?”

“You’re not just some woman; you’re my mate! I’d be miserable without you, and you’d be just as miserable without me.”

“I’m no wolf. This whole mate bond bullshit doesn’t affect me.”

He places his hand on my thigh, his hand so large it wraps around the whole thing. A shockwave of electricity runs up my body, a pool of wetness forming in my panties. I wonder what his calloused fingers would feel like on my bare skin and in my-

“I think it does, darling.”

“Please take your hand off of me,” I reply, my breath shaking.

He complies, removing his hand from my leg and placing it back on the wheel nonchalantly.

“If you won’t go walking with me tomorrow, then at least have dinner with me?”

“Not out anywhere, just at your house.”

“Sounds good, and it’s our house now.”

We pull into the driveway of a giant mansion. This place looks like it could have thirty duplicates of my house in it! Probably more! He has five cars parked in the driveway leading up to the red-brick palace.

“Holy fuck.”

“It’s a big place to have all to myself. I’m glad to be sharing it with you now.”

I gasp, “You live in this huge place alone?”

“Yes, and no. The staff is here most of the day, but they don’t stay the night. I don’t spend too much time in the house anyway since I’m always out tending to Alpha stuff. But don’t worry, I’ll make more time for you.”

Trust me, I’m not worrying.

To think this man has been living in this behemoth alone while some people I know have to shove three families into a house the size of his bathroom disgusts me. How can they live in such grandiose luxury while we live in squalor?

He leads me up the stairs and opens a door, revealing a bedroom the size of my entire house, a king-sized bed with dark silver silk sheets and thick black comforter towards the back. The walls are painted dark gray giving the whole room a very somber feel.

“This is our room.”

I glare at him, shaking my head. “This may be your room, but I’m not sleeping here tonight.”

He arches his eyebrow. “What? You’re my mate! Of course we’re staying together.”

I shake my head defiantly. “Absolutely not! I’m not sleeping in bed with someone I’ve only just met! Especially someone who kidnapped me!”

His jaw clenches, and I can feel his blood boiling. His eyes part down the middle; half green, half yellow. It’s almost as if he’s fighting within himself when his eyes finally settle on green.

He sighs, “Okay, I understand you need space, at least for tonight. I can give you that. All I ask is you meet me for dinner in the dining room tomorrow at six. I have Alpha duties until then.”

I nod, too tired to argue with him over this request. “Alright, I can do that.”

He places his hand on the small of my back and guides me down the hall to an only slightly smaller room with blue walls, clouds painted on them. The bed is a queen with a sky blue comforter and white sheets. It’s stunning, a stark contrast to Erik’s melancholy design.

“This used to be Caitlyn’s room until she found her mate, so you can sleep here tonight.”

I smile as I enter the room, uplifted by the bright color. I glance at the dresser and see a menagerie of forest animals sitting on top. I’ve always felt a connection with the outdoors, particularly forests and the vast blue skies. My father used to take me fishing when I was younger, and once I’d get bored after barely catching a thing, we’d lie down on the grass and pick out shapes in the clouds. He always only found elephants in the clouds, and he’d make up a different activity the elephant was doing in each cloud. I always laughed hysterically at his antics.

“You like this room?”

“Yes, the light color is uplifting, and I’ve always loved the sky and the outdoors.”

“Is blue your favorite color?”

“Yes, and green.”

“I’ll remember that.”

I nod politely, hoping if I appease him, he’ll leave because I want to fall asleep and try to forget everything that has transpired in the last twenty-four hours.

“Well, you seem tired, so I’ll leave. Goodnight, Caelynn.”

He leans towards me and presses a soft peck on the top of my head. I can’t help it when a wave of warmth washes over me after the sweet gesture, but as soon as his lips leave my head, I build all my walls back up.

He exits my room without another word, shutting the door softly behind him. I collapse on the bed and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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