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The Hybrid Rogue

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Azula ran away at 14, 2 years before her first shift takes place. Her Father, Alpha Dekan of the Crimson Moon Pack, gave up looking and was getting ready to pass the Pack to her half brother, Colson. Her and her Rogue friends decide to move to California but that means having to go through her old pack and come face to face with why she left in the first place. Alpha Ryanne of Amethyst Stone Pack is a neighboring pack and is coming to meet with Alpha Dekan of the Crimson Moon Pack and his soon to be Alpha son, Colson. Everything, all plans of Azula's and her friends change when she meets him. Ryanne tries to figure out why she left and why she will not be around Colson's Betta Theo. Why are the Vampire attacks coming and a war starting with the Crimson Pack and the Vampire Clan, Nether Descendants? Everything changes for everyone. Will they find peace at all?

Fantasy / Romance
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*AZ's POV*

'Why? Why do these things have to happen to me? Why can't I just be normal? Why do I have to be the Alpha's unwanted hybrid daughter?' I think to myself as I run, finally done with everything and everyone of the pack. 'Why did Theo do this? He's the Betta's son and supposed to take over for his father, but he did this? I can't stay here. I have to become Rogue. I am taking a huge risk seeing I haven't shifted and I'm only 14!'

Before I know it, I'm out of the Northern woods. Out of Nevada. Far from home. My father should have realized I left by now. I can stop for a rest finally. They wouldn't check neighboring territories until the morning anyways. Running away has crossed my mind one too many times. I kept my issues with some of the kids my age to myself. My father was proud of me and if I told him, he would think I was weak and things would be worse. Theo just had to take things too far.

Real question now is, where to? I heard of Rogue groups but I wouldn't know where to start to find anyone to join. I will need one though to get by at all. I could join another pack. I know many who look for those who are hybrids of witches, but if they find out my father is looking for his 14 yr old daughter then I will be forced back to keep the peace. My father is the Alpha of the second most feared packs in our part of the country. The territory consists of parts of Nevada all the way to the Canadian border north. The packs near us will surely help him. I also need to avoid the vampire clans. I can't let anyone know the truth from what happened to who I really am. A vampire would figure me out too quickly. I can fight grown skilled warriors no problem so attacks from anyone shouldn't be an issue. Food, clothes, etc is my issue. If I can find a group of younger rogues like myself maybe we can do work for packs or other rogues to get by. Well, overthinking won't help me for now. I need to sleep and then keep running till I reach maybe New York.

~~~~~4 years later~~~~~

*still AZ's POV*

"Wake your ass up! We are moving out today! If you want to avoid issues, we need every bit of daylight!" Shouted Pete to the rest of us.

"Babe, it's still dark. We can afford a peaceful wake up and 5 extra mins of sleep." Zoe, Pete's mate, grumbled to him.

"Liam, can you start a breakfast. Az, can you pack up. Zoe, get what protection spells ready you can. I will double check our map." Pete ignored Zoe.

We are headed to California. It does make me nervous but I dont think anything much of it to set my fears to be noticed by the group. My best friends. I found Pete and Liam, they are brothers. Their father pissed off the wrong alpha. That's all I know. We dont share stories. Zoe is newer to our group, she found us. She did a spell to find her mate which lead her to Pete. She knew I was a witch as well when she met me. The others still don't know. She keeps my secret and teaches me spells when they arent around. I spar with the guys but am still the toughest. They wanted me to lead since I can take down a whole army if needed alone. I'd rather not of course and well Pete being the oldest and knows the layouts of territories really well and understands maps is the better choice.

We have a quick breakfast of some eggs. Where Liam got these eggs, we dont even question. Just eat, brief, then move out. That's how we do things. California has an area set aside for rogues to go we were told that we could live in peace without being thieves, ferals, and whatever else. That's where we are headed. I like the idea because the area is supposed to also be free from clans and packs. Can finally feel true freedom from my own fears.

"So, one issue is we will have to go through a couple pack territories. We will be driving the truck so we should be safe but if stopped, I plan to ask to speak to the Alpha or Betta to have us granted passage. Most should allow us. I'm only iffy about one pack." Pete says as Liam helps me with the last bit of out things into the bed of Pete's truck.

Fear starts up. I don't do packs very well. I get super uneasy. I keep my oversized sweatshirt's hood over me and my face. It smells like Liam to help mask my scent. I have him sleep with it. He knows I'm hiding from packs but thinks its because of being an unmated witch. I go with it.

"What pack is that? If you aren't sure about it why are we going to through it?" Liam asks the lingering question.

"Crimson Moon when we hit southern Nevada." Pete's response immediately gets my heart racing and panic sets in.

"We can't go around it?" I ask holding back the idea of tears trying to start.

"Nope. They go all the way to Canada and the pack under would kill us on site. The pack after it shouldn't be an issue. They are the reason for the rogue territory to even be a thing. It would be best to do this." Pete says as I regret even agreeing to all this.

"I don't want to meet the Alpha or Betta of that pack. But if we have to, see if us females may stay in the truck as you speak to them." I respond in hopes that will work.

"That may work but will seem rude, I will see what I can do." Pete says sensing my uneasiness of this pack.

'Well, let's hope this goes well. I don't feel like spending much time in that place if I can avoid it.' My wolf, Blair, says to me. She says to me exactly what I think as well. We don't like this but we won't abandon our friends when we are so close. Just like maybe 2 more days and we can be in the clear. Just a few hours though and our fears may just become a reality.
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