The Silverbearers: White Warden

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Phalian never thought she could have a life of her own, being the princess of the Silverbearers, but when she meets Jason, a human living inside the city walls of Vancouver, her life will never be the same. As the war between the Silverbearers and the humans rages, a new foe rises from the sea. Will Phalian take destiny into her own hands, or will the fate of those she loves fall to ruin? This is the first book of the Silverbearers saga. Mature content warning, 18+, is currently a work in progress.

Fantasy / Romance
Lauren Fisher
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** This is a work in progress; bear with me, this version has not been edited. **

Update: 3 April 2021 - I've deleted some chapters. It will still be a Mature Adult Supernatural Romance book, but currently has the mature scenes redacted. I apologize, but they're being reworked.

The Silverbearers: White Warden

By Lauren Fisher/Illyria Asher

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