My Psychopath (on hold)

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Where is that girl?

I glanced at the clock again. 23:25.

I was about to call Carson about my worries when I heard the door open.

I sigh in relief and walk over to greet her when I gasped in shock at the girl in front of me.

She was bruised and battered, her face black and blue and was holding on to the wall for support, her other hand was bent at an awkward angle.

'Moon Goddess, what the hell happened?' I ran over and picked her up carefully. She winced and took a sharp intake of air.

I set her down on the bed and made a move to call 911.

'Don't! D-don't call 911.' Elizabeth managed to get out.

'Well, what the fuck do we do?!'

'Call Carson. H-he'll know what to do.' I sighed in defeat and called Carson.

'Dude, what the fuck do you want, It's 11 the goddamn evening.'

'Elizabeth's hurt. Real bad. She thought it would be better to call you than medical professionals.' I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

'Shit, I'll be right there.'

A few moments later, The whole troupe came barging in through the door.

'El, what happened?' Alyssa quickly ran to her side beside me.

'I-I got attacked by a wolf.'

Alyssa nodded and quickly got to work.

She got out a needle put an IV in.

'Wait, are you qualified for this?' I asked.

'We know enough.'

'Okay, Amber, out a silencing bubble around us, this is gonna get loud.' Carson said, looking grim.

'El, I'm gonna have to stitch you up.' Carson put on some medical gloves.
'Asher, it's better if you hold her for this part, the mate bond might help the pain.'
I nodded and sat her on my lap and tightly held her hands so that she couldn't swat Carson's hands away.

The mate bond did not help.

Elizabeth was still in great pain as she let out blood-curdling screams every time Carson moved.

She kept squirming around and rubbing on me, which made my sex harden.

After a while, she passed out, which made Carson's job easier and my pants less tight.

Once Carson finished with the sewing, I put her back down by the bed.

Amber fixed her arm and put it in a sling. It was 1:24 now.

I used my powers to open a link even if we were not wolves.

'Damn, Griego did a number with her.' Grace said, wiping away sweat.

'Yeah. I was at the mansion earlier, and they said it was because she overslept and we lost 5 million. They even said ol' Griego used Spanish.' Parker piped up. Parker was less skilled in the medical field, a flaw that earned him cruel punishments in the beginning.

He was a pro on tech, though, and that made up for his lousy suturing skills.

'Poor guy must be suffering.' Alyssa nodded her head at Asher, who was holding Liz's hand. Liz was as pale as a sheet.

'Elizabeth's tough. She'll get through it just like all the other times.' I reassured them.

'She was one of the hardest to break, yanno? I was broken when I was 6, Grace 8, Parker 7, Alyssa 6, Amber . Do you know how old Liza was before she was fully broken down?' Carson asked. '14! From 5 to 14, she defiantly fought them, but in the end, she turned out like all the rest of us. Killing machines.'

'Guys, I gotta ask you something.' Asher walked over, running a hand through his hair.

'No, you don't. Ledenastoss Cadren Nox.' I said in haste, making him forget some of the moments of the day.

'Was that necessary?' Alyssa asked.

'I'm not gonna waste my time explaining shit to a dog.' Grace rolled her eyes.
Everyone was quiet as we got lost in our own thoughts.

'I wish we were all friends again.' I said out of the blue.

'I don't.' Grace said.

We all whipped our heads at her.


'Look, guys. We already broke her trust once. Who's to say we won't again. We all know we'd be shit friends and we'd just put her through hell again. Fuck, she's living in hell right now and we all know our selfish asses would choose our lives over hers as we did all those years ago. So no. I don't want to be her friend again. She just called us because she had no choice and once she wakes up she'll remember the shit we did and run away. Poluchite eto cherez svoyu golovu.' Grace spat out. (Get that through your head.)

'No ya-' I didn't get a chance to finish before she cut me off. (But I-)

'Ya poydu seyches. Ilamido.' Grace waved herself and a portal of black and white swirls appeared. (I will be going now.)

Rolling my eyes, I made a portal myself and left.


It was Saturday, and I had survived my first week in London.

To be honest, it was a wonderful place, much different from my life back in America, where I was drowned by paperwork and schedules.

Elizabeth was doing not well, though she hid her pain well.

The wounds on her back were infected and they weren't getting any better.

She was put on bed rest, as per the infirmary nurse's orders.

I had taken advantage of that, not in a bad way of course, but just talking to her and making her feel comfortable, which she despises with a passion for some reason.

It strengthens the relationship we already have, and even though we are still in the platonic stage, I can tell the mate bond is doing its job.

Yesterday night we had fallen asleep watching movies on the TV. It will forever be the best moment of my life.

'Here you go, Elizabeth.' I gave her a bowl of ramen noodles and sat beside her.

'I don't want your ramen noodles.' She begrudgingly said, putting it down on the table with a bit of force.

'Eat the ramen, Elizabeth.' I said, annoyed. Ramen was pretty hard to cook for someone who never made so much as a pancake, and I burnt myself trying to make it.

Rolling her eyes, she unpaused the episode, we were watching House M.D., which to this day is still one of my favourites.

After 21 episodes, Elizabeth fell asleep.

I always loved the way she looked when she slept.

That sounds weird and I agree with you, but there is just something about the way she looked so peaceful made me happy.

Careful not the wake her, I put her on her bed.

It was 10 in the evening.

'Anne?' I decided to mind link.

'Asher?! Oh, my God thank goodness, we thought you were dead or something!'

'Nope. I'm breathing and able to thank you very much. I have some big news, sis. I'll open the link for mum and dad.' I said.

'Boy, don't scare us like that again!' My mum screeched through the link.

'Yes, mum, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.'

'Sorry. I was just scared. I watched the international news, and somebody is killing people left and right! Crimson Falcon, I think it was.' My mum apologized.

'Crimson Crow, mum. And I'm safe, don't worry. Although, I got some news.' I tried my best to sound sad and I paused for extra effect.

'Well spit it out.' My dad said.

'I found my mate!' I said with excitement, looking at her for a brief moment.

'Oh my goddess, that's great! What's her name?! What does she look like?! Is she a wolf?! Did you mark her yet?! Is she a girl or is he a boy?!' Anne was the first one to react.

'Elizabeth. Beautiful. Yes, she is a wolf. No, I did not mark her yet. She is a she." I replied.

'That's amazing, baby.' My mum said. 'You can come back now!'

'Uh, no, mum. I'm finishing my education.'

'That's nice, son. I'm excited to meet my daughter in law!' My mum said but her voice started to grow distant.

Overseas mind linking was a challenge in itself and never lasted for long.

Sighing, I just said my goodbyes and closed my eyes
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