My Psychopath (on hold)

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It was a chilly Sunday morning, the temperatures were starting to drop and all of us were feeling it.

Asher recovered from the memory loss spell well, nothing happened and he seemed to believe the lie we had said.

‘Asher’s going on well with Elizabeth. That must be good.’ Alyssa nodded at the pair who were approaching us.

‘Hey, guys!’ Asher greeted.

‘Hi!’ Parker replied, scooching over so that they had space to sit.

Asher sat down and patted the space next to him but she gave him a tight-lipped smile and walked over to the counter.

‘Is she gonna be sitting with us?’ Grace queried.

‘Hopefully.’ Asher shrugged.

‘Hopefully not.’ She rolled her eyes and muttered underneath her breath.

‘Ignore her. She’s been in a mood lately.’ Alyssa told Asher, sending a discreet stink eye at Grace.

‘How’s her back?’ I asked.

‘Not getting any better.’ Asher sighed, burying his head in his hands.

Unsurprisingly, Elizabeth didn’t sit with us, but sat on the other side of the cafeteria, reading a book while eating some broth.

‘Is she always like this?’ Asher’s muffled voice asked.

‘All the time.’ Amber said.

‘She was never one to socialize. She used to be good friends with us, but we had a falling out and shit happened and now here we are.’ I added.

‘What happened?’

‘I dunno. We just never got along. So we stopped being friends. Parker came along and became my mate, so we adopted him into the group. And now, you’re here too!’ Alyssa said happily.

‘Thanks, guys, that means a lot.’ He smiled.

Asher stood up and walked towards Elizabeth.

‘What is he gonna do now?’ I muttered to myself.

‘I’m back!’ Asher said, A pissed off Elizabeth in tow.

An awkward silence fell on us as Elizabeth sat beside Asher and the tension became so thick it could be cut with a knife.

‘Well. This is...unexpected.’

I spoke up, wanting to end the excruciating silence.

‘Mmm.’ Elizabeth hummed, uninterested.

‘I didn’t think you’d sit with us today, Liz.’ Grace said, glaring.

Elizabeth looked up from her book, ‘Neither did I. And it’s Elizabeth.’ She gave her a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes before looking back down to her book.

‘Uh, heh, so Elizabeth,’ I said, eager to stop whatever was happening, ‘how’ve you been? We haven’t had a proper talk in what, 3 years?’

‘5 years actually.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘We haven’t talked “properly” since we were 14, which was 5 years ago. And I’ve been fine, surprised the thought of my wellbeing crossed your mind.’ She gave her full attention to me, closing her book shut with a snap.

‘Asher said your back’s not getting better. Want me to heal you?’ Amber offered.

‘No thanks. I think I can manage. I mean, what can a tier 5 like you do? You’re practically the babies of the witching world.’ Elizabeth chuckled and smiled at Amber, knowing she got to her.

Elizabeth was lying. She knew a tier 5 was a high tier, we all knew. The condescending tone in her voice made it seem as though Amber really was just a baby.

‘Elizabeth can you stop being a bitch?’ Parker slammed his cup on the table. ‘For fucksake! All we have done is be civil to you and in return that by insulting Amber? Damn.’

‘You? Civil? Don’t make me laugh. You are the farthest thing from civil and you know it.’ Liz snapped. Her eye started flickering from purple to black rapidly.

We all knew how dangerous she can be.

The day we were transferred from the cells into the big warehouse-like rooms that housed hundreds of tiny bunk beds, we were informed about how dangerous she could be. They didn’t indulge much, but once her eyes started changing, you were as good as dead.

We had seen it first-hand a couple of times, where she got angry enough that she went batshit crazy, something took control - much like with a werewolf - and killed at least 5 kids and 3 staff. She was only 7 when that happened, and she got severely punished for it.

When she was given back to us, she was beyond recognition. She was all black and blue, and the blood that was dripping off of her was black. It took her a year to recover. She would have sooner, had she not been forced to live life as if nothing happened.


’Don’t you fucking ‘’Liz’’ me. You lost the right to use that name years ago.’ Elizabeth gritted out in a calm tone. Calm Elizabeth is certainly scarier. She sucked in a lungful of air, trying to take control. She was shaking badly and she closed her eyes tightly, taking in shaky breaths of air.

‘Don’t follow me, Asher.’ She stood up, leaving her half-eaten bowl of soup.

‘So, nobody is gonna eat that?’

Sorry for the short chapter.

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