My Psychopath (on hold)

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"She was a wonderful friend." I started.

It was well into the night, and Asher was visiting my dorm to ask about Elizabeth, who, until now, hasn't talked to him.

Just tell me what you know about her. Asher had said, pacing around the room.

"She was the purest soul to have ever graced this planet. Always full of life and always defied her parent's orders." And by parents, I meant Mafia. But he didn't need to know that.

"She was quite the joker, too. Always cracking dad jokes every other second." I had a full-on smile now. Remembering the times before the shit show.

flashback ( 9 y/o )

''Bleh! You'll never catch me!'' Elizabeth laughed as she started darting out into the woods laughing.

''No fair.''I start chasing after her, Grace and Amber going separate directions to corner her.

The cool air passed through my long hair that hasn't been cut in a year as I quickened my pace and was soon only a few inches away from her when she suddenly made a right turn and evaded my grasp.

''Hey!'' I shift into my wolf and quickly tackled her to the ground, not caring that my clothes were ripped.

''Carson! you said you wouldn't shift!'' She yelped.

They have been feeding her silver-laced food so that her wolf would submit to them, but she was strong and hasn't in the least submitted to them. The fresh bruises on her face were proof of that.

I growl playfully, getting off of her and shifting back.

end of flashback

''Carson?'' Asher snapped me back to reality.

"Hmm? Oh, sorry, I just got, uh...lost in thought, I guess."

"What happened? To her, I mean."

"It's not my place to say. She's been through hell back, that one. It won't be like the stories where the woman just gives herself to their mates. She doesn't believe in those. She was always hard-headed and stubborn with what she wanted."

"It seems like I got my work cut out for me. What about her wolf? Surely she gets tired ignoring her wolf and the mate bond."

"I don't really know about that." I lied. She didn't have a wolf, she disappeared when we were 12, succumbing to the silver. At about the same time, her scent became non-existent and most of her wolfy perks disappeared too.

'Thanks anyway." He sighed, giving me a wan smile before leaving me.


I watched the news as they reported 4 more deaths by yours truly.

I was knackered, killing certainly takes a lot out of you. One actually put up a fight, giving me a slightly bruised eye.

I heard the door open and The Devil, sorry, Asher came into view.

"You really like to watch the news, do you? It's so depressing to watch it, with deaths left and right." He grimaced. From the corners of my eye, I saw his eyes had a slight tinge of black in the sea of green, letting me know his wolf was co-con with him.

"Hi, wolfy." I greeted, not even sparing me a glance.

I'm still angry he forced me to sit his friend group.

"Hi!" His wolf said cheerfully, the black became more dominant.

"Someone's chipper." I rolled my eyes.

I didn't need rocket science to know how desperate wolves can be for attention.

How they are satisfied with the submission and fear of others.

All wolves are the same. They are all bastards and bitches.

"Someone's moody." He shot back.

"Where did you come from?"

"Aww, is someone concerned?"

"No," I told him. "I'm going to choke them for returning you so early. I would've liked a few more hours Asher-Free." I deadpanned.

He let out a growl as his eyes lost all of it's green.

"You really hate us that much, do you?" He took a step towards me, his voice becoming deeper. It was kinda hot. Wait, what?

"Gee, did I make it that obvious?" I asked sarcastically, looking at him.

"Yeah, you did." It was his turn to roll his eyes, oblivious to my sarcasm.

"God, you're so inept at times. It's giving me a headache." I massaged my temples.

He plopped down beside me, my bed dipping at his weight.

"Don't you ever get tired ignoring your wolf? Do you even have a wolf? In the two weeks, I've known you, the only time I've felt your wolf was when we met. Can't you feel the bond?" He grabbed my hand, sending the infamous sparks up my arm and my traitorous body shuddered involuntarily at the contact. I gotta get that under control.

"So you do feel it. It feels good, right?" He asked.

I pulled away before it could escalate to something else and jumped up from my bed. I'm gonna have to Febreeze my bed later, it has Asher germs now.

"It does feel good." I lied. It doesn't feel good. If anything it feels weird and painful. Like when you step on a foot that fell asleep.

He stayed silent for a while, contemplating what to say next.

After a few moments of awkward silence, I stood up from my bed and entered the bathroom.

I exchanged my pyjamas for some leggings and an oversized hoodie that stopped just a little above my knees.

"What are you doing?" He asked as I opened the window and looked down below. I contemplated just jumping down, after all, I could probably survive it and land on my feet like we were trained to but decided against it.

I swung myself out the window and grabbed hold of the emergency ladder beside it, feeling the cold metal underneath my palms and the cold night air seeped through my clothes.

I heard Asher gasp and ran up to the window, gasping once more when he saw me already climbing down.

"Where the fuck are you going?!" He yelled.

"Out!" I yelled back, looking up to see all traces of black gone.

"Isn't that prohibited?!"

"Does it look like I care?!"

"No! Not really!"

"That was a rhetorical question, dumbass!"

I started descending again.

"Wait!" He paused. "Can I come with?"

I mulled over it.


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