My Psychopath (on hold)

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I scanned my open suitcases once more before closing them shut, satisfied.
I had been planning about this for the last two months, making sure everything was set and nothing was forgotten.

I was planning to live to London for the year, where I will study at Marble Hills Boarding school, one of the only few schools where only supernaturals could attend.

When I explained my plan to my parents, they went berserk, my mother had cried, for she thought she was pushing her son away, my dad was livid, because he thought I was running away from his duties as the next Alpha of the Mountain Cloud pack.

Nevertheless, I stuck by my word and soon, my parents relented and pushed my Alpha Ceremony back until my graduation.

I would be bringing my Beta in training, Alex, and Delta in training, James.

Anne, my 15 year old sister, did not approve of me being away for so long, but soon caved in when I said that I would bring her chocolates.

There was also a hidden reason why I wanted to leave. my father was correct about me running away from my duties. I didn't want the stress that came with leading the pack. I also needed to find my mate before the year ends. An Alpha without a mate will be vulnerable, as a pack without a Luna is seen as a sign of weakness.
Satisfied that everything was ready, I walked down the flight of stairs into the living room, where Anne was standing, fighting the tears.
Walking over to her, I asked, 'I love you, Anne. Y'know that, right?'

'Of course.' She chuckled a bit.

'Good. I love you.' I pulled her in for a hug.

'Oh, my baby boy. All grown up!' My mum, Anna, hugged me, crushing me in the process.

'Ok, mum, kinda crushing me over here.' I managed to tell her, and she let go.

She wiped a stray tear, looking at me longingly. It was kinda awkward.

'The boy's not a kid anymore, Anna.' my dad, Charles, came behind her and kissed her on the neck, earning a moan from my mother.

'Ew, mum, get a room.' Anne said, pretending to be sick to her stomach.

M mum glared playfully at her.

A car outside honked its horn.

'Well,' I said, half happy and half sad, 'I guess this is it.'

The whole pack was there to bid farewell, all 197 of them. I was chuffed, to say the least.

My parents and Anne stand and waved goodbye to me and my friends. When I close the cab door,I saw Anne bury her face into his mother, sobbing.

My gut wrenched at the scene and my heart filled with anguish at the sight.

Swallowing hard, I told the driver to go and I stares as my family and pack become smaller and smaller, until they were a speck of dust, and could only be seen if you squint and turn your head a bit.

Sighing sadly, I looked ahead, at the vast expanse of our territory.
Stop sad. We have to do this. My wolf, Damon, scolds me for feeling this way. The only thing on his mind right now was finding a mate.
Could you at least be sad we're leaving our family?! He snapped.
Mate first, then family. Pack die without mate. Mate important. He grounded. I growled at him but I knew he couldn't help saying that. He was guided by instinct, the instinct to protect, while I was guided by emotions.

Still annoyed by him, I cut him off.


I stretched my legs, thankful to get out of that God awful aeroplane.

Today is the worst day in humanity, I summed up, as I gathered up with his Beta and Delta.

First, their flight get's delayed, to my dismay, and had to wait for 5 hours before they could board the plane.

Apparently, someone gave birth in the aeroplane and they had to sanitize the whole thing.

I then got seated in between a heavily pregnant human lady and her child, and a sweaty man who seemed to have no neck.

Halfway through, we experienced some turbulence and then the child heaved all over me, and for the next 15 minutes, I sat there in misery, covered in kid barf, waiting for the turbulence to stop.

After I changed, I went back to my seat, and everything is calm for a while when the kid starts to scream, yes, scream, in my flipping ear while in the other ear, the obese man snores loudly.

Just when I thought I hit my breaking point and was about ready to jump through the window, the plane lands, and here they were now.

While I listened to his friends tell how they relaxed they were, I relayed how my flight went.

I checked the time and it said 00:34.

After going through immigration, we treated ourselves and bought some food.

We would've shifted into our wolves to make the trip to the school easier, but with a lot of baggage and jet-lagged as hell, our wolves wouldn't have made the trip. So instead, I ordered a cab, which smelled vaguely of cigarettes and sex.

'Marble Hills boarding school, please.' I said, tired out of his mind.
30 minutes later, I, Alex and James were staring at the huge building in front of me, gobsmacked.

An elderly woman came out of the building, her hair tied back in a tight bun.

'Aah, you must be Asher Lee,' The elderly woman said, 'My name is Marie Anderson and I am the Vice-Principal of Marble Hills Boarding school. You are the son of Alpha Joshua and Luna Anna of the Mountain Clouds pack, correct?'

I nodded my head.

'Good. This is Carson Velasquez, he will be your roommate.' She gestured to the boy beside her.
'He will be giving a tour for you tomorrow. For now, he will show you your dorm.'

'Beta Alex and Gamma James, you will be in dorm 128 on the 3rd floor. I will arrange for somebody to show you a tour.'

'Good evening, Alpha.' Carson bowed bared and his neck in submission.

I rolled my eyes. I was supposed to go here to escape these kinds of formalities.

'No need for that. Just call me Asher.' I allowed myself a small smile in which he returned.

I followed him to the third floor, room 143, where I was greeted by a gust of cold air.

'Woah. It's so cold in here.' I said, taken aback. .

'Yeah, sorry about that. Would you like me to turn down the AC?' Carson offered.

'No, it's fine. Just surprised.'

'Well, uh, I'm going back to sleep. Cheers.' He told me before snuggling into his bed.

After a nice, long shower, I put on some clothes.

After mind linking my family that I was fine, I went to bed.
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