My Psychopath (on hold)

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‘Ash. Asher. Dude, wake up.’ Carson shook me.

Sighing, I got up and stretched my arms.

First day of school. Let’s just hope I don’t fuck things up. I said to himself, rubbing my eyes.

‘Do you have your uniform?’ Carson asked me, fixing his navy blue necktie.

‘Nope.’ I replied, going into the shower.

When I came out, I saw a uniform on my bed.

‘Thanks, Carson.’

I put on some underwear, the navy blue slacks, a pristine white collared shirt, the navy blue necktie and the black vest.
When looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised at how proper I looked.

’Hah, take that, mum. I can look proper.′ I chuckled lightly and took a picture, putting the caption beneath it and sent it to my mum.

Carson chuckles a bit and rolls his eyes.

‘So this is the Dry Laboratory, and this is the Wet Laboratory. Over there is Arts and that one is Music.’ Carson points to the doors one by one.

We walked down the hall, where some of the lockers were. Unmated she-wolves looked at me hungrily, in which I growled at them and successfully made them focus on what they were previously doing.

‘For supernaturals with powers, they train in this room.’ Carson points to a room with a light over the door.

‘When the light’s on, it means somebody is practising and should be careful. That room is built to withstand all powers and opening the door recklessly can cause damage to the building.’ He explained.

We went down a level, the 4th floor, and showed me a few more classrooms.

Me and Carson went down two more floors.

‘And here is the cafeteria.’ They queued up for our food and I decided to get some porridge and a banana when Carson pulled me over to a table.

‘These are my friends,’ Carson said, ‘Guys, this is the son of Alpha Joshua of the Mountain Cloud pack.’

‘Good morning! My name’s Amber Zenith, I’m a tier 4 witch.’ A bubbly girl with golden blonde hair and mesmerizing silver eyes introduced herself.

‘I’m Parker Anderson and this is my mate, Alyssa.’ They both bared their necks at me.

Parker had light brown hair and dark green eyes while Alyssa had dark brown hair with hazel eyes.

‘We’re from the Crescent Moon.’ Alyssa spoke up.

‘And I’m Grace Dolores, tier 3 vampire.’ A girl with pale skin and red eyes greeted.

‘Lovely to meet you all, I’m Asher.’ said, sitting down next to Carson.

Alex and James were already the table, conversing softly with Parker.

‘I heard you just arrived yesterday.’ Alyssa commented, sipping on some pineapple juice.

‘Yeah. And I had a hell of a flight.’

They asked about it and I explained the flight from start to finish.

‘Oh, dear. That must’ve sucked.’ Grace said.

I was about to say something when a girl walked past them.

To say she was pretty was an understatement. She was beautiful! Her long dark hair was tied up in an elegant plait, her eyes two separate colours, one was a mesmerizing lavender and the other was a startling dark red.

Oddly enough, I couldn’t get a scent, but even then I knew, that she was my mate.

Her eyes locked eyes with minmomentarily, and her eyes widened in shock. She knows too.

As quickly the shocked look came, it went, and her face was back to being a calm façade.

Everyone cowered when she passed people and when she passed our table, a collective shudder ran around the table.

When whoever that was left the cafeteria, everything went back to normal, and the cafeteria burst into life again.

‘Who the hell was that?!’ I asked in disbelief, shaken up a bit.

‘That’s Elizabeth Williams.’ Grace wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Elizabeth Williams. Asher liked the name.

‘What’s so special?’

‘Some say she’s a hybrid, some say she’s a tribrid, some say she’s nothing at all.’ Amber said in a low voice.

‘Care to elaborate?’

‘Last year, she killed a student,’ Alyssa started, ‘A tier 7 witch. Rumours started sprouting after that. One said, she’s a human overreacting when she learned about us=, another said she’s a hybrid, a witch and a wolf, and another said her parents were in a polyamorous relationship, a wolf a witch and a banshee. There are many more rumours that seem like utter bollocks like this one kid said that she was an alien from Supernova, and another told students that she was a psychopath. Until today, nobody knows what she truly is, and nobody wants to find out, because whoever annoyed her, has been found dead somewhere around the school. Only teachers can control her, and even then, she still gets her way most of the time.′ Alyssa finished.

‘Goddess, you all sound crazy.’ Asher muttered.

‘It’s true, Asher.’ Carson said.

‘She’s bad news.’ Amber grimaced.

‘She’s been known to lash out.’ Parker added.

I was about to tell them to stop talking like crazy people when the bell rang.

‘Well, I gotta go.’ I said instead and stood up.

Elizabeth not mate. No scent means she not mate. She not even wolf. She probably psycho. She kill pack if she mate. Damon paced around, annoyed I was calling Elizabeth our mate.

She’s our mate, Damon. You saw how she looked when we locked eyes. You can’t deny the signs. Even without the scent, she’s our soulmate! I told him.

Exasperated, Damon cut him off, to which I rolled my eyes.

This is gonna be a long day.

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