My Psychopath (on hold)

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Grumbling, I scrubbed my fingers harder, making them raw and red.

Blood was still under my nails, and I needed it gone before I got into another court case.

I had woke up late, and I was paying the consequences.

My hair was still a mess, my uniform hasn't been ironed yet, and there was no more warm running water.

Fuck this. I thought as I closed my eyes in annoyance.

I scrubbed harder, but seeing that the blood wouldn't budge, I threw the sponge in anger.

I just decided to hop in the shower and do my routine, still annoyed.

I put on her underwear, a bra and the white collared shirt that was part of the uniform. I put on the tartan skirt, a ribbon in place of a necktie and the black vest. Since the blood was stuck, I put on some leather gloves.

I just put on some peach coloured lip tint and I was finished.

I strutted in, unfazed by the cowering looks people keep giving me when the most tantalizing smell hit my nose.

And my wolf, who I previously thought was non-existent murmured weakly,


I froze, realizing what this means.

No, this can't be. I said to myself.

I darted her eyes around, trying to find where it came from when I locked eyes with a gorgeous man.

He had bright blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair, perfectly dishevelled to look like he didn't put the effort in it and just woke up with it flawlessly perfect.

For the first time, my calm mask broke and was replaced with a shocked one, and he smirked triumphantly, letting me know that he knows that I knows.

I quickly put her face back in it's normal emotionless, unreadable state and quickly walked out and in the nearest bathroom.

This wasn't supposed to happen.
I paced around. I had it all planned out, him being here ruins everything. Now that we've established it, the pull will become stronger and harder to resist, basically making me tethered to him. I'll be damned if I let a boy prohibit me from escaping my father.
Jesus, why does this happen to me?! God, fucking fate outdid it this time. I said to myself, fuming.
In my anger, I punched the wall a few times, making my knuckles hurt and produced a golfball-sized hole on the wall.


I stared at myself in the mirror, where my purple eye was flickering from crimson red and pitch black. I breathed quickly.

'Whoever's in the stall will be given 3 seconds to run.' I suddenly said when I heard faint sobs from a stall.

When nobody came out, I sighed, exasperated. I don't have time for this.

I opened them one by one, enjoying the fear that was growing.
It was evident in the girl's scent that she had heard of the rumours about me, who had just about shit herself when I opened her stall.
'Your three seconds are up.'

'I-I'm sorry, please don't kill me.' The girl, a freshman, stuttered.

I rolled my eyes.

I couldn't help the thoughts I had when I stared at the girl begging for her life.
wanted to kill her, so bad. I had wanted to watch as her blood dripped on the blade of a knife, and look while the life disappears from her eyes, becoming clouded and dull. I wanted to listen to her screams as I cut her up, piece by piece.
But I couldn't. Not now. A lawsuit was too expensive and she didn't want to be punished, not when I had just healed.
'Look, I'm giving you 10 seconds, so you better get a move on.' I said one last time and the girl scurries away.
'Fuck my life.' I mumbled.

The warning bell started to ring and I needed to get out of here.

I started to walk towards my first class, English, when I bumped into something hard.

'Ow, fuck. Watch where you're-' I didn't get to finish my sentence as I got lost in the eyes of none other than my mate.

Everyone was in their classes already so we were alone.

'Ah, shit, I'm sorry. Here, let me help you.' He offered his hand.

Yeah, no. I could see right through that.
I gave him a dazzling smile, stood up and said 'No thanks. I know what you're trying to do.'

He looked surprised at what I said, he must not experience rejection that much.

Unfazed by my sentence, he put a smile on his face again and said, 'Hi, I'm Asher, you?'

'Did I ask?'

'Oh, uh, I just thought you'd like to know.' He rubbed his neck sheepishly.

'Uh-huh. Ok, so, I don't know what's happening with this,' I pointed between the two of them, 'but I don't like it so, I'm gonna go.' I walked past him.

'Wait, what's your name?' Ace grabbed her arm, sending supposedly pleasurable tingles down m spine.

Love and pleasure was a foreign thing to me. I hadn't felt any emotion since I was about 12 years old, shutting them down to prevent me from hurting. My wolf was forced into "hibernation" and that only contribute to the shut down of m core emotions.

Annoyed by the weird sensation invading my system, I tore my arm from his grip.

'Don't you dare put your hands on me again or so help me you won't have any more to use. And stop playing dumb, you've already heard the rumours, that I'm a death-obsessed tribrid, that I'm just a weak human, or that I'm a psychopathic killer. Whatever you've heard, you already know me. So stop with the stupid questions and just fucking go away.' I snapped and left Asher in the halls.

I slid into my seat at the back of the room, beside a window. Outside, the sky was clear, only a few clouds.

English was the only subject I attended because it was the simplest of classes.

The teacher usually strayed from the curriculum and gave projects that kept me busy.

'Ahh, Mr Asher. Nice of you to attend class today.' I heard the teacher say.

Wait, Asher?!

I whipped my head around to see Asher's sheepish smile as he stared awkwardly at the teacher.

'Well, you'd have to partner up with Elizabeth then, since nobody else would is available.' She looked at me.

'What?' I asked, hiding the annoyance that was building up inside of m.

The teacher pinched the bridge of her nose and explained again how we will be assigned a bonsai, in which we will nurture and grow. At the end of the term, we will write a poem about it.

I ran my hand through my hair, annoyed at the place I was in.

The bell rang then, signalling the next class, and students started to file out.

Grumbling, I wrote my address on a scrap piece of paper and a time.

I begrudgingly gave him the piece of paper and walked out of the room.

I skipped the rest of my classes and went home to spend the majority of the time in my room, researching the Mountain Cloud Pack and its leaders.

'Hmm,' I said to myself, 'It seems as if lover boy has a sister. Damn, 197 members?! This might be a bit harder than I thought.'

I combed a hand through my hair at the thought of having to face him later.

This really fucks things up for me.

I had meticulously fixed my bedroom a few hours before Asher was supposed to be there, making sure no murderous gadgets and weapons were showing, as I never really cared if a bloody bludgeon was just laying on the floor.

The last thing I had to face was my father, who was not a merciful man by any means.

By 2013, he committed over 2732 alleged murders before retiring and creating the biggest mafia empire in the world.

Everyone was scared of him, even me.

I walked up to the elevator and pressed the topmost button.
My father was known for his infamous Christian Massacre, where he killed over 974 people including the Priest, earning him the name Christian Killer.
He was Griego De Lyca.

sucked a deep breath in and knocked on the huge mahogany door.

'Come in.' Came my father's gruff voice.
'Good evening, father.' Elizabeth looked down on the floor.
'Hope, what brings you here?' Griego asked, not looking up from the folders he was inspecting.

I internally grimaced at the name my father called me.

Elizabeth Hope Lebenov-De Lyca was my full name, Elizabeth Williams as an alias, but why my father calls me Hope instead of Elizabeth is beyond m, I had lost all of that a long time ago.

My father's office was quite the spectacle with weapons hung on the walls, animal heads stuck up there as well, and other valuables he has stolen over the years.

'Asher Lee will be visiting later at 7 pm. He is the son of Anna and Charles Lee of Mountain Cloud pack.' I said and recited a few more facts about him.

My father's eyebrows rose a bit and thought about it for a moment.

'You have fixed your room, yes?' Griego looked up at me, his odd accent coming through.

'Yes, I have, father.'

'You know the rules, the protocols and the like?'

I nodded again.

'You may let him in. I will inform the guards, meanwhile, study your next targets. They have to be dead before the sun rises.'
I nodded and accepted the folders.

I closed the door behind me, breathing a sigh of relief, and went back down to my room.

I plopped down on my bed and opened one of the folders.

On the top right corner, a picture of a man with a full face beard was paperclipped in place.

His name was Caleb Mark, a 34-year-old male who is the leader of the wannabe mafia who keeps sending sheep heads to us.

read a few more of the folders when somebody knocked on my door.

'Come in.' I said, hiding the folders under the mattress.

'Hi!' Asher's cheerful voice said, coming in.

I took it all in, from his perfectly sculpted abs under his thin shirt to his drop-dead facial features, which would give Adonis a run for his money. I was not ogling him, but rather, to find any hidden weapons, but Asher didn't know that.

My eyes travelled downward, and my eyes zeroed in on a gun.

'Gun.' I looked at him expectantly.

Asher looked taken aback, looking behind his back to see if a gun was there.

'Uhh?' he said, dumbfounded.

'The gun. In your pants?'

'Oh, Uhm, here.' Asher gave the gun, not caring, for he had another one hidden and more magazines.

'And the other one.'

Surprised, he gave me the gun.

'Jesus, do I have to say everything? Give me your magazines, that dagger hidden in your shoe and that flick knife.' I exclaimed.

Asher did as told and put all his weapons on the pallid white bed that consisted of a silver dagger-can be lethal to wolves-two guns, 4 magazines, and a flick knife.
Satisfied, I put them all in a box and shoved it under the bed.

'So, uh, anything else?' Asher said awkwardly.

'No. Nothing else. So, about our project . . .'

The last few hours have been a shit show.
I and Asher fought the whole time about schedules and plants and other things.

Exasperated, I kicked him out, yelling profanities.

Griego listened to their arguments from above, laughing to himself.

Asher, butthurt and pissed off, yelled profanities back at me, refusing to leave and injure his pride.

It wasn't until I threw a rock at him that Asher relented and left.

Now it was 3 in the morning, and I was just about finished with my assignments.

I had been watching the man for the past 30 minutes, waiting for the moment to strike.

When I saw my chance, I tackled him to the ground.

But I wasn't going to let him die quickly, oh, no, I was going to make sure he died, a slow, gruesome and painful death, after all, he did the same to young helpless girls. Karma works in mysterious ways.

And so with that in mind, I took out my favourite knife and started.
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