My Psychopath (on hold)

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Heh, hi! I decided to just scrap the third person because I just didn't like it so now, I'm writing the book in the first person. I'll be editing the first 2 chapters sooner or later.
It was about 9 in the morning, Tuesday, and Alex and James were in me and Carson's dorm, vegging out on crisps and relishing every moment we had of our free day. The magick room was opened by a careless student, and now they had to make sure any residue magic wasn't hiding around the school.

I looked down at my rough hands, head pounding and body aching, my mind going back to yesterday where Elizabeth roughly tore her arm away and walked away, leaving me confused.

I was dumbfounded at how she had spoken to me, after all, I was an Alpha born. I was annoyed that I couldn't crack her open, make her swoon like all the other girls.

All my goddamn life, I had been good with girls, too good actually, and it has become more of a nuisance than a perk. But now that I had my mate, my Elizabeth in front of me, and she couldn't seem to care less, made me feel all types of emotions.

The pull was getting stronger and I was getting ill, even if it was only the second day. My mum told him about this when I was a child, how the first time was always the most important.

I was sure she could feel it too, ever since my wolf felt the sparks, he had been going haywire, wanting to see her again, wanting to feel her again, but I blocked him off, not wanting to deal with his hormonal shit right now.

Asher always imagined the first meeting was like in the books, the boy sees girl, the girl sees boy, they experience "love in first sight" and they live happily ever after.

But the way Elizabeth looked at me with so much hatred, I couldn't bear to think what my future might be if she rejects me.

Annoyed at my predicament, I threw an unopened bag of crisps to the floor, earning the attention of everyone.

Carson immediately ran up to the bag, and caressed it, saying sweet things to it.

James and Alex laughed at his antics, while I just rolled his eyes and turned on the TV.

I was becoming lightheaded and the room had started spinning. What's happening to me?

'What's going wrong with you, dude? You've been in a mood-Ow, shit!' Carson stood up to grab Asher's hand but recoiled when he felt the heat.

Carson quickly checked his temperature, which was a whopping 48 degrees celsius.

'Shit, dude, you're burning up! What happened?!' Carson exclaimed.

'get El-' I didn't have time to finish before my eyes rolled back and darkness overtook me.

'Ah, Jesus Christ,' I rolled my eyes.

'Alex, James, get Grace and tell her to bring 2 IV's, a pair of handcuffs and the others. If they aren't there, find it yourselves.' I dug in my pockets threw a key at the 'Now move your arses!'

'Jesus, El, El, El,' I paced around the room when it dawned on me, 'Holy Mother Mary, Elizabeth has a mate!" This just makes it so much harder.'

Quickly, I shoved a Glock in my waistband, a pair of handcuffs, and some sedatives, just in case.

I ran up the stairs, huffing and puffing once I got there, barely standing.

After regaining my breath, I sighed and knocked.


No answer.


Still no answer.

'Goddamnit, Elizabeth, open the fucking door!' I yelled, out of patience.


I braced myself, knowing I'll regret the decision later, and ran into the door, knocking it off its hinges with a satisfying crack and leaving my arm sore.

Elizabeth was on the bed, with her phone, not paying attention to Carson or her broken door.

'Bitch, you were here the whole time?!' Carson exclaimed.

'Hmm?' Elizabeth looked up at me and her eyes widened as if noticing the mess I created for the first time.

Swaying, Elizabeth stood up and walked wobbly to Carson.

'Shit, Carson, what did you do?' Elizabeth said weakly, not at all like her usual loud voice.

'El, you're burning up.' I said worriedly, using the nickname I gave her years ago...

'Crap, I'm dead, aren't I? If Carson is talking to me then I must be dead, we haven't talked in years. I thought he died.' Elizabeth slurred, falling over and hitting her head on a picture frame. Her head started bleeding, blood sliding across her cheek and dripping off her chin. She started giggling at herself, rolling over and hugging her sides. This is getting weird.

Elizabeth then started screaming, scrambling across the floor, running away from me.

'No! don't hurt me! Please, I'll, I'll kill the target next time! Aah!!!' Elizabeth screamed bloody murder, her hands over her head, pleading for her life, yelling at nothing.

What the hell?! First, she seemed fine, next she seemed drunk, now she seems as though she's in pain. I was both amazed and scared at what the brain can do, create complex images and make them seem real and altering the perception of reality altogether.

I inched over to Elizabeth, where she was still thrashing and crying.

'El, it's ok.' I made a move to touch her, but she flinched away and screamed harder.

After a few more failed attempts at calming her, I sighed.

I pulled a syringe and filled it with a translucent blue liquid.

Horrified, Elizabeth scrambled farther away, into the bathroom, where she curled herself into a ball.

'I'm sorry.' I muttered before injecting the liquid into her neck.

For a moment, Elizabeth froze, before the liquid did it's desired effect and made Elizabeth's body go limp and unconscious.

I picked her up bridal style and walked out of her dorm room.

Thank god no one was there to witness that.

'Parker, how's Asher?' I mind linked.

'Not so good, his temperature's rising.'

'Elizabeth's with me, who knew this mate stuff was so serious?'

'No, high temps are pretty normal if you haven't spent enough time with your mate.'

'No, no let me explain what happened on my side. First, Elizabeth didn't hear me yell her name multiple times, then when I broke through her door, she just noticed me then came toward me, then it was like her brain snapped, and she became disoriented, saying she was dead and hitting a picture frame. Then, here comes the weird part, she went ballistic, she was kicking and screaming, and crying, she was yelling bloody murder! She kept begging for her life, saying she'd kill the target next time. Did you know any of this?' Carson asked.

'Damn, did that all happen? Holy shit. And no, I didn't know any of that.' Parker cut off the link after a while.

Taking a deep breath, I kissed Elizabeth's head lightly, remembering the times where the whole group, Elizabeth, myself, Alyssa, Amber and Grace were still together.

When we were still together.

I missed those days.

Going in the dorm, I played Elizabeth next to Asher, and unconsciously Elizabeth snuggled closer to Asher.

Grace scooted over next to Elizabeth and did her IV and fixed up her head, and after that, I put on one of the handcuffs on her hand and the other on the bedpost.

'Is that necessary?' Amber asked.

'Yes. Elizabeth has much more severe symptoms like changing moods and hallucinations. We can't risk it.'


I blinked my eyes open, cursing the bright light that temporarily blinded me.

I rolled over to my side, where I came face to face with a toned chest.

Hmm, I don't remember having a one night stand.

The realization hit me like a ton of bricks and jumped from the bed to be stopped by a handcuff and making me hit a table lamp and falling to the floor.

That's when I learned I was wearing nothing but a bra and panties, and that a sleeping Asher was on the bed.

Fucking hell.

I pulled the sheet away from Asher, effectively waking him up from his slumber.

'Huh, what?' He sat up in bed, his voice husky from sleep.

'Asher! Over here!'

'What?' He looked at me and trailed his eyes up and down lustfully, and I'll be damned if it didn't turn me on.

'Eyes up here.'' I cleared my throat, his eyes pinging up to me.

'Why the hell are you in my room?' He said, standing up and coming to me.

'I dunno, ask the person tosser who handcuffed me here.' I tore the IV from my skin, making a small dot of blood appear in my hand.

I ignored it and tried to work on the handcuffs.

I held my thumb and closed my eyes, regretting what I'll be doing next.

'Hey, you don't need to do—' too late. I jerked my thumb, dislocating it with a sickening crack.

'Why-Why did you do that?! Oh, my Goddess.'

All these commotions made the others join us.

'I see you're awake.' Carson said.

'I see that you're still alive. I haven't heard from you in so long, I thought you died.'

Guilt flashed in Carson's eyes.

'And Amber,' i started, 'My, you've grown. Last time I remember, we were still 13 years old. Remember Daniel, yeah we had a blast with him. Shame he had to move, am I right?' I smiled with a knowing glint in my eyes.

"Daniel" didn't move, he died. He betrayed the mafia, and we were forced to watch his death.

'Alyssa, so glad to see that you've found your mate. Good catch, by the way, I'm sure he's great in bed.' I winked, making her growl. 'Oh, shut your possessive mouth. Remember if you get tired of his dick, I'm always open.' I said, making her blush and then making her mate growl.

I don't know him. Does he know she's in the mafia? I'd love to watch that unfold.

'And Grace, the one who started it all.' I look over.

'I remember the first one you spread, "Elizabeth Williams is a hybrid".' I did the jazz hands.

'Everyone got a kick out of that one. And then people got their ideas and in a week, I became the person who everybody's scared off. Congratulations!' I said, sarcasm dripping from every word.

'That was years ago-' Alyssa started.

'Bullshit. I bet if I killed lover boy over there, you wouldn't forgive the killer and say that that was years ago.' I snapped

'I bet if you got ignored by everybody when you only wanted a friend, you wouldn't be all cupcakes and rainbows, right?' Here come the tears.

'So don't you give me that "years ago" shit, when the repercussions are still happening today! I get affected by your rumours every single fucking day while you live like royalty. So shut the fuck up!' By now, tears were falling freely while I screamed my head off, letting off some steam.

I stormed out of the room then, ignoring their calls and banging the door.

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