My Psychopath (on hold)

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'Leferxo.' I said, making wind blow through my hair momentarily before ceasing and leaving my hair dry.

I combed it out, putting a hairclip with some pearl accents. I put on my lipgloss and some mascara and I was done.

I teleported to a hidden part of the school. Only I know of it. There is a patch of woods on the school grounds, and once I was bored, so I explored. Soon enough I found a small tiny cabin-like structure overgrown with vines and leaves. Inside, canned goods, jars and other stuff were. After a bit of magick, It had become nice enough to stay in, and it was where I went when I was angry.

The inside was beautiful. I put LED strips on the corners and numerous pillows and other stuff were inside.

It was still pretty early, and by and by I'll need to go to my dorm.

Some people think it's a waste of time moving from dorm and home over and over again. But it's convenient. I'll still need to go home to check if I have any missions, then I'd have to attend some meetings once in a while in the place of my father, and then I'd have to check one some of the prisoners, Mr Corder being one of them.

My room is also much more comfortable than the ones here. I also don't need to take extra precautions with my weapons, back home, I could have a severed head on my floor and no one would bat an eyelash.

After about 30 minutes, I got up and teleported again near my dorm.

I opened it, excited to make a cuppa when instead, I was greeted by Grace and Carson fucking on my couch.

Grace. Carson. Sex. Couch.

I lost it.

'WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS HAPPENING?!' I stormed in, ready to release hell to whoever decided it would be a good idea to use my couch to fuck.

'Elizabeth, it's not what you think-' Carson started.

'Fuck what I think, why did you decide to do it on my couch. My. Fucking. Couch. In. My. Own. Dorm. Why did you have to break in and enter someone else's room when you could've done it in your room?!' I waved my hands around, trying not to think how much cum must've seeped in.

'Oh, sweetie, ya didn't know?' Grace started, using her bitch tone on me.

God, if I could only wring her neck- Now's not the time for deadly desires.

'Uh, no, I didn't.' I gritted my teeth, using every ounce of my energy to not go atomic bomb on this bitch.

'You'll be with Asher now. The dean learned what happened and then shit was solved and now Carson'll live here.' Grace smiled, showing off her pearly whites in a sickening manner.

To be honest, the situation was very awkward. In front of me were two grown-ass people as naked as the day they were born and I probably had a gobsmacked expression in my face.

'Your trunk is already by the door. You're Welcome. By the way, cute lingerie.' Grace winked.

God, this woman is infuriating.

Begrudgingly, I left them to do whatever kinky shit they did before and knocked on Asher's door.

A nicely dressed Asher greeted me, upon seeing me he then banged the door shut.

Who pissed in his cereal?

I rapidly knocked again.

And Asher answered again. But he wasn't in control.

His normally bright blue eyes were replaced with molten gold.

'What do you want?' He asked, his voice scarily deep.

'Let me in.' I said, trying to push my way in.

'Yeah, no.'


'I've decided to not let you in until you let me in. You're killing me, El. I just want to be your mate. Be there for you.' His eyes softened, flickering from gold to blue for a moment.


Not wasting a moment, I crashed my lips unto his, capturing it in a kiss. Sparks exploded, sending a pleasurable feeling throughout the body.

He responded immediately, kissing back and putting his hands on the small of my back.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and deepened the kiss.

I let him in, and our tongues explored, memorizing every corner.

I moaned into the kiss. Damn, I gotta give it to him, he's a good kisser.

But that's not what I'm here for.

I manoeuvered our bodies, making me inside the dorm and his half outside, not letting go of the kiss.

In one swift move, I pushed him out of the dorm and shut the door, locking it.

There. Finished.
I quickly made myself at home, making a cup of peppermint tea for myself.

Sitting down, I turned on the TV.

'...Breaking news! 34-year-old man found dead on the south side of the River Thames, no doubt another one of the Crimson Crow's victims. Police have just found the card left by CC, which states he died last Monday at 3:52. The man was brutally murdered and mangled beyond recognition, with almost no skin left and entrails left all over the crime scene. May the poor soul rest in peace...' The newslady reported.

The bitch fucking played with me!

Pissed out of my mind, I banged on the door.

'Asher, what happened?' Amber, who was passing by, asked me.

'The bitch threw me out of my dorm, my fucking dorm!' I combed my hand through my hair.

Damon was quiet with all of this, which did not help.

'She isn't taking the move lightly, yeah, that's Elizabeth for you.' Amber sighed. 'We can ask for a key later, just let her stay for the day. She'll probably skip her classes.'

I sighed deeply and hung my head in defeat.
'Fine.' We went our separate ways.

I decided to go to my locker, which was pretty far.

I took out all the books I needed and checked my time table. Psychology.

'So, what mental illnesses do you know?' The teacher asked.

Hands shot up one by one.



'Locked-In Syndrome.'
'Psychopathy.' I heard her sweet voice.

My head shot up to see Elizabeth on the other side of the room, her hand up in the air.

'Good. Those are all good answers. Now as a human, this can be crippling illnesses that can hinder your health. But for us supernaturals, that's a different story.' The teacher was an angel, with white fluffy wings and a translucent halo over her head.

'For example, psychopaths as humans don't have emotions and will never have emotions. They cannot be cured. They tend to have killing tendencies, like the Crimson Crow kind of killing. Supernaturals are a different story. For example, for werewolves to be a psychopath, your wolf needs to be killed. Then if under enough stress, the body shuts down feelings, to supposedly protect it from further damage. Werewolves with psychopathy can be cured, but it is very unlikely.' At this, Elizabeth stomped out the room. Weird.

'Nevermind her. Now..'

It was nighttime. The school was done for the day I just needed a new key.

'Hi, Ms Kiara. Can I have a new dorm key, I kinda last mine? Dorm 243.'

'Here you go. Please take better care of it next time.'
'Will do.'

Sighing, I went in to hear the shower running.

My side of the room was clean, surprisingly, with the duvet tucked in properly and the trash cleaned.

Elizabeth's side of the room was the same, save for some painting supplies scattered on the bed and a canvas half painted.

'Whi the fuck are you?!' Elizabeth all but yelled, pointing paintbrush at my face.

'Oh, it's you.' She rolled her eyes.

I rolled my eyes in return.

'Hey. Can we talk? You aren't acting very mate like. And I am, um confused where we are at..' I drawled out.

'So how should I act?' She looked at me with her double coloured eyes with an unknown emotion.

I sighed. 'I dunno. At least try to make an effort. You act as if I'm a nuisance.' I rubbed the back of my neck.

'Because you are a nuisance.' She said bluntly. 'I had everything planned. Then you had to ruin it all and I have to squeeze you into my plan.' Not gonna lie that hurt a bit

'I'm part of your plan? I'm flattered.' I said sarcastically.
'Yes, you're part of it, sadly. We're joined at the hip now. If I go through with my plan I die of a fucking fever. Goddamn Moon Goddess.' She cursed, standing up.

Elizabeth cleaned up her paints and took an orange pill bottle out of her dresser.

What's that for?'

'None of your business.' She popped to pills in before snuggling into the duvet.

Sighing, I just went to bed too.

'Night.' I tried one last time.

I was met with silence.

I turned off the light.

Hi! Hope you liked it. I'm having trouble explaining their relationship so sorry if you didn't understand. Also, extremely sorry for that garbage kiss scene. I am not good at writing those kinds of stuffs. Well, I guess that's all. I'm also trying to get my chapter under 2000 and so far so good.

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