My Psychopath (on hold)

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5-year-old Elizabeth:

'Honey, we're gonna meet your Uncle today. I want you to be on your best behaviour, can you do that?' My mum asked, fixing the bow on my dress.

'Ok, mummy.' I nodded my head happily.

It was the first time I'm meeting my Uncle.

Mummy and Daddy aren't together anymore and this is the first time I'm meeting someone from Daddy's side of the family.

'Good girl.' My mummy said.

She was very pretty. She said it was a perk of being a witch.

'Good morning, Angeline.' A man nodded to my mother.

'Hello, Jacob. You wanted to chat?' My mum replied stiffly. She never liked Daddy's family.

'Yes. But first, is this Elizabeth? My, she's grown. Hi, Liz, my name's Uncle Jacob.' He kneeled to my level and grasped my chin softly.

'He looks just like his father.' He smirked before letting go.

'Yes. Now, what would you like to talk about?' My mum let me go to play around the house, whilst they talked in the kitchen.

Something caught my attention, though.

Uncle Jacob's wallet was peeking out from his pocket, and a few colourful papers were peeking out with tiny numbers on it.

Curious, I discreetly took it out and went to my room.

I opened it and was surprised to see a picture of a family.

There were an old man and woman, and less old man and woman. Then there was Uncle Jacob and then another guy who looked like Uncle Jacob.

2 Uncle Jacobs?! That's weird.

Uncle Jacob 1 had a pregnant woman by his side. Uncle Jacob 2 had a woman by his side too. It was mummy, with a tiny child held in her arms.

Why am I not part of the picture? Am I having a new sister? Oh, I'm so excited. I'm asking mummy about it later.

I took the picture out and hid it under my pillow for safekeeping.

I took out the colourful paper which had tiny numbers and grumpy people on it.

The numbers were big, like 1000 and 500. They were kinda shiny too.

I happily folded them into shapes, one was a swan, another was a star and more designs that I learned a few days ago when Uncle Jacob burst through the door, a bit red in the face.

'Hello!' I smiled at them.

Uncle Jacob's red face disappeared and he smirked again and sat down by my bed.

'Little girl, where did you learn to pickpockets like that?'

'Pickpockets?' I asked, bemused.

'How did you get my wallet?' He rephrased it.

I just shrugged. 'I dunno. I just took it out. I saw the rainbow paper and wanted to play with it.'

'Mmm. Can I have it back now?'

'Okay then.' I unfolded them one by one and put them back in. I also reluctantly put the picture back in its place.

'Thank you, little girl.' He stood up and left.

Well, that was weird.

'Baby, I need you to be safe okay? When somebody tries to hurt you, fight back, okay?' My mum said.

'Ok, mummy.' I sighed, mummy reminded me every day about this.

She dropped me off at my school.

'I love you.'

The school was done for the day, it was about noon.

We were now home and I was playing outside with my toys while mummy cooked lunch when suddenly, a big, rough hand pulled me from my spot.

'Mum! Mum! Help!' I screamed, trying to fight my captor.

'Help!' I turned around and bit the hand, earning a yelp from the owner and started running as fast as my legs could carry me.

My mum was also running towards me when a bang rang out and my mum slumped onto the pavement, blood spilling out of her head.

'Mum!' I yelled, looking at her.

She was gone.

'Come here, you brat!' The same rough hand tried to pull me away from my mummy.

'Get away from me!' I said, trying to run away.

My mum was dead, my dad is nowhere, I am all alone and bad guys are trying to kill me. Great.

I started to run faster and faster towards my neighbour's house to get help from Mrs Havem but when I saw her she was also dead, her brains scattered on the floor, and blood slowly flowing out of the wound.

My eyes widened and I shook my head in disbelief. Not her too.

I turned around, ready to run again, but three big men with big muscles and giant guns came forward menacingly.

I backed up to hit the knee of nine other than Uncle Jacob. Finally, I'll be safe.

I hugged him and cried about them taking me away and mummy being dead and he listened.

I looked up at him with teary eyes, and sincere concern was in his eyes, but from the reflection, it was creating, one of the bad guys was passing him an injection.

Uncle Jacob was one of the bad guys.

Screeching, I tried to run away, but I was grabbed roughly by the hair and pinned to the ground by bad guy number one.

Uncle, if I can still call him that, walked over to me and kneeled to inject whatever that was into my arm.

He cleaned my skin with a cotton ball and pressed the needle against my skin.
I cried out when it punctured my skin, sending a wave of pain throughout my body. I hate needles.

I immediately felt sleepy and my eyelids felt heavy.

Bad guy 1 had let me go and Jacob picked me up.

I tried to run away, I tried to scream, but my body wouldn't listen and I only got out a few groans.

I was trying to fight it, to stay awake and go back to my mum, my wolf, Aelys, was too.

'Little girl, stop trying to fight it. Just sleep. We'll be taking very good care of you.' Jacob said, smirking evilly.

I started to get scared as we drove farther and farther away at an alarming rate.

The drug was gone from my body and I was ready to kick butt again and I wiggled around to try and take off the ropes.

'Holy fuck, you're supposed to be unconscious!' Jacob cursed at my struggling from.

'Hendershot, another 20 ccs of whatever drug you used, the child's awake!'

You are not injecting me again.

I freed myself and kicked Jacob in the nuts, but being 5, that only did so much damage before Hendershot pushed me down and put a cloth to my face.

'Breath it in.' He gritted out.

I shook my head wildly, trying not to breathe, and It was working, when a painful prick to my neck sent me falling into darkness.

When I woke up, I was in a cold metal room by myself, but I heard a lot of sounds, people crying, people trying to escape and screams. Lots and lots of screams.

There was a tiny bed on one side, and a table with some food.

Hungry, I climbed the cold table and was about to eat it, when somebody barged in and pulled me by the hair.

'Sir. Elizabeth Limcuando' The guy said.

I growled at him.

'Ahh, Elizabeth. Long time no see.' A familiar voice said.


'I see you've met my brother. No, I am not Jacob, but rather, Griego.' He turned around in his swivel chair and faced me.

'You're the other Jacob I saw in the picture!' I exclaimed in surprise.

'Yes. Well, I'm sorry our time is short but just so you know, I'm your dad.' He gave me a sly smirk and nodded to the men behind me.

'Where are they taking me?' I pulled against them.

'Where they will break you.'

'B-break?!' I managed to squeak out. Shit, I'm screwed. Sorry for using a swear word, mum.

'Yes. I can't have a delinquent, free spirit running around in the halls. I have an empire to build.'

'What do you mean Empire?'

'Welcome to the Russian-Italian Mafia, child.' He showed off his pearly whites.

Double shit. I may be 5 but I know enough to know that I am in deep shit right now.

'Get away from me!' I fought harder than ever before.

'Malen'kiy, there is no use of fighting.' He walked up to me.

'Falle passare una notte che non dimenticherà.' My supposed dad said. (Make her have a night she won't forget.)

'What are you saying?'

He chuckled darkly.

The stupid man I'm supposed to call "Dad" said nothing as he sat back down in his spinny chair and ignored my pleas as the bad guys pulled me away.
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