My Psychopath (on hold)

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Abuse ahead.

I woke up to the smell of fear. Pure, unfiltered fear.

Immediately, I went into flight or fight mode, ready to kill any rogues that may be on sight but the scent was coming from none other than Elizabeth.

'Liz?! Wake up!' I shook her.


She wakes up and scrambled away from me, fear in her eyes and her breathing shallow.

'Liz, I need to calm down.' I moved towards her and she flinched, whimpering audibly.

'Hey, hey, look at me. Look at me. You're fine.' I looked straight at her and took her hand in mine. I expected her to pull away but she didn't.

'It's fine, you're safe here.' I pulled her towards me and wrapped my arms around her.

I comb my hand through her soft hair and breathed a sigh of relief.

Elizabeth was still sobbing into my shirt.

'Liz, look up at me.' She complied. Her eyes were red and puffy and her purple eye was now pitch black.

'You hear that? Just focus on my heartbeat. You're safe now.'
After a while, her crying ceased, and the room became still again.

Sighing in content, I leaned my head on top of hers and closed my eyes, listening to her breathing.

Murmurs around me could be heard as I tried to pry my eyes open.

'C-Carson?' I asked, my voice still thick from sleep.

Elizabeth was still beside me. My eyes softened at the scene. She looked so peaceful, without her usual scowl and hard eyes in a place she was gorgeous.

'You missed classes for the whole day, bro!' Carson all but yelled.

Elizabeth stirred from the loud noise but was otherwise still asleep.

'Shut the fuck up before I cut your tongue.' I hissed.

'Sorry,' he whispered. 'Anyway, you missed classes. It's 3 in the afternoon.'


'Yeah, but now I understand why you took the day off. Did you enjoy the night? Did you mark her yet?' Carson shot me with questions.

'No, I did not mark nor mate with her yet. She was having a nightmare and was clearly disturbed by it, so I helped her fall asleep. How I slept through my alarm though is a mystery.' I rubbed my face with my free hand.

Worry and remorse flashed through his eyes for a moment and glanced at her sleeping figure before looking at me again.

'Well, uh, here ya go.' He dumped a bunch of books and papers from his hold.

'The teacher gave me your combination.' He said before leaving me and Liz.

Carefully sliding out of her bed, I returned to my own and started with my missed schoolwork.

'Ash? FUCK, Ash what time is it?!' Elizabeth said softly before cursing and jumping from her bed, sliding through the dorm and into the washroom.

'It's 18:32!' I yelled.

'English, Lee!'


'Frick, why didn't you wake me up?' Elizabeth came out with a flushed, wet face.

'I didn't want to disturb you, I-'

'Goddammit, I'm dead!' She started stripping down.

She put on a black T-shirt and some ripped jeans. She passed a comb through her hair a few times and put on some fingerless gloves.

'Next time, wake me up.' Before she. ran out the door.


I am in the deepest shit ever.

Entering a washroom, I went into one of the stalls and from there teleported to just outside the house.

My dad was a mage-wolf and he put enough barriers that stop all magic.

Running as fast as I could, I pressed the topmost button.

'I'm so sorry, overslept. I Father.' I stumbled over my words.

'I'm so sorry, Father. I overslept.' I repeated.

'You're late.' He stated.

'Yes. About that-'

'We just lost 5 million because of your stupidity.' He grounded out, his eyes burning holes through me.

I looked down on the floor, praying he wasn't that mad.

Just then, a knife flew past me, nicking my ear. He's angry. He's very angry.

'5 milliones, esperanza. ¡¿Sabes cuánto es eso?!' He said in Spanish. Shit, he's beyond angry. This isn't gonna end well. (5 million, Hope. Do you know how much that is?!)

'Sí, padre. Por favor perdoname No quise decir-' (Yes, father. Please forgive me, I didn't mean-)

'Perdóname no devolverá el dinero que perdimos. Necesitas ser castigado!' (Forgive me will not bring back the money we lost. You need to be punished!)

'P-Por favor, no volveré tarde.' I cowered in fear. (P-please. I won't be late again.)

Too late.

He was already dragging me by my hair, causing tears to well up in my eyes. Not again.

He threw to the floor, an evil glint in his eye.

Here comes the boxing show.

I close my eyes tightly as I took the first few punches, a few to my face, to my stomach and other places. I already know those are going to bruise.

'Siempre estarás a tiempo, ¡¿entiendes?!' ( You will always be on time, do you understand?!)

'S-sí.' I whimpered.

He picked me up from the floor by the neck, cutting off my airway.

Before I blacked out, he let go, and I gasped for the much-needed air.

Tears of pain fell freely down my cheeks, staining my face and dripping down from my chin.

I heard the crack of the whip, and I knew, my father was not finished.

'Tal vez ahora recuerdes no quedarte dormido.' He sneered, leaving me. (Maybe now you'll remember not to oversleep.)

My back had multiple lacerations from the spiked whip my father had used, and my body was black and blue. Everywhere hurt and if I move even a tiny bit, the pain will explode throughout my body.

He had also put me in the electric chair and put vinegar in my wounds.

If I still had my wolf, I would have healed so quickly. But without her, I'll heal like a human. He had also put faerie powder on my back, lengthening the healing time further.

You do not want to know what's inside Faerie powder.

I'm probably internally bleeding and a few bones are probably broken, one of my arms and a couple of my ribs included.

Everything was hard to do. Keeping my eyes open was hard, breathing was hard, staying awake was hard.

Sighing, I willed myself to stand up.

hi! Just wanted to say that editing PC is the absolute BEST. Also, I used Google Translate for the Spanish. I'm proud to say I wrote under 1 500 words! The underline option of Inkitt on the PC is super cute too. On CP it is just a normal line but here it's all fancy. Lmao, I should probably stop. Kinda awkward writing this down when virtually no people are reading this but for the people who are, thank you very much, it means a lot! Blessed be! ♥
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