Love of the Reaper

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Chapter 2

“Detainment is the most important part of our work. We strive, not to kill or harm the monsters we fight, but to lay them in a state of temporary immobility.” P.D. was drawing a very elaborate example up on the white board, featuring a hairy beast having his legs shackled together with a CuffGun, a non-dangerous weapon designed specifically for Reapers.

“Now, who can tell me what this device is?” He pointed to a picture of the gun, and looked around at the classroom for any hands.

“It’s a CuffGun.” Todd replied quickly.

“Correct. But please refrain from shouting out your answers willy nilly, Toad. Wait to be called on.”

“I’m sorry, P.D. I got a little excited.” He smiled.

“Now then, later on today we will be having another field test. This time, it will be five of you working together to bring down and detain an actual monster!” P.D. exclaimed, clapping his hands together twice joyfully.

Edgar raised his hand, his face looking unsure about the news.

“Ecco, you have a question?”

“Yes sir, Theresa and I won’t be involved in this field test, will we?” The class laughed, and P.D. nodded his head side to side.

“No, Ecco. The ones chosen for this field test will be Toad, Wingsly, Little Red, Ali, and Bass Bug. We’ll be taking lunch in a few, I expect you all to devise a strategy that will help you work as a team against your monster.” P.D. opened up a drawer and took out five papers, then proceeded to give one each to Ali, Todd, Theresa, Wingsly, and Paul.

“These papers will inform you of the monster you’ll be fighting, including his weaknesses, strengths, and some extra information on the bottom that basically says if you die during the test, Fauxwurth Academy is in no way responsible. I will be expecting all of you on the field at a quarter to one. Class is dismissed.”

The class made a beeline for the door, everyone desperate to get to the lunch room A.S.A.P.

Everyone, that is, except Todd, who was sitting at his desk looking at his paper, staring into the eyes of the monster he had to prepare to fight.

Latisha came up behind him and gave him a hug around his shoulders.

“Baby, you got your first field test assignment! Are you excited?” He didn’t respond, “Baby?”

“I-It’s the dog...” He trailed off, his voice shaking as he dropped the paper and covered his eyes.

“What are you whimpering about?” Paul asked, coming towards Todd with a big evil smile on his face, “Are you afraid of the big bad Husky?”

“Don’t talk about it! I can’t stand Smile Dog, I about crap my pants every time I pass by his picture in our work books. I need to tell P.D. that I can’t do this assignment!”

“You’ll be fine, Todd.” Ali said as he folded up the paper and placed it in his book bag, “This is my third time being assigned to Smile Dog, he’s not that scary in person and he’s simple to detain, a level one animal really.”

“Easy for you to say. I’m terrified of dogs, I was attacked by a Husky as a kid. I can’t do this assignment, I can’t!”

“View it as a way to overcome your fear, babe.” Latisha patted his back lovingly and looked into his eyes, “You’re my strong man, I know you can do it.”

“Well, while you all are consoling the cynophobic, I’ll be in the lunch room eating.” Ali left the room, Paul trailing behind him, the boy obnoxiously asking for a “Cheat Sheet” since he had done this exact monster before.

Wingsly stood nervously, biting her lip as she played the future event in her head, imagining herself fighting the beast alongside her dear Ali. Perhaps he’d actually speak to her, he would have to if she was on his team, wouldn’t he?

Or what if she was accidentally hurt, and only Ali had the strength to pick her up and bring her to the Academy’s emergency room.

But then what if the emergency room is full, and Ali has to bandage her wounds himself?

And the doctors have no scissors so he has to use his teeth to cut the bandages...

Before the daydreaming girl knew it, Latisha, Theresa, and Todd had left the room, leaving Wingsly to bite her fingernails and twirl her hair in silence.


“I say we take an aggressive stance against this thing, make him regret ever messing with us!” Paul shouted, trying to take leadership over the team.

“An aggressive stance will do us no good. Four of us should be on the defense, but only one of us should actually attack and detain.” Ali reasoned.

Paul shook his head disagreeably, he wanted to bring down the dog with the most force possible, so he proposed a new strategy, “How about we elect a leader, and then let them decide on the strategy we use?”

“Well, in that case, I would vote for Ali. He’s done this before.” Todd said in a low tone.

Wingsly’s heart started racing a mile a minute before she even spoke his name,

“I would like to vote for him too, for the same reason,” she said quickly, “we need as much knowledge as we can in a leader.”

“Okay, Theresa,” Paul began as he wrapped an arm around the red head, “surely you agree I’ll be a good leader, right? And Ali, you don’t even talk that much, do you really want to put up with four fools who’ve never done this before?”

Theresa took his hand off her shoulder and looked at him sharply.

“Actually, I’ve done this twice. Not with this monster in particular, but I have been in the field. I’d like to vote for myself as leader.”

“Well fine, if you can vote for yourself, I’ll vote for myself!”

Ali shook his head and figured he might as well add something to this stupid mess.

“If you’re so desperate to be elected, fine, I’ll vote for you and pass on my votes too. But you’ll have to call all the shots and if you drag your team into the ground I will not help you directly. I’ll detain the animal myself and make sure none of you completely die, only because I don’t feel like dealing with a policeman who wants to ask questions about what happened.” Ali took a bite of his soup and proceeded to totally block out the rest of their conversation.

Ali knew he could do this alone, his only reasoning for P.D. placing him in with this group is that he wanted the knowledge of the more advanced student to rub off on the others. But with the arrogant Paul, who quite obviously has never detained anything bigger than a possessed housefly, begging to be leader and do things his way, Ali knew that the other three would be learning nothing.

He knew exactly how this entire thing was going to go down too. Paul would insist they all attack at the same time. The animal will get scared and reveal its true power. Everybody ends up badly hurt, and Ali will have to calm the animal down and detain him alone.

This had happened to him several times before with different monsters, apparently P.D. loves pairing him with arrogant students who think they know everything about detaining.

Wingsly on the other hand didn’t care who her other team mates were going to follow the orders of, she was going to stay by Ali and help him whenever he needed it. She’d do everything he asked of her, and knew that even if the others failed, she’d rise triumphant next to her love.


A pile of weapons laid in front of the four students on the ground of the forest next to the field. P.D. stood next to the pile, touching the edge of his beak with his index finger and thumb as he pondered which student would most efficiently use each weapon.

He picked up a weapon from the pile and looked over at Theresa.

“Little Red, you’ll be using the CuffGun.” He stretched out his arm slightly and the girl walked forth to claim the weapon, no questions asked.

“Ali, you’ll be using the Electric Scythe.” Ali came forth and grabbed his weapon, a double bladed black scythe. The bottom blade was very dull and could be electrified with the push of a button on the handle. It was designed for advanced Reapers who could use the scythe both as an immobilizer and a deadly weapon should the need arise to bring more force into the battle.

It was a weapon Ali used quite frequently.

“Bass Bug, Wingsly, you’ll be using these.” P.D. grabbed two small guns with very large barrels, known as Balle Guns. They shoot a soft ball made of compressed steel wool at extreme speeds, and are meant to distract the monster being shot at.

“A ball shooter? I deserve an actual weapon, not this thing!” Paul protested as he pointed to the gun in P.D.’s hand. The doctor shook his head in aggravation and decided to try and reason with the boy.

“Paul, this is only your second time going into the field, and your first time doing so in a group with a dangerous monster. You need to learn how to use every weapon available to you, not only the ones made for killing.”

“I’m the leader of this group, I need to use an offensive type weapon, not a defensive type.”

“Take your gun and take a seat.”

Paul begrudgingly took the device and went to stand next to Ali, Wingsly and Theresa, an angry expression on his face as he looked at his reflection in the shiny blade on Ali’s scythe.

“And finally, Todd. You’ll be using these.” He held within his palm a black leather pouch with a neon green string holding it shut. Todd looked at it confusingly, he never saw a pouch in the weapons handbook, and he read every page at least three times.

“What is this?”

“Open it and you’ll see.” The pouch was dropped into Todd’s open hands, and was quickly opened afterwards, revealing several thousand tiny gray spheres. His face swelled with glee as he recognized what exactly these were.

“Qualia Spheres! The most advanced in detainment technology!”

“Well, take care in the fact that these are only Gen 1 Qualia Spheres. They can only successfully contain small monsters, such as the one you’ll be faced with in a few moments.” P.D. informed. Todd looked up at him nervously, suddenly being brought back into reality with the reminder of his monster. He could have sworn he would have fainted if he wasn’t comforted by the fact that he was holding his dream weapon, Qualia Spheres, small robotic balls that, when thrown at a target, stretch out to completely cover it, and emit pulses that mess with the targets senses. When properly used, Qualia Spheres will force the contained creature to become little more than a drooling sack of useless.

“Alright then, children. Please take your places within the field.”

The students traveled one by one into a seemingly thought out formation, with the three men in one line facing the two women on the other side. In reality though, everyone was just following each other rather mindlessly, the only people who seemed to really be serious about this were Todd and Theresa. Paul was assured he’d come out on top, Ali was indifferent, and Wingsly was too focused on Ali to care about much else.

In fact, Wingsly was straight across from Ali, and she swore she couldn’t even think at the moment.

“Okay everyone, I will be counting down to one, and when I do, the creature will be released into the field. I will not tell you which opening he will come from, so be prepared.”

Ali took a deep breath and readied his scythe and his stance, moving into a position that would allow him to spin around quickly if need be. Everyone watched and followed in a similar suite, but Paul was too busy looking at his own reflection in his Balle Gun to even realize what P.D. had just said.

“Ten! Nine!”

The formation tightened, and the anxiety of the majority raised.

“Eight! Seven!”

Ali looked at Paul, and opened his mouth in disbelief. He slapped his arm lightly and raised his scythe, silently letting him know that it was game time, not self observation time.

“Six! Five!”

Paul whisperingly asked why P.D. was counting down, and Todd gave out a squeal of frustration, baring his teeth and looking down the realize he had no weapon, just some balls in a bag.

He felt totally screwed.


Theresa’s nose began itching like nuts, but she tried her absolute best to not let it bother her. She readied her gun and looked ahead, keeping focus to as to not screw this up like her last run in the field.


Between the anxiousness of being directly across from the man she frequently stalked, and being on a mission to detain what has frequently been called the Creepiest of Creepypastas by Todd, Wingsly was sweating in places she didn’t even know could sweat until now.


If every one of these fools walks out alive, I will be thoroughly impressed, Ali thought to himself as he looked around at everyone, their stances attempting to copy him as much as they could. He had his own plan in mind as to how he’d handle this.



And then one sneeze.

And then another sneeze, from Theresa.

The poor girl’s allergies were picking up like mad, and she could barely see past her watering eyes.

Theresa suddenly remembered something horrifying.

She was allergic to dogs.

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