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The Gods never left, they've been living here among you in their own secret world. It is time for a new royal to ascend the throne, but just before the day of coronation for the would be King, Hera interrupts knowing that this was not one of her grandchildren but a granchild of one of Zeus's many affairs, she declares that only a granchild of her an Zeus's blood can ascend the throne and become the next royal or there will be no royal at all. One small problem, all of the children of her and Zeus were hunted and killed in the last war. Nothing left but whispers and stories of a last grandson of Zeus and Hera. And it is up to Lys to find him.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"Oh this dress is beautiful Lys!" Elenyi gasped stepping off the stool and twirling in the navy blue and black floor length gown. "I swear you should stop working in the clinic and live here and be my handmaiden full time."
I rolled my eyes and laughed, turning to my basket to put away the sowing needles and thread and gathering up the extra fabric. "Oh yes my Grandmother would love that, a noble lady becoming a handmaiden. Once you're done twirling, let me help out of your dress the Giving Banquet isn't for another day and I don't want you tearing that dress again."
"Oh yeah.....," she stepped back up onto the stool turned so her back was facing me so I could undo the ties in the back. "become my lady in waiting then. You could live here with me in the manor and it will be like having a sleepover every night. Or better yet I could put in a good word for you and get you a position as Queen Hera's lady in waiting!"
I sighed undoing the last tie then began to help her out of her dress. "Queen Hera has been a hermit in her palace for the past year, she's not going to let some new person she doesn't know be a lady in waiting." I held Elenyi's hand to steady her as she stepped out of her dress. "And what's with the sudden interest in me being a lady in waiting you're being more pushy than usual."
She brought her hand up to mouth and starting to chew on her thumbnail subconsciously something she always did when she was thinking or nervous. "Well it's just this clinic you're working at is already underground and kind of illegal, but with the new King being announced at the end of the Giving Banquet who knows what will happen. You could end up going to jail. And I'm sure that you're grandmother wouldn't like that." She jumped off her stool tripping slightly on her slip and walked over to her closet to find a new dress to put on. Turning back to my basket I closed it. Then picked up the stool putting it back under the window. I stopped looking out the window to the beautiful blue water of the ocean the waves crashing calmly onto the beach, tall ships could be seen out in the distance. To the left I could see the busy city watching people walk about rushing to get to their destination. This is one of the reasons I loved coming here the manor had the best view of the Sunken City. I turned away from the window just as Elenyi came out with a deep red sleeveless dress. She undid the ties on the back that had been done loosely so it could be hung up, she then stepped into it and turned around so I could do the ties. "Speaking of the clinic I heard that a half human turned up from the human world, that he traveled through one of the portals. Did you tend to him?" Elenyi asked excitedly trying to turn around put I pushed her lightly so she would stand with her back facing me so I could could undo a tangle in one of the ties.
"No I didn't tend to him Lucy did, and before you ask he's half human, half old blood. He came through one of the portals that appears sporadically on the border to the North. He showed up badly wounded too."
"Half old blood, as in the elves of old?" Elenyi gasped the last half of what I said not seeming to register in her head. I was used to this Elenyi had always been childish for her age and a bit airheaded, she kind of reminded me of Luna Lovegood in that book series I had read while visiting Lucy at her home in the human realm. "Oh I've always wanted to meet an elf of old. I've only read stories about them in the library. You must take me to meet him." she turned around again causing me to stumble slightly as I had been fully invested in untangling the stubborn knot in her ties.
"Elenyi turn around so I can get this," I grumbled pushing her back around "and second, the whole point of an underground clinic is for it to stay secret, how secret do you think it would stay if the Marchioness of the Sunken City were to just stroll up in there?"
"Not very secret." she mumbled.
"Exactly." I finally managed to undo the damn knot and started tying up her dress. She lifted up her purple hair so I could do the last tie at the top, I patted her back once I was done and she let the loose curls fall to her waist then turned around to look at me her light grey eyes full of curiosity and joy a combination I had yet to see in anyone else's.
"I'm assuming you're going back to the clinic now?"
"You assume correctly." I half laughed.
"But I assume you will be back tomorrow to help me get ready and to attend the Giving Banquet with me?"
"Correct again." I walked over to her bed where I had placed the basket.
"And you aren't going to where those pants and that shirt, I mean you could but I'm pretty sure your grandmother would faint at the sight." an amused tone in her voice.
"I don't know I was thinking of starting a new trend. What do you think?" I asked as I mimicked her twirl that she had done earlier. I was met by the sound of her giggles and I stopped giving her a smile before walking to the door basket in hand.
"Enjoy your freedom Lys." she said as I walked out the door.
"See you tomorrow Elenyi." I walked down the corridor turning and walking down the staircase the guards opening the doors for me.
"Good evening gentlemen."
"Good evening Lady Lys." they said in unison. I walked down the gravel path to my 1957 chevy bel air convertible. Throwing the basket in the back seat I got in and started the engine. Well tried to start the engine, the car made noise but didn't start. I sighed leaning back in my seat. The last time the god realm really interacted on a global level was from 1945-1969 during that time cars made their way into the god realm. But I so wished they had interacted at a later date as there was no car past 1969 here in the god realm, which was a pity as cars had advanced so much since then.
"Come on Daisy wake up and stop messing around or I'll trade you in for a horse drawn carriage." Trying the ignition again Daisy roared to life. I smiled patted the dashboard. "Good girl." then drove off.

"Where the hell have you been?!" Lucy yelled as I pulled into my spot behind the department store building.
"You know I had to help out Elenyi with her dress." I pulled the key out of the ignition and got out of the car.
"And that took 6 hours?!"
"Yes I basically had to resew the entire dress, the seams were coming undone. Plus I also helped out with some other things as well."
"Oh so you're a handmaiden now? I could've sworn you were a nurse."
I rolled my eyes walking past her to the door but she quickly caught up.
"We're understaffed Lys we needed your help hours ago."
"Then you should've called, you have Elenyi's number."
"Oh yeah sure, I'll call the Marchioness of the Sunken City. 'Um hello can you please tell Lady Lys that we need her urgently at our illegal underground clinic' " She said in a high pitched voice using her hand as a phone and holding it up to her ear.
"Okay shut up." I shoved her playfully and despite being stressed she managed a small smile. I opened the door walking through into the supply room almost all of the shelves were picked clean. "Jeez."
"Yeah, people are starting to get restless out there, with the new King being announced tomorrow."
"Yeah I forgot there's never been a new King of the Gods."
"There wasn't supposed to ever be a new King of the Gods but you know Kratos, the King's most trusted guard just had to kill him. I still believe that Hera had him killed." Lucy shook her head.
"I mean I don't really blame her, Zeus just stood aside and let the succession war happen he didn't offer any guards to help and let Hera's children be killed." I grabbed stuff that had been knocked on the floor and putting it back on the shelf.
"Guys!" a shaken Alex breathed rushing over to us from the main area. "We need help, we've got a demigod that's badly wounded I don't have that much training."
I quickly grabbed gauze and a pair of gloves and raced into the main area, Alex rushed ahead of me and headed over to a curtain in the corner pulling it back it revealed a heavily tattooed man maybe only a year older than me. Gashes bleeding heavily all over his chest. Quickly putting on my gloves I ripped open the gauze pack and applied pressure to the biggest gash. "Alex get an IV bag and run a line, and get me a suture kit." I saw him nod out of the corner of my eye and run off.
The man who had had his eyes shut in pain opened them his eyes flickering between blue and bright green. Judging from the tattoos and the eyes he was a Fay not a demigod. I had only seen one other before when my Dad had taken me to the Woodlands of Lavinia, fairies never ventured far from there. The man opened and closed his mouth struggling to talk.
"Shh don't talk, don't talk, you're safe you're in an underground clinic. If you're running you won't be found here."
He shook his head. I grabbed another gauze pack ripping it open with my teeth and placing a fresh pack over the blood soaked one.
"C'mon Alex hurry up!!!" I yelled.
The man grabbed my arm pulling me down I almost fell onto him but I managed to place my free hand on the hospital bed to steady myself.
"I -see Queen Hera.... need to see-" he quickly let go of me when Alex returned.
"Are you okay did he hurt you?"
"No just give me suture kit and start the line." I grabbed the kit from his outstretched hand and opened it. After examining the wounds and seeing that he didn't seem to have any punctured organs I began stitching wounds close.
The man flinched and let out pained groans. "Do we have any morphine or poppy pods left?" I looked at Alex who finished hanging the IV bag.
"I'll check." he ran off again and the man opened his eyes which were now neon green and just stared at me as if studying me watching as I stitched up his wounds.
"If you're wondering if I'm going to tell anyone what you said I'm not. You're going to have to be here overnight if not for a couple of days, your wounds were deep but didn't puncture any organs." Despite being in pain he seemed to sigh in relief. "You want to try and tell me what did this to you?" He looked away from me and I nodded tying off the last stitch.
"Well, If you're looking for Queen Hera she lives in her palace on the border of the Sunken City and the Land of Royals which is 110 miles from here and at least a 2 hour drive. So I wouldn't try walking. But she's in town for the Giving Banquet and announcement of the new King to be crowned but I bet you already knew that." I could've sworn he almost smiled and let a small smile of my own appear. Alex reappeared with a needle full of morphine. I took it and injected it into the IV.
"Dress his wound and keep a close eye on him in case he has a reaction to the morphine. I've got other patients to tend to."
A/N: Hello readers! Thank you for reading the first chapter of my first original story. I will be updating on the regular. Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think!
I also have my story available on Quotev and Wattpad. Which I will post the links of.

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