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Hi I'm Rosalie and I have been hunted for as long as I can remember. You see I'm a shifter but I'm not like all the others. I have a vampire, a wolf, a demon, and an angel. Most shifter only have 1. There are hybrids who have 2 like my parents, but they are actually pretty rare. My parents had me hidden in the woods away from everyone because they were afraid what others would do with me if I was discovered. Everything was great until my 5th birthday when I made a big mistake that got my parents killed, and a bounty put on me. I was on my own for a long time that is until I met them.

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Chapter 1

Rosalie p.o.v
Mommy and Daddy say I can't tell anyone who I really am or they will either try to kill me or use me. You see I am a shape shifter but not your everyday shifter who can only shift into 1 or sometimes 2 forms I can shift into 4, and I have all of their strengths but none of their weaknesses. My parents were both hybrids in the Water Crest pack, my mother was an angel and wolf while my father was a demon and vampire hybrid. And when they had me they wondered who I would take after, would I be a wolf angel hybrid like my mother or a demon vampire hybrid like my father or would I not be a hybrid at all? What they never expected was I would have them all. Normally you are not able to shift until you are 13.
But on my first birthday my wolf Sephra came to me. She is a beautiful solid midnight black wolf with bright crystal blue eyes. When she came to me my parents knew i was going to be different than everyone else. My parents didn't know why I was able to shift so young, and were afraid if anyone found out they would take me away. So they didn't tell anyone not even the alpha of their pack. My parents tried to hide my wolf but it was becoming to much, so to keep me safe they left their pack and went into hiding with me.
Not long after my parents took me away did my demon Mina come to me. Mina has bright red hair red eyes and deep blood red skin. When Mina came we had to move again. Since it was to much of a risk to live around humans or they would find out about the supernatural, and we couldn't live around any supernatural or they would start asking questions,my father moved us into a small cabin deep in the woods where no one would find us. It was nice my mom taught me how to control my shifts to my wolf form while my dad helped me with my demon form. By the time I was 3 I had mastered shifting into my wolf and I was able to use some of my demon powers it wasn't much but I could make little fireballs I could move small things with just a thought and I could create clouds of smoke. Everything was going good until about 6 months after my third birthday. My angel Malina and my vampire Kira came to me.
Melina has blond hair and lavender eyes with snow white wings. Kira has pale skin straight black hair like me and black eyes. My parents didn't know what do do after i got them. My father started doing tests to see just how powerful I really was. When the results came back we found out i had absolutely none of the weaknesses normal shifters had. Wolfsbane and silver didn't do anything fire just made me stronger and verbane only gave me a little bit of a headache. The only thing I did need was blood i could eat just like anyone else but I still also needed to drink blood. But I didn't mind, my favorite memories with my dad were when we were hunting together.
I loved my parents they were everything to me, they were all the family I had. They taught me how to read and write. They told me everything I needed to know about shifters and warned me to never tell anyone who I was. I was a lonely child and never really understood why I was different and always wanted to meet others who had powers like I did but my parents were to afraid of what would happen to me. So one night I waited until my parent went to sleep and I snuck out the house. I just wanted to meet other kids and have friends, but it was the biggest mistake I ever made.
After I left the cabin I went to the human town that was about 20 miles away from us. Using Kira's speed it didn't take me long to get there. I was walking around not thinking anyone would say anything until a police officer seen me. Without thinking I ran away, I didn't know where I was going or where I was at. All I knew was I had to get away from the officer. As I was running I ran ran right into a really big scary looking man. I was beyond scared I knew he wasn't human I could smell his demon and wolf. And I knew by the look in his eyes I forgot to mask my scent and he could smell me to.
"Well well well what do we have here" he said to me with a nasty grin on his face.
"I...I...I'm sorry mi..mi...mister" I stuttered as I started to cry. I was truly afraid of him and I didn't know what to do.
"How about you get up and come here so i can get a look at you. Your not from around here now are you?" he asked still wearing that same grin. I was terrified so I got up and started walking backwards shaking my head no to answer his question. "where do you think your going little girl?" he said right when he tried to grab me. As soon as I seen his hand come towards me I ran. He tried running after me but I was to fast for him and quickly got away. I didn't quit running until I made it all the way back home. The next morning was my 5th birthday, mom made me a triple chocolate cake with rich chocolate frosting and dad took me hunting and let me catch my first deer all on my own. It was only of the best days ever, that was until the bad men came late that night.
"Rosalie time for bed sweetheart" my mom called to me. as I was reading a book with my dad.
"Ok mommy" I replied. I then turned to my dad and said "Goodnight Daddy I love you." and gave him a big hug.
"Goodnight princess I love you too see you in the morning." he told me. That was the last thing my dad ever said to me. As I lay there there in my bed trying to sleep I hear a loud crash. I start to go to where my parents are but then I hear the scary mans voice, and i become frozen in place.
"Where is she I know she is here?" the scary man demands.
"What are you talking about there is no one else here other than my mate and I." my dad replies.
"I know she is here i can smell her in this house, you 3 check the other rooms you 2 check the garage and everywhere else and find the kid." scary guy yells. and that's all it took for me to hurry up and mask my scent and hide.
"Yes Alpha." I hear the other men say.
I can teleport away but it takes a lot of energy to do it and I don't wanna leave mommy and daddy, so I run and hide in a dark closet in the hallway and try not to make a sound, if they hear me they will take me to the bad people. I hear them hurting mommy and daddy and daddy is yelling at them but I can't understand what he is saying. That's when I hear a loud bang and mommy screams, I want to run to her so bad but mommy and daddy always said if anything happens to run and hide and don't make a sound and don't move. "I don't have a kid there is no one here please don't hurt me" I hear mommy say
"How stupid do you think I am? I know you have that fucking kid here now be a good little bitch and tell me where the fuck she is." he yells at mommy
I don't know what has happened to daddy I can't hear him anymore,not since that big bang.I hear them getting closer to me I'm so scared I don't know what to do. I'm trying to stay quiet but I am so scared. That's when I see them. They are pulling mommy down the hallway by her hair and she has blood all over her. As they are passing the closet mommy sees me and I can see the scared look in her eyes. As soon as she sees me she starts screaming and fighting the bad men again to get them away from me. And that's when I hear the loud bang again only this time it's much louder.
All I see is blood pour out of mommy's chest and I can't stop the whimper that escapes my mouth."There you are you little brat." the man says looking right at me.
I'm frozen in place from fear again. "Rosalie you have to run, you have to run NOW." Sephra tells me.
"Rosalie make a cloud of smoke as big as you can so they cant see us." Mina says.
"Come on sweetheart you can do this." Melina encourages.
"As soon as the cloud is big enough you need to shift into Sephra and run as fast as you can and don't quit running until you get somewhere safe and keep your scent masked." Kira demands.
So I make sure to keep my scent hidden and use all my strength and create the biggest cloud I can and then I just run. I run as fast and as hard as I can. I don't know how long I have been running or how far I have gone I just keep running, until Sephra all of a sudden yell for me to stop but I don't know why and I didn't stop soon enough. The next thing I know I hear howls all around and there is nowhere for me to go so I hide in one of the bushes next to me.
"Sephra what's happening what do I do?" I cry to her.
"It's to late you ran into a pack territory and they know you are here." she says.
"What do I do I'm scared." I tell her.
"Rosalie you need to shift back and unmask your wolf scent but keep the scents of the rest of us hidden. If they see you as one of their own and you are a child we might be able to get out of this." said Kira.
As soon as she said it I hurried up and done as she said. as soon as I shifted back and unmasked part of my scent I hear footsteps coming from all around me. I part the bush a little so I can see in front of me and that is when I see a tall naked man standing in front of me looking around. But because I am so little he doesn't think to look in the small bush he is standing by.
"Come on out rouge I know your here we have you surrounded." the man yells. I am completely naked from my shift and terrified and I wasn't expecting him to yell and I accidentally moved which in turn made the bush move slightly. That's when all eyes went straight to me.
"Alpha it's just a kid what do we do?" one man asked.
"Jax what are you talking about? There's no kids around here all I smell is a damn rouge." another man said.
"Shut the hell up Trent. The rouge you smell is that little kid hiding in those bushes." the man named Jax said.
"The both of you shut the hell up you scaring the poor kid with all you arguing." the man they called Alpha said. And then he crouched down looking straight at me.
"Hey there little one my name is Alpha Wyatt Walker why don't you come on out of there?" the Alpha said to me. I was to scared to say a word and just shook my head no.
"Awe come on we won't hurt you I promise. We just want to talk to you. Is that OK with you?" he asked me. I was still to scared and by then my whole body was shaking in fear and again I just shook my head.
"How about this if I tell my men to back away some will you come out for me at least just a little bit, so I can make sure you are ok?" Alpha Walker asked this time with a big smile on his face that made him look nice. I was scared of being surrounded by so many people so I nodded my head yes. That made the Alpha's smile grow bigger.
"All right boys you heard it give the kid some space go check the rest of the territory." he told his men. After he said that most of the men left and done as told.
"Is that better little one?" he said looking back at me.
"Yes thank you mister Alpha sir." I softly whisper
"OK now you promised you would come out of that bush for me. I need make sure your ok and not hurt. Now are you coming out because I don't think it's quite big enough for me to come in and check on you little one." Alpha Walker said. I poke my head out and looked around, once I seen almost everyone was gone I smelt the air to see if they were really gone or if they were just hiding. When it was clear they were really gone I slowly crawled out of the little bush. That's when I heard a loud gasp.
"Alpha she only looks to be about 4 how does she smell like a rouge already?" a man asked.
"What is your name little one?" the alpha asked me ignoring the other man.
"Rosalie. Rosalie Rayne Mister Alpha Sir." I replied.
"That is a very pretty name you have Rosalie. How old are you darlin and where are your parents?"he asked me. this time I didn't say anything my body just starts to shake again and tears starts falling again.
"Hey hey hey it's ok no one here is going to hurt you. But I need to know who your mommy and daddy are so I can let them know that you are ok." he said at the same time he picked me up. He scared me when he reached for me and with the last bit of strength I had left and I teleported away without even thinking.

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