The shadow wolf

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Her name is Alex. She is 18 years old and on the run. She was the future alpha, yes alpha, of the golden moon pack, but they were ambushed. Most of her pack were enslaved. She and some others make it out but they landed in one of the biggest packs... the silver wolf pack. What they dont know is that she's the legendary shadow wolf, a powerful wolf that is blood thirsty. Wills he get her family back? Who is her mate? And how will everyone react to her wolf? Different POV's

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 the beginning

Alex POV
Hi, the name's Alex, I was born to the alpha and Luna of the biggest pack in America, the golden moon pack. I am the first born, which makes me the alpha. All my life I have always been different. There has never been a naturally born female alpha. I am the first, which is scary for my parents, but I find it cool. It makes me feel... Legendary. My parents have always treated me right, they were amazing. I started training young at the age of 3 I wanted to start, so they let me. It was only play fighting though. They didn't want me to get hurt. Even though it was just for fun I took it serious and would try my hardest. What was supposed to be playing around ended up being actual training, because I actually started improving. At the age of 5 my parents let me start real training. I wasn't able to fight with the older kids, which made me sad, but I was able to train with my dad, he would go easy on me of course. Over time I was doing really well and at the age of 8 I was able to fight with the older kids. Thats really 8mpressive because you're not supposed to start until you're 14. I would loose at first, but that gave me the drive to always fight and train harder at the age of 10 I wasnine of the best fighters in my age group. I was always a fighter, but something happened the day of my tournament with one of the 14 year olds. I heard a voice in my head. Usually we don't get our wolves until 14, that's why training starts at 14, that's when you're natural instincts increase. I was scared and didn't know what to do.
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