Red and White

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Malia is the princess of the White Kingdom. When she is declared to be married to King Raiden, her whole life is flipped onto its axis. She's thrust into a whole different world, and she teeters on the edge. One wrong move could make her facade shatter into a thousand pieces. Raiden, on the other hand, enjoys a challenge, so he sees the princess as just another one... one that he's very attracted to. But what if she's the first puzzle he can't understand? Maybe it's because he doesn't have the last piece, and he may never find it the path he's on. But some people crave power. They lurk in the darkest shadows. In this case, there is such a person. So looking over your shoulder would be advised. **This story is on Inkitt and Wattpad.**

Fantasy / Romance
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On a lonely planet in the middle of the galaxy rests the home of the eight Color Kingdoms.

Each color has its appointed traits to which each person born per Kingdom, at least one trait must be bestowed. Royalty from each province has the same color hair as their Kingdoms.

Here are the main traits from each color:

Blue - Confidence, Tranquility, Stubbornness.

Purple - Mysterious, Arrogant, Graceful.

Black - Power, Sophistication, Detachment.

Green - Generosity, Envy, Jealousy.

Red - Anger, Intensity, Passion, Lust.

White - Humility, Purity, Simplicity.

Orange - Energy, Vibrant, Creative.

Brown - Stability, Reliable, Resilience.


There was peace upon the land. The Kingdoms acknowledged one another but never really interacted. That was... until the King of the White Kingdom looked upon the princess of the Red. Though he was of the White, he couldn’t help but yearn for the young beauty in his arms.

That feeling soon turned into lust, othat in the process, led him to abduct the princess and make her his. This was the beginning of a war that continued for years.

Centuries after the atrocity was committed, both Kings of each Kingdom decide on an agreement. One that cost the White King his precious daughter.

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