The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Serena Miller was once a part of the Black Pride pack. She was the daughter of Beta Robert Williamson but, sadly he and his mate were killed by the Dark Fate pack. Serena managed to escape but, she ended up getting captured by Giovanni, a rogue Alpha who captures and trains she-wolves to be slaves including young pups who were her age. However, she was able to escape and she ended up in Ellie and Jackson's care and they accepted her as their daughter and heir to the Alpha position. After being raised by these two, she became an Alpha but, on the night she found her first mate, she was rejected. Atticus Cormack is the second sibling of the Dark Moon pack and he too was rejected by his first mate and she accepted his big brother who was horrible to his pack like their father but, Atticus is different compared to his father and brother. Despite having a strong wolf, he has a kinder soul and thanks to Amelia's book, he believed that his second chance mate was out there. What will happen when these two rejected wolves find out that they're second chance mates at a mating ball? will Serena be able to get over her rejection? will Atticus accept Serena for her position and for who she is? find out in the final book of the Second Chance Mate Series

Fantasy / Romance
Kiera Morrison
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Chapter 1


You've all heard the stories about how my adoptive mother and the human Amelia were able to find their one true soul mates even though they're second chance mates? well, guess what? I'm a part of their club now. Let me start from the beginning.

My birth name was Serena Williamson, the daughter of Robert Williamson who was once the Beta of the Black Pride pack.

8 years ago...

Back in those days, I was training to become the next Beta of the Black Pride pack. I know some people would have thought it was stupid to think that a she-wolf like me could take over after her father. What nonsense! my mother and father believe that I can do it and they don't care what other people may think. I was proud to be the next Beta. Well, that and I had a small crush on the Alpha's son, Shawn.

Right now, I was at the training grounds with my dad and he was teaching me hand to hand combat again. I threw another punch and he flinched a little and he said to me.

"Whoa! I felt that one Serena!" Dad spoke with a grin.

"Try feeling this old man!"

I taunted him before trying to kick him in the privates but, he quickly blocked it.

"Ah-ha! saw that one coming!"

I watched Shawn sneak up behind my dad and then he whacked him over the head.


"I bet you didn't see that one coming either!"

"Hey! that's cheating!"

Shawn and I laughed before we high fived each other. Just then, Alpha Thomas came over to us.

"Hahaha! I see you two were picking on poor Robert again."

"We make a good team, don't you think so dad?" Shawn asked him.

"You sure do, now why don't you two run along and get some dinner, you've earned a break."

"Thanks, dad!" Shawn spoke with a grin.

"Thank you, Alpha Thomas."

Shawn and I left the training grounds and then we headed over to Luna Marie's house. We raced each other to the house because he said that I lost, he was going to eat my share of the pancakes she makes for us. Once we got the front door, I jumped onto his back and then he carried me into the kitchen where we saw Luna Marie making us dinner.

"*Giggle* I see you two were racing each other again?"

"Too right we were, Luna! I wasn't going to let your son beat me and eat my share of your cooking!" I spoke happily before Shawn sat me down on one of the stools.

Luna Marie is the kindest and generous Luna I've ever met. In a way, she was like a second mother to me and I think she also saw me as her daughter since I'm always by Shawn's side 24/7.

"Here you go you two. I've made your favourite, chicken burgers with chips and for dessert..."

"Two strawberry tarts?!" We asked her happily.

"Yep, enjoy you two."

I licked my lips and then we tucked into our meal before my dad and the Alpha showed up. As we were eating our meal, Alpha Thomas was explaining to us about what our roles were going to be once we get to a certain age.

"Since you two are the next Alpha and Beta, it's your job to look after the pack and protect it at all costs. You may think it's all about being a high ranked wolf, well, it does but, you can't go around being arrogant about it. Trust me, I've seen it happen before."

"I won't be like those cruel Alphas, I'll be a kind Alpha who will also give his Luna equal rights as well."

"That's good to hear son, but, I'm serious though. Sometimes, Alphas like Alpha Johnathan of the Red Moon pack tend to go too far with their leadership and the power over their packs."

Shawn understood this and then Dad spoke up.

"Luckily, Serena will be there to guide him on the right path and make sure the power doesn't go to his head."

I chuckled when dad said this and then Shawn spoke up.

"I won't let that happen, besides, I've inherited Mom's kindness anyway."

"You say that now but, I'm telling you; there will be some Alphas who lose their heads to power and that's why we need to make sure you don't go overboard."

"Don't worry, Alpha Thomas, I won't let the power of the Alpha get to his head," I told him as I ruffled Shawn's hair.

Shawn chuckled when I did this and then Luna Marie spoke up.

"Aww~ you two look so cute together."

We both blushed when she said this and then Alpha Thomas chuckled.

"Alpha!!" One of the pack warriors shouted.

We looked up and it was the Gamma, Markus.

"Markus, what's going on?" Alpha Thomas asked him.

"It's the Dark Fate pack! they're attacking!!"


"Why are they attacking? I thought they were our allies?" Shawn asked.

"I don't know. Marie, take the kids and hide along with the rest of the she-wolves and the elderly! Robert! go and alert the rest of the pack! Markus! get all the men gathered and start fighting!"

"Yes, Alpha!"

They both shouted before my dad said to me.

"Serena, I need you to go with Luna Marie and stay hidden with her until it's safe."

"Please be careful, dad."

"I will don't worry, I love you. Now go!" Dad told me before Marie grabbed me and Shawn before heading into the bunker that's located in the packhouse.

We ran through the pack grounds to get to the bunker but, that was until the packhouse went up in flames. I was shocked by this and I saw not only werewolves but, witches, warlocks and demons flying around. They were destroying the pack buildings and killing every single pack member including the women and children. Luna Marie kept a hold of me and Shawn as she and some of the she-wolves took us to safety.

We got into the woods but then, a few rouges showed up and then they started taking down the she-wolves. Marie dragged me and Shawn away from the fight scene and then she said to us.

"I'll grab their attention, you two make a run for it."

"But, mom what about you?!"

"Go now!!" Marie shouted before she gave us a shove and then she started to fight against the rouges that were chasing us.

Shawn grabbed my hand and we made a run for it. We ran through the woods and as we made our escape, Shawn and I felt the bonds between our pack and the rest of our families break. That told us that they're all dead and now we're the only ones left and now we became rogues. Shawn and I made it as far away from the pack borders and then we both started crying for the loss not only for our pack but our families.

"I can't believe this happened to us..." I mumbled. "What will we do now?"

"You're asking me?" Shawn asked me.

"Please, you're trained to be an Alpha, surely you've memorized any of the packs around here."

Shawn thought for a moment and then he spoke up.

"All right, I think we ran south from the pack border so, that tells me...we should head over that way. If I remember correctly that's where we'll find one of the allied packs there."

"Okay, let's get out of here."

I told him as we walked through the woods unaware of the danger that was following behind us.

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