The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 10

8 years ago...


A few weeks passed since I spoke to Hades. I kept asking myself what Hades meant by that I'm special. I want to ask Mom about it and the mark I found on my body but, she's already busy enough as it is with all the planning and preparation for the battle in the Underworld. I figured it was for the best that I left her alone for a while and maybe once things have calmed down she might take me with her.

Right now, I was at the training grounds and I was hitting the punching bag with my fists and my kicks. I panted a little before I heard Mom calling out to me.


"Hi Mom. How did the planning go?" I asked her after taking off my fingerless gloves.

"It's all good to go. We should be making our move soon."

I smiled when she said this, maybe this could be my chance to ask her. I was about to say something until Mom asked me.

"Serena, there's something I've been wanting to ask you since Hades showed up."

"What is it?" I asked her as we sat down under the shade of the tree.

"When you still had your birth family, did you ever...feel like that you're different to the rest of the pack?"

I was surprised when Mom asked me this. I thought about telling her about the mark I've found but, I decided to answer differently.

"I did for a little while but, I figured it was because that I was the Beta's daughter. Why?"

"Oh nothing, except Hades told me that you're special. Do you ever feel like that?"

"Do you know something, Mom? I do feel like that sometimes but, that's because you adopted me and accepted me into your family. Lucy loves me too and I feel so lucky to have a little sister whether we're blood related or not."

Mom smiled at me before she ruffled my hair. After I told her this and making her smile, I decided to ask her.

"Hey Mom, since you're making a move to the Underworld, can I come with you?"

"Absolutely not!" Mom shouted which me jump in fright.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to shout. But seriously though, you can't come with us. I know you're the future female Alpha but, you can't tag along with us. It could be dangerous and besides, someone needs to look after Lucy and those who can't fight while we're gone."

"But, I've gotten so much better at fighting-"

"I know you have and I'm proud of you for it but you still can't come with us."

"Why not?!" I asked with a frown.

"Because it's too dangerous for you and you're only a child, Serena. I know you're the future Alpha but there are some things not even you can do."

"It's not fair! my old pack was destroyed by the enemy, I've been kidnapped and tortured by rogues until I met you and the others and you're telling me it's too dangerous?!"

"Serena Miller! don't you use that tone of voice with me!" Mom scolded me with a frown on her face.

I frowned before turning away from her.

"I'm sorry for shouting but, can you at least give me a reason why you want to go to the Underworld so badly?"

I wanted to tell her about the mark and what happened that day but, I couldn't bring myself to tell her so I decided to tell her about how badly I wanted to see my parents again.

"I don't usually admit this but, there are moments where I miss my birth parents and my old pack. I miss hanging out with my friends, I miss those training sessions with my dad, the Alpha and the Alpha's son. I also missed those nights when my mother used to sing to me to sleep whenever I had a nightmare."

I looked at Ellie and I continued.

"But when I found out that you and Lucy can see the souls of the dead and how you and Jackson are going to the Underworld, I thought maybe if I came along with you I could see them, just one last time."

I hated lying to her but, it was also true. I missed my birth parents and my friends from my old pack, especially Shane. I just hoped Mom bought it though.

"I understand how you feel. When I lost Travis, my first mate, there are moments that I wish I could hold him in my arms again and feel his warmth but, even though that he was a soul before he passed onto the other world, I knew that he was always with me, right here."

Mom pointed at my heart and she continued.

"Serena, I know you want to see your family again but, as I said, it's too dangerous for you."

"Okay..." I mumbled with pouty face.

"Hey, don't give me that face, where's that smile I love?" Mom asked me with a grin.

I looked away from her with a pout.

"Come on, show me the smile."

I shook my head for a no before she continued to pester me.

"Show me the smile."

"No...I'm not in the mood."

"Where's that million dollar smile?" Mom spoke with a smile as I tried to hold it back with that teasing tone.

"All right, let's see if I can force it to come out!"

Mom shouted before she tackled me onto the ground and she started to tickle my sides.

"Hahahaha!! Mom! stop it!! hahahaha!!"

"There we go! there's that smile I love so much!"

"Hahahaha! okay! okay! you win! I give up! stop it!" I shouted hysterically while she tickled me.

Mom finally stopped tickling me and then she said to me after sitting up from the ground.

"There we go, there's that smile I love so much."

"Thanks Mom, I feel better now."

"Good, and remember; whether you're adopted or not, you'll always be my daughter and I'll be there for you every step of the way whenever you need me."

"Thanks Mom, hey do you think you can teach me a few of those kicks?" I asked her to change the subject.

"Sure, come on."

For the rest of the day, Mom taught me how to improve my kicks but, I was still planning to go to the Underworld, whether I had my mother's permission or not.

On the day when my pack and the other allied packs and covens were heading to the Underworld, Mom and Dad dropped us off at Sarah's place since she can't come with us and she needs to look after her son Richard. I frowned a little when we got there and I asked her.

"Mom, why can't I come with you? shouldn't I at least observe what you guys do?" I asked her again.

"For the tenth time today Serena, the answer is no. You can't come with us, it's gonna get dangerous and besides, who's gonna look after Lucy and little Richard?" Mom asked me as she ruffled Lucy's head.

"Fine but, don't expect me to clean up after the baby."

"Oy, listen to your mother girls, you don't wanna get on her bad side."

"We won't daddy," Lucy told him before Dad picked her up in his arms.

We got to Sarah's place and then she put down Richard for his nap before Dad put Lucy down and running over to her.

"Auntie Sarah!"

Sarah picked her up and then she said to her.

"Hello Lucy, but, hush...Richard is asleep."

"Sorry," Lucy whispered while I sighed a little.

"Hey, where's that smile I love so much?" Mom asked me before I smiled at her before Lucy came back over to us.

"Now listen girls, I want you to be on your best behaviours while we're gone. Mommy and Daddy won't be gone that long."

"She's right, Serena do you think you can take care of Sarah and little Richie while we're gone?"

"Of course," I told them with my fingers crossed behind my back.

"We will daddy."

"Bye Sarah, take care of our girls," Dad told her before he and mom left.

"Don't worry, they're in good hands. Good luck and be careful," Sarah told them before they left.

Once they were gone, I headed into my room to get my stuff ready for sneaking out. I checked to make sure that I got my masking scent bottle that I may have 'borrowed' from Mom and I also checked to see which outfit to wear. Mom is always dressing for the occasion, why shouldn't I?

"Serena, I'm making lunch, what do you want?"

"A Jam sandwich please," I told her as I hid my bag underneath the bed.

I know it's stupid and reckless of me to follow after them but, I need to know what this mark means and what that mysterious power I used against the rogues last year before I was brought to the Silvermoon pack.

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