The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 11

Present Day..


I followed my mother into the underworld where I met the Fates and they told me that I was hybrid. Turns out that I'm the second generation of the first blood Reaper demons. After I discovered this, I helped my mother to stop the fake queen of the Underworld with my newfound powers and we won the fight, even though I got grounded for it but, it was worth it. Now I know why Hades told Mom that I was special, it's because I'm a hybrid just like her.

After I had my little trip into the Underworld, Mom trained me to get used to my new powers and now I've gotten stronger over the next 8 years. Not only am I going to be the next Alpha, but, I've got a new brother called Henry so that's two younger siblings I'll be babysitting and looking after from now on.

I turned 18 earlier this year and that means I'll be taking the Alpha position. I don't know what the other packs would think about having a she-wolf or should I say a werewolf-demon hybrid as their leader but, I'll let them talk since I'm gonna show them what I'm capable of.

I was in my room snoozing away and I was having a nice dream about my mysterious mate until a loud military trumpet woke me up. I jumped in fright and I fell out of bed. I shook my head and then Mom spoke up.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty!"

"Mom...why did you have to wake me up like that...?" I grumbled as I got back into bed.

"It's because today is a big day for you since you're taking the Alpha position from Jackson. Today is very important for you, now get out of bed and get ready."

"Five more minutes..." I told her as I covered my head with my pillow.

I heard Mom growl in annoyance before I heard her shouting through a megaphone.


"All right! all right! I'm up! stop it with the yelling, sergeant Miller!"

I told her as I got out of bed while covering my ears.

"Good, don't be late for breakfast and wake up your brother while you're at it."

"Yeah, yeah..." I mumbled as I got out of bed while Mom left and closed my door.

I looked at myself in the mirror and boy did I have a birds nest going on but, that'll change soon. I brushed it until it was nice and straight before I tied it back into a ponytail. I also got changed into my black tank top that has a skull on the front, black knee ripped jeans and black knee length combat boots. I put on my yin and yang chocker-necklace and my black leather bracelet before I left my room to wake up my little brother.

I walked over to Henry's room and I knocked on the door.

"Henry! wake up! Mom said it's breakfast time!" I called out to him but no answer.

I frowned a little and I was about to open the door but then I remembered what happened the last time when I opened the door. I ended up having a very slimy hairdo for a while and it took at least three showers just to get than junk out. I teleported into his room and then I grabbed the covers before pulling them off of Henry's sleeping form.

"Ahh! Serena! why didn't you fall for the trap?"

"Why do you think you little brat? now get up!"

I told him as I grabbed him by the back of his collar before I dragged him out of the room after avoiding another slime prank. I got to the dinging room and I dumped Henry on his seat.

"'re no fun, big sis. You used to have tons of fun with me and Lucy when we were pulling pranks and now you're all miss serious all of a sudden."

"That's because today is big sister's ceremony to becoming an Alpha," Lucy told him after looking up from her phone.

I sat down at my place next to Mom before she served us breakfast.

"Mom, where's dad isn't he coming down too?" I asked her as we tucked into our grilled breakfast.

"He'll be down in a bit. Jackson had a late night last night. He wanted to make sure everything is gonna be ready for today."

"Mom, my ceremony is not until later tonight."

"Well, you can't be too careful. Besides, I wanna make sure it's a day for you to remember and hopefully you'll find your mate."

"Yeah right, that'll be the day," I mumbled as I ate my toast.

"She's serious, Serena."

Dad spoke as he came into the dining room and he was still wearing his PJs. Dad sat down at the head of the table and then he said to me.

"Tonight is a big night for you and we want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. You don't want a rogue trespassing on our territory while we're having your ceremony do you?"

"Good point."

I told him as I ate my scrambled eggs. Mom looked at Lucy and then she said to her.

"Lucy! what have I told you about having phones at the table?"

"I was just texting Faye."

"Yeah well, it's rude to have phones at the table, now put it away. Henry! put that slingshot down!!"

I looked at Henry and it looked like he was about to fire that ball of scrambled eggs at me. Henry quickly hid the slingshot before he told her.

"What slingshot?!"

"Give it to me!" Ellie told him before taking it off him. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop pulling these pranks?!"

"I only wanted to have a laugh."

"You see my face? do I look like I'm laughing? do you see me smiling?!"

Henry shivered in fear when Mom gave him her scary glare.

"N-No...not really, sorry Mom."

Lucy and I snickered at his reaction before we continued to have our meal.

"That reminds me, Serena, can you do me a favour and drop off your brother and sister at school before going to work? I need to run a few errands and your dad needs to organise a few things before your ceremony tonight."

"Yeah sure," I told her before I finished my meal.

Before I took the Alpha position, I work part time at Susie's café to earn a bit of cash. After the ceremony tonight, I won't be working there for much longer. Once we finished our meals, I quickly headed back up stairs to grab my uniform since a customer spilled a smoothie all over it so I had to bring it home with me to get it washed.

After Mom made sure that Lucy and Henry got their stuff ready for school, we got into my car which was a Honda and the colour is dark blue and I got it for my 16th birthday. Henry and Lucy sat in the back and then I drove them to school. Once I dropped off my brother and sister at school, I headed to work and I couldn't believe it's my last day because once I take the Alpha position I won't be coming to the café all that much.

I parked the car and then I grabbed my uniform that's in the bag before I went into the café. When I got there, someone shouted.


I jumped in fright when Susie and the other workers were there.

"Holy crap, you guys scared me then."

"Hehe, well, we wanted to do something special for you. Not only are we saying goodbye to the best waitress but, we're also celebrating you becoming the first female Alpha of the Silvermoon pack."

"Thanks Susie but, you didn't have to do all this," I told her as I looked at the presents and treats they had available for me.

"Oh nonsense. You were our favourite customer until you started working here."

"She has a point," My wolf, Aoi, spoke up.

"Thanks guys."

I spoke with a smile on my face before we got to work. I was happy working here at the café. I got some cash coming in but, I was a little sad that I won't be working here for much longer still, at least I come back here and have lunch here every now and again.

"And maybe we'll have our mate with us," Aoi spoke with a dreamy expression on her face.

"Oh shut up wolf, I didn't ask for your opinion."

I told her with a small frown. I don't see why some werewolves are determined to find their other half. I'm in no hurry and after what happened to Mom and Aiden, there's no way I'm gonna find my mate. Aoi whimpered when I thought about this but, I ignored her as I continued working on my last day as a waitress.

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