The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 12


After working all day at the café, it was a happy and a sad moment for some of my friends at work since I was gonna become an Alpha in a few hours. I left work early and I said my goodbyes to Susie and the others before leaving the café and heading home. Once I got there, I saw Mom chasing after Henry again and that means he must have pulled another prank again.

Henry tried to run past me but, I grabbed the back of his collar and shouted.

“Not so fast, Henry!”

“Oops...” Henry mumbled.

“What have you done now?” I asked him.


Mom finally caught up to him and then she said to me.

“Good catch, Serena.”

“What did he do this time?”

“Oh nothing, except he pulled the flour prank on me, again!”

I glared at Henry and he said to me.

“It was supposed to be for Lucy not you Mom!”

“Oh be quiet! now go up stairs and get ready. Serena’s Alpha ceremony will be starting in a few hours!”

“But, why do Lucy and I have to go?”

“Don’t start, now move it or else I’m confiscating your video games!”

Henry jumped in fright and then he got out of my grip before making a run for it. I shook my head at him and then Mom said to me.

“Serena, go up stairs and get ready and while you’re at it, make sure Lucy is ready to go. Meanwhile, I’m gonna clean this mess up.”

“Okay, Mom.”

I told her before I headed into my room. I closed the door behind me and then I walked over to the bag that was hanging up on my wardrobe. I unzipped the bag which revealed the dress I’m gonna wear for my Alpha naming ceremony.

It was an off shoulder dress which has a slit on the left side of my leg. I also matched it with some black shoes and black tights. I’ve also got a nomination charm bracelet and a silver necklace that Mom gave me for my 16th birthday.

After I got ready, I applied some make up on my face and I curled my hair. I quickly added some hairspray on my hair to keep my curled hair in place before I left to check up on Lucy. I walked into her room and she was trying to pick out a dress for the evening.

“Hey Lucy, need a hand?”

“Thanks sis, I need help, badly.”

I chuckled as I searched through her wardrobe before picking out a grey Front Pleated Plaid Pinafore Dress with a white top and a furry cardigan to match with it. I also picked out black socks and black dolly shoes to match.

Lucy looked at herself in the mirror and she smiled at her outfit.

"I love it! thanks sis!"

"You're welcome, now let's see what we can do about your hair."

I told Lucy before she sat down on her bed before I brushed her hair and putting some hair clips into her bangs. I smiled at her look and then I said to her.

"There we go, now you look cute and pretty."

"But, you're the pretty one Sis."

Lucy spoke with a smile before admiring my looks. I chuckled before I patted her head. We headed down stairs and then we saw Mom in her military uniform. It was navy blue and she wore the blazer with the medals she gained and the knee length skirt and she wore small heels. She also wore the cap and had her hair tied back in a low bun.

"Wow, mom, this is the first time I've seen you wearing your military uniform," I spoke with a smile on my face.

"Well, this is a special occasion and Jackson is giving you all the power soon so I figured why not dress up for the occasion. You two look beautiful."

"Thanks Mom," Lucy spoke with a smile.

Dad fixed his tie and then he asked me.

"Where's your brother?"

"Henry!!" Mom shouted which made us just up.

"Get your butt down here! we're waiting for you!"

"I'm coming!" Henry shouted as he came down the stairs wearing the suit Mom gave him.

"Mom, why do I have to wear this stupid suit? it's scratchy."

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it," Mom told him as she fixed Henry's tie.

"Okay, is everyone ready?"

"Yeah," Lucy, Henry and I spoke with a smile before we left the house.

We got to the pack-house where we saw the entire pack members standing there waiting for us. My siblings stood next to Mom and Dad while I stayed at the sidelines waiting for my name to be called out. For some strange reason, Aoi was getting excited. I don't know if it's because we're gonna be an Alpha or if it's something else.

"Everyone, we've gathered here tonight to celebrate our daughter and future Alpha Serena. Who will be taking my position as Alpha."

The crowd clapped and cheered for me as I walked towards him. Dad smiled at me before he held my hands and he said to me.

"Serena Miller, as my daughter and now the Alpha of the Silvermoon pack, do you swear to protect this pack with your life?"

"I do."

"Do you swear to teach those who will come next in the future who will take over after you?"

"I do."

Dad smiled at me before he got the ceremonial dagger that's used to welcome the new Alphas. I held out my palm and then I cut it and Dad did the same before we held each other's hands with cut palms. The moment we touched, I felt stronger and I knew what that meant. The Alpha's power and position has been passed onto me. The other pack members were able to sense this and then Dad released our hands before turning his attention to the crowd.

"From this day forth! your new Alpha is Serena Miller! I hope you all treat her with respect and love just like how you treated me as your leader!"

The crowd cheered while other shifted into their wolf forms and they howled happily before chanting.

"Alpha! Alpha! Alpha!"

I smiled at the crowd before I quieten them down a little.

"Thank you so much. I want to say a special thank you to you two, Ellie and Jackson."

Mom and Dad smiled at me before I continued with my speech.

"As some of you already know, I was once the daughter of a Beta but, when I lost my old pack, I had no one else to turn to until I met Ellie and Jackson. You two took me in when I had no home and no family to return to but, you still accepted me anyway, even though I'm a hybrid. However, I still want to say thank you so much for not only raising me but, also accepting me into your family and raising me to become a leader the way you taught me to be."

Mom had tears in the corner of her eyes before she and Dad hugged me tightly along with Lucy and Henry. We heard the crowd awed and cheered for our little family hug. After cheering for my gratitude and me taking the Alpha position, we started the celebration and everyone was happily eating and drinking away.

I was taking sip of my champagne until I saw a pregnant Amelia and her mate Aiden coming towards us. Amelia hugged me and she said to me.

"Well done, becoming the new Alpha, Serena."

"Thanks you two. So, how's the pregnancy treating you?" I asked Amelia as I gently touched her bump.

"Ugh, honestly, I feel so fat right now."

"No you don't, underneath all that baby weight you're still the beautiful mate I fell in love with," Aiden told her before kissing her forehead.

Aoi whimpered and I can tell she was pining for her mate.

"Listen, as much as we like to stick around to congratulate you Serena, but, we've got a scan appointment to attend to."

"All right, I hope everything goes well with you."

"See ya."

Amelia told me before Aiden took her hand and they left. I smiled a little and for some reason, I wondered what it would feel like to have a mate and have his pups. As the celebration continued, Aoi was getting more and more restless. I didn't understand it until I smelled a strong sweet scent. I didn't know what was causing it at first until I realised this meant only one thing or should I say the one person that can cause this strong smell.

"Mate!! Mate is here!!" Aoi shouted happily.

"What?! are you sure he's here?" I asked her.

"Positive! follow the scent!" Aoi shouted excitedly as I followed the scent of our mate.

I wasn't expecting to find my mate here never mind on the same night as my Alpha ceremony. I followed the scent until I saw the one person that I had a crush on since Highschool. My mate is Alexander and his rank is Gamma. I was surprised when I saw him and then I smiled at him.

"'re my mate?"

"Oh you have got to be kidding," Alex spoke in disgust.

Aoi and I looked at him confused and then he said to me.

"So, the Moon Goddess has paired me up with a disgusting hybrid, what a joke!"

The crowd around us heard him and they gasped in shock. I couldn't believe what he just said.

"What...? but, Alex-"

"Shut up!"

I kept quiet when he shouted at me and then he said to me.

"You think you're miss high and mighty now you're the Alpha but, everyone knows the real story about you. You were the daughter of a Beta for crying out loud and then all of a sudden, you discovered that you're a demon and Jackson decided to name you as his heir to the Alpha position! if you ask me outsiders like you shouldn't have came here!"

"Alexander! that's enough!" Mom shouted.

"And you! you're just as bad as she is!"

"What?!" Mom growled angrily.

"I've been keeping quiet about this for some time now but, you know what? I'll right out and say it; no one will ever forget who you really were Luna or should I say Bloodhound."

"Alex! if you don't shut up you'll lose your Gamma position!" Jackson shouted at him.

"I didn't ask for that rank in the first place! I wanted to be the Beta or the Alpha but oh no, those two outsiders including that brat who doesn't belong to you had to come along and spoil the pack! do you have any idea how the other allied packs are feeling about this right now?! having a she wolf as an Alpha?! it's pathetic!"

Aoi whimpered sadly when he said these things.

"If you think you're gonna have me at your side, then forget it. I, Alexander Mason, reject you, Serena Miller as my mate."

I clutched my chest painfully when I felt the bond break and then I collapsed onto my knees with my mom beside me. Mom looked horrified and angry before turning her attention to Alex.

"You son of a- I'm gonna kill you!" Mom shouted but, Joshua and Dad held her back.

"Ellie! leave it! he's not worth it!"

"He's right mom...just leave it..." I spoke weakly. "I, Serena Miller...accept your rejection..."

Aoi howled sadly when we felt the mate bond break. Alex smirked at me before walking away from me. Tonight was going so well until this happen. Why is the Moon Goddess being horrible to me? Is it too much to have a little bit of happiness in my life?

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