The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 13


After I accepted my mate's rejection, I broke down at that point because everything he had said was true. I was an outsider when I came here and I took the Alpha position when I knew all too well that I had Beta blood running through my veins. Mom and Dad took me into the pack-house after cancelling the ceremony because I was so upset at this point.

Mom and Dad were in the living room with me while I cried my eyes out. Mom sat next to me and she was gently rubbing my back to comfort me before she spoke up.

"Serena, don't take what that prick said about you. You're not an outsider. You're our daughter and an Alpha now."

"But...everything he was true! I am a disgusting hybrid! it's no wonder Alex didn't want me!" I shouted as I continued to cry.

"Hey, no you're not. That Alex and his father always had it in for me and Joshua since he became the Gamma of the pack. I didn't think he would get this angry and reject you Serena," Dad explained to me.

"You should have gotten rid of him a long time ago! I told you that he was trouble when I became the Luna but oh no, you told me I was just being paranoid because of my past as a Hunter and now look what's happened! my baby girl got rejected!"

"All right, all right! I'm sorry! I should have listened!" Dad spoke in defence.

"You're damn right you should have listened!" Mom shouted angrily before turning back to me.

"Serena, I know it looks bad right now but, take it from a woman who has lost her first mate. Things will get better for you."

"But what if things don't get better?! what if I don't find my second chance mate?! what if no one respects me for not only an Alpha but a Hybrid?!" I shouted before bursting into tears again.

Mom and Dad didn't say anything until I heard someone speak up.

"What happened? what is she crying?" I heard Aiden ask Mom.

"Serena found her mate but he...he rejected her, right in front of the pack as well."

I heard Amelia gasp in shock before she sat next to me.

"Oh Serena, I am so sorry that happened to you. Are you gonna be okay?"

"Do I look okay?" I asked with tears still spilling out of my eyes.

"Aw, come here, sweetheart," Amelia told me before she hugged me close to her chest while stroking my hair.

"Does everyone think like that too...? do they really think we hybrids are disgusting?"

"What? did your first mate tell you that?" Amelia asked me.

"Yes...he did..."

"Now you listen to me and listen well, Serena."

Amelia sat me up and she said to me.

"Whatever your mate said to you, you shouldn't take it so personally. I know he sounded like a jerk but, I'm telling you this now. He has made a mistake rejecting you and that's why you should keep your head held high and you need to show those pack members that you're a proud Alpha and you shouldn't let pricks like Alex stop you. Are you gonna let him stomp all over you?"


"Are you gonna let his stupid comments about you drag you down like a ball and chain?"

"No," I spoke in a determined voice.

Mom and Dad chuckled and then she spoke up.

"Spoken like a true soldier, you took the words right out of my mouth, Amelia."

"Well, I did pick up a few things from your personality as an ex-soldier, Ellie. I couldn't help it."

"That's okay but, Amelia is right, Serena. You shouldn't let Alex pull you down. Who cares if you're a pureblood or a hybrid? You are who you are. He can either accept you as his new leader or he can get the hell out of this pack."

I smirked at Mom and I said to her.

"You know what? both of you are right. First thing tomorrow, I'm gonna show these pack members I'm not someone to mess with. But first, there's something I gotta take care of."

I told them before I stood up from the couch. Dad and Aiden looked at me suspiciously and then Aiden asked me.

"Where are you going?"

"Oh nowhere special, just going for a walk that's all."

"And you're not gonna cause trouble?" Dad asked me while I shook my head as I headed for the front door.


Mom spoke through the demon mind link we share. Since I found out that I'm the second generation of the reaper demons, Mom and I share a special mind link so we can talk to each other privately without anyone hearing our conversation.

I looked at Mom and she said to me while smirking at me.

"Do what's necessary even if that means beating the crap out of him but, try not to be too harsh him. We don't want our warriors scared of you now."

"Like you, old war hero?"

"Oy! less of the old, you cheeky mare!" Mom shouted as I left the packhouse.

I held back a chuckle before heading towards Alex's house with my demonic aura surrounding me. I walked towards the front door of his house before I kicked down the door. Alex and his parents looked at me with a shocked expression.

"Alpha!" Alex's parents shouted in a shocked tone before bowing before me.

Alex looked at me fearfully when he saw the demonic aura surrounding me. I glared at him angrily before I spoke up.

"You've got some nerve rejecting me! your ex-mate and Alpha!"

"You did what?!" Alex's mother shouted in a shocked tone.

"You stupid idiot!" Alex's father shouted.

"Tch, it doesn't matter now. I never asked for a half-breed as my- ah!!"

I cut his sentence off when I rushed at him and grabbing him by the throat. Alex coughed and he struggled to breathe as I held his throat tightly after turning into my demon form.

"Let's get one thing straight Alex, I understand you don't like my kind and you don't like me. I would have let that slide if I were a normal pack member but, now that I'm an Alpha, it's about time you and your old man show me some respect!!"

"What are you gonna do about it, Outsider?!"

I smirked at him before I used my free hand to shove it into his chest and then I called out to Thor, Alex's wolf and then I grabbed a hold of his soul before pulling it out of his body. Alex collapsed onto the ground with a shocked expression on his face while I kept a hold of Thor's soul.

"Since you refuse to show me some respect, I'm gonna do your wolf a favour and set him free from that pathetic human body. Thor, off you go. It's time for you to find another human and hopefully, this one will be a lot nicer to his Alpha."

I spoke to Thor and I could picture him wagging his tail happily before licking Aoi's face as his way of saying thank you before his soul disappeared from our sight. Alex looked weak and pathetic and he tried to shift but, it was no use. Now that Thor is gone, Alex is no longer a werewolf or a Gamma for that matter.

"What have you done?!"

"Heh, I took away your wolf that's what I did. Now that you no longer have the ability to shift, you're nothing more than a weak human. As my role as Alpha, I demote you, Alexander Mason, from Gamma to Omega. From this day forth, you'll be working with the other Omegas and since you've lost your wolf, you've been weakened as well."

"You can't do that!!" Alex's father shouted.

I raised my hand and then I sent him flying towards the wall making his mate scream in fear.

"Too late, I already did. That's the price your son had to pay for being disrespectful to not only me but my family too. If I find out that you or your family disrespect me again, I will personally kick you out of my pack. Do I make myself clear?!!"

"Yes Alpha..." Alex and his parents spoke with fear on their faces.

I left his house with a proud smile on his face and Aoi was wagging her tail happily.

"Woohoo!! you go, girl!!"

"I don't know where that came from but, I'm so happy and proud of myself."

"Well duh! you were trained by the one and only War Hero! her military experience is rubbing off on you!"

I chuckled when Aoi said this and I have to agree with her. I guess all those hours of training with Ellie the War Hero did pay off and not only do I have the Alpha position but, I have the attitude of a drill Sargent. Oh, this is gonna be so much fun.

I got back home and then Mom came into the entrance hall and she asked me.

"So, what did you do?"

"Nothing too serious except, I may have freed Thor from Alex's body, demoted him to Omega and I warned him and his family that if they don't like the new changes, they can get the hell out of here," Mom silent for a moment and then I asked her nervously.

"Did I do the wrong thing?"

"Nope...quite the opposite," Mom spoke with a grin before I sighed in relief.

"Hahaha! that's my girl. I knew you wouldn't let your first mate treat you like dirt. I never liked Alex and his father anyway," Mom told me before ruffling my hair.

I smiled when she said this and then we headed upstairs to our rooms. When I got back to mine, I saw Henry and Lucy lying on my bed and they were fast asleep. I smiled at them before Mom stood next to me.

"When those two found out what happened to you, they wanted to stay up and wait for you so they can comfort you after your rejection."

" sweet of them."

"Well, they do worry about you, you are their big sister. They want to be there for you too."

I smiled when Mom said this and she was right. After mom headed back to her room, I quietly got changed into some PJs and then I went into bed with my two siblings curled up next to me.

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