The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 15


I was at the training grounds practising my fighting skills again. I threw a few punches at the punching bag until I heard the sound of my mate well, ex-mate giggling. I looked at her along with my older brother Xander. I frowned angrily when I saw the two of them together, why you ask? it's simple, my first mate rejected me for my brother.

Isabelle was supposed to be my mate after I turned 18 last year and we were all right for a while until I caught them together last year. I was angered by this and then Isabelle did the one thing that every wolf dreaded, rejection. Isabelle rejected me for my brother because not only is he the eldest but, he's also the Alpha. Just thinking about what happened last year made my blood boil and he was lucky that I didn't kill him. I told the old man what happened and he didn't care since Xander was looking for a Luna and he chose my mate.

I couldn't believe that he would say something like that and I often wished my mother was still alive so, she can comfort me and console me but, I can't. Our mother was killed by rogues when we were younger and then, the old man changed. He became ruthless and he made sure that Xander wasn't weak and he got everything he wanted. The position, the power and a Luna.

Me on the other hand? I was nothing more than a bystander and a pest. I wished I could leave this awful place but, Xander and our father made it clear that no one leaves the pack or else they will be treated like rogues. When I say it like that, it means we're hunted down and killed on the spot if we don't get far away from this awful place once we leave. However, we do have an exception, if we find our mate we can leave but, I doubt my second chance mate is here.

After practising all day, I headed back into the packhouse where Victoria was making lunch for me.

"Hello Atticus, I see you worked up a sweat again."

"I saw my brother with MY mate again."

Victoria sighed before she placed a plate of chicken pasta in front of me and she said to me.

"Listen, I know it's horrible, watching your first mate flirt with that...horrible Alpha," She whispered the last sentence.

"But things will get better, you'll see. One of these days your second chance mate will come along and love you."

"You make it sound like it will happen."

"That's because it will. You've got to have faith that she will come along."

"Why do you sound so confident?" I asked her before she showed me a book that's written by Amelia Williams.

"Because I've read it here in this book. Amelia writes about how werewolves lost their first mates through either rejection or death and then they find their second chance mates. I felt sad and lonely after I lost Kieran but, when I read this book, I started to believe in Second Chance mates. You can read it if you like."

"I don't think some random book is gonna help."

"Just read the first few pages and if you don't like it, you can give it back, kay?"

"All right, thanks Victoria."

I told her before tucking into my lunch. After I had my food, I headed back to my room with the book in my hand before I sat on the bed and started reading it.


I sighed heavily after finishing the last of the paperwork and looking through the list of packs who want to become our allies. There were some who seemed loyal but, I still had my doubts about some of them. I looked at the list again and then someone knocked on the door and when they came into the office, it was my Mother.

"Hi Mom, what can I do for you?"

"Jackson told me that you were going through the list of packs who want to become our allies and you're a little unsure about some of them so I figured I'd come along and give you a hand."


"Yeah, did you forget that I used to be a Hunter? I travelled to different packs who were asking for our services."

"Oh that's right, I keep forgetting about that. Well, anyway, I've made a list of some of the packs who I think I should pay a visit to just to make sure that they're not rogues in disguise."

Mom looked through the list until she frowned a little.

"You want to make an alliance with Alpha Lawrence of the Dark Moon pack?"

"Why not? he sounds loyal but, you can't be too careful."

"Okay, but, I should warn you, Alpha Lawrence can be a bit...old fashioned."

"What makes you say that?"

"Hello?! do the words: 'sexist pig' mean anything to you?"

I thought for a moment until I realised what she meant.


"Exactly. Alpha Lawrence believes that women including she-wolves shouldn't be warriors. In fact, he believes that they should stay at home, cook and clean for their mates and children not to mention the fact that he doesn't think that his Luna should do anything."

"How do you know that?"

"Ugh, let's just say he and I have history."

"What?!!" I shouted in a shocked tone.

"Not that kind of history. More like a cat vs dog fight history."

"Oh, sorry."

"It's okay, anyway, I was about to do a Job for him but when we finally meet face to face, what does the guy say to me? 'Oh you've got to be kidding, the Bloodhound is a woman? Nobody told me the Bloodhound is a woman.'"

"He did not say that."

"He did, and right after he insulted me...heh, let's just say I taught him a lesson so that he will think twice about underestimating a female warrior or in my case a female hunter."

"What did you do?"

"Trust me, you don't wanna know."

Mom spoke with an evil smirk on her face making me nervous all a sudden. Aoi whimpered in fear before she used her front paws to hid her face. I scooted my chair back from her before we continued to look through the list of the packs who want to become our allies.

"The Feral Claws pack wants to make an alliance with you?" Mom asked me after viewing their name.

"Why do you sound so surprised and worried, Mom?"

"Because my fellow hunters and I call them the Devil's pack and that's no joke. I met their Alpha, Fenrir, and he's known to be very brutal especially after he lost his mate to some rogues who invaded their pack 9 years ago."

"Oh my...that sounds awful."

"I know, it's horrible losing your mate but, that's not the worst of it. When I took a job from them during my days as a Hunter, Alpha Fenrir was not only cruel to the pack but, to his two sons as well."

"Who were they?"

"Xander and Atticus. I remember those two all right. Xander was starting to become more like his father, I remember watching him bully his little brother and that wasn't right. Atticus on the other hand is a strong wolf but, he has a kinder soul. He's the complete opposite to his brother and Father."

"They were that mean to him?"

"Yeah. Sadly, I don't know what happened to them after I completed the job they requested but, if I'm right, Xander would have taken the Alpha position from Fenrir and as for Atticus, well, I'm not so sure. However, what I do know is that if you decided to pay them a visit, watch out. There's no telling what Xander is like now he's the Alpha."

"You got it, mother," I told her with a smile.

After sorting out the packs who I'll be visiting to make an alliance with, Mom and I left the packhouse and we headed home. However, before we could leave, Henry was causing mischief, again. Mom and I watched Jackson chase Henry around the living room while covered in slime. Henry was laughing hysterically while Jackson chased him.

"Henry! when I get my hands on you-"

"Hahaha!! catch me if you can old man!!"

Mom and I looked at each other before Lucy snuck over to us and she hid behind Mom.

"Let's get out of here and not hurry back," Lucy whispered.

"Good thinking Lucy."

"Way ahead of you, little sis."

Mom and I told her before Mom grabbed Lucy and then we teleported out of the packhouse.

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