The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 19


I got back to Xander's office and I explained to him what I learnt from Lorenzo. Xander was surprised that I was able to get the info about him so easily.

"What did you do to make him talk?"

"That my fellow Alpha is a secret. One that I won't spill to anyone else."

"Fair enough but, who is this Lord Siruz?"

"I don't know but, I think my mother and uncle Shane might know something about him."

"Well, that's good to hear. Now that we know who we're up against, I guess that means we can become allies?"

"I'll think about it but, don't get your hopes up."

'I still don't trust him or his pack. Plus, there's this evil presence that I'm sensing and it's making both my wolf and my demon tense. I'll need to have a proper look around and maybe speak to my mate. That'll calm Aoi down.'

I thought to myself before I stood from the chair.

"I hope you don't mind but, is it okay if I let my wolf out for a while? she's itching to get out and run."

"Of course, go right ahead, don't let me stop you."

"Thank you."

I told Xander before leaving the office with Abigail and Brandon following me.

"I don't like him."

"Me neither, Aoi. Me neither."

Abigail shivered a little and then she said to me.

"Man, that guy gives me the creeps."

"No kidding. No wonder Luna Ellie told us this pack is known as the Devil's pack. I can sense evil all over the place," Brandon spoke as he looked around.

"That makes two of us," I told him with a frown.

"I still don't trust that Alpha or his father for that matter. You two, go and look around and see if you find anything suspicious in the meantime, I've got someone to meet."

"Who?" Abigail asked me.

"You'll find out later on," I spoke with a smirk before we left the packhouse and went our separate ways.


Once she was gone, I chuckled and so did my father before he spoke up.

"This great son! she's perfect! she's an Alpha, she's strong, she's intelligent and-"

"She's perfect! she'll make a great Luna instead of Isabelle."

I spoke with a grin on my face before my Dad checked to make sure no one else was listening until he told me.

"You make sure you win her over and when you do, make sure that she's yours for all eternity. I don't care how you do it just make sure she falls in love with you."

"You got it, Dad," I spoke with a smirk before we heard someone outside the window.

We turned to look at and it was only a crow. It's pure black and it has dark red eyes. We watched it flap it's wings and then it took off into the sky.

"Hmpf...never seen a crow with red eyes before, you?" I asked Father.

"Nope, must be a rare species or something."


I stood outside of the packhouse while staring at the window where Xander's office is located before my familiar, which was a black raven, flew over to me and then he landed on my shoulder.

"Well? what were they talking about after I left?" I asked him before I lifted my left hand to let him sit on it.

The raven's eyes glowed bright red and mine's glowed at the same time before I listened to their conversation. We reaper demons have familiars. I'm not sure what my mother's familiar looks like but, mine is a raven but not just any raven, it's the blackbird of death.

After listening to their conversation, I smirked evilly and I mumbled.

"So the big bad Alpha of the Feral Claws pack thinks he can win me over huh? sorry to burst his bubble but, I've already got a mate."

I looked at my raven and I told him.

"Continue watching him and if you notice something suspicious, report back to me."

"Yes master," Raven told me before he took off into the sky.

After I sent Raven away, I decided to see my mate. I looked for him all over the pack grounds until I found him practising in a clearing. He smelled like his brother but, my demon senses are telling me that he's nothing like his brother because his soul doesn't have an evil aura. However, I can sense a bit of darkness within him but, that only happens when a soul has been hurt in the past.

I smiled at him before I cleared my throat. My mate turned to look at me and I asked him.

"Am I interrupting?"

"Oh! no! not at all, mate! uh, I mean Alpha!"

I chuckled at his behaviour when he saw me. I had no idea that he was this nervous around me.

" cute."

Aoi commented as she drooled over our mate.


I mentally scolded myself when I spoke like that and then Vilkas spoke up.

"You idiot! why'd you say something like that to our mate?! what kind of first impression was that?!"

"I'm sorry, she took me by surprise and I didn't know what to say!"

I snapped out of it when Mate started laughing. I smiled a little when she laughed, it was so cute.

"Wow, for someone who is supposed to be a member of the pack, you're not so scary are you?"

"Not really, I'm nothing like my brother Xander."

"Since you two are related, I'm guessing you're Atticus?"

"I am, and may I ask of your name, Alpha?"

"My name is Serena Miller. But, you can call me Serena since you're my mate."

"Serena..." I tested her name on my tongue making Vilkas wag his tail happily.

"Hehe, so, do you want to play 20 questions? I'd like to get to know you better."

"Sounds good to me."

I told her as we sat under the shade of a tree. We faced each other and we asked each other random questions.

"So what's your favourite colour?" I asked her.

"Tough one, it's a competition between blue and green. But if I had to pick I'd say forest green, it reminds me of nature. What about you?"

"Midnight Blue. Like your eyes."

Serena blushed when I told this before she asked me

"What's your favourite food?" Serena asked me.

"A roast chicken dinner, what about you?"

"That's easy, my Mom's Christmas and thanksgiving turkey dinner. She makes the best."

"Do you have any siblings?"

"I've got two younger siblings, Lucy and Henry. Lucy is the middle child and Henry is the youngest, however, he can be a bit of a brat."

"Ugh, don't talk about brats. My older brother is so spoiled, he's acting like our father. To make matters worse, he stole my first mate from me."

"He did what?!" Serena shouted in a shocked tone.

"Well, I used to think he stole her from me after she rejected me for him but, I was angry back then. However, since I met you, I've forgotten all about it."

Serena smiled at me and she said to me.

"I know how you feel. Except my mate told me that he didn't want me so he rejected me after we found each other."

Vilkas and I growled when she told us this. Serena held my hand and then she said to me.

"No need to be angry, I've already dealt with him and now I've got you, my second chance mate."

I smiled at her when she called me that and then she asked me.

"I've got two questions for you; what does your wolf look like and do you want to go for a run with me?"

I nodded my head and then we both stood up from the ground before going behind a tree to take off our clothes and then we shifted into our wolf forms. Vilkas is a grey wolf with golden-brown eyes. We came out from behind the tree until I saw a beautiful Navy blue wolf with sky blue eyes. She walked over to me and she sniffed me to take in our scent before she licked my face happily.


It felt so good to be in my wolf form. Aoi was itching to get out for a run and to make things better, our second chance mate is with us. I felt so happy right now and since I've shifted, I decided to let Aoi take control so she can get to know his wolf better. I watched her lick our mate's face before he wagged his tail.

"Hi, my name is Aoi, what's yours?" Aoi asked him after licking his face.

"I'm Vilkas."

I smiled at the two of them because they look so cute together. Aoi stood still as Vilkas sniffed her to take in her scent before he stood behind her. Aoi whimpered when we felt his snout at our behind. Aoi turned around and she growled at him. Vilkas didn't look sorry after he did that before he rested his upper body on the ground to let her know that he wants to play with her. Aoi wagged her tail before they started to chase each other through the forest.

Vilkas chased us and he kept snapping at Aoi's tail until we hid in some bushes to hide from him. Vilkas looked for us and he looked confused because he wondered how we lost sight of us. Aoi's Midnight blue fur was easy to hide in the shadows so it was useful for scouting missions that mom taught me when I was 13.

Aoi decided to play a little trick on him by sneaking behind him and then she pounced on top of him. Vilkas looked shocked when Aoi did this before she licked his face. Aoi nuzzled her face against his before they stood up from the ground. Vilkas shook his fur before they walked over to the lake to get a drink. While Aoi was getting a drink Vilkas decided to get her back by shoving her into the lake. Aoi whimpered before she splashed into the water and once she surfaced, she got out of the lake and we saw that stupid grin on Vilkas' face.

"Ha! payback!" Vilkas shouted before Aoi smirked at him.

Aoi shook her fur to get rid of the water and then she got Vilkas soaked. Vilkas whimpered as she did this before she stopped shaking her fur. Vilkas looked at himself and he glared at Aoi.

"Ha! payback!" Aoi spoke mocked him.

Vilkas growled before he chased after her. I heard Aoi laughing as Vilkas chased after her through the woods until we came to a flower meadow and then he tackled her onto the ground, scattering flower petals everywhere.

Aoi panted with her young hanging out of the side of her mouth while laying on her back. Vilkas laid beside her before licking her face.


"A little..."

Aoi told him before she rolled onto her belly before nuzzling her head against his. Vilkas rested his head on top of mine before he said to me.

"Let's stay like this for a while."

"Sounds good to me."

Aoi told him before we stayed in this position for a while but, we unaware that someone was watching us from a distance.

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