The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 22


After I stabbed Xander in the chest he looked shocked and so did his pack members and his father except he looked angry. However, what these guys didn't know was that my blade is different compared to my mother's silver sword. My demon sword doesn't kill its victim, it causes a hole to appear where their soul is located and if the host is a supernatural, they'll have a soul chain that's connected to their other half, for example, a werewolf.

Suddenly, Xander’s chest glowed and then I pulled out my sword and I spotted the soul chain that was connected to his wolf. I grabbed a hold of it and then I pulled out his wolf. Xander's wolf whimpered and then he shook himself and he was shocked when he noticed that he was not inside of Xander's body.

"Shocked? well, you should be."

I told his wolf before I grabbed him by the scruff and then I held my blade near his neck after Xander sat up from the ground.

"You've got two choices here Xander; you can either submit and let Atticus come back with me along with a few of your pack members who don't want to side with you anymore or you can continue with this match but, we both know that I have won because..."

I pressed the blade closer to Xander's wolf's soul chain making him freeze on the spot and he was whimpering fearfully. Xander clutched his chest since he can feel his wolf's pain as the soul chain is still connected.

"What's happening?!"

"The soul chain that you can see is connected to your wolf, I can break it easily with my reaper blade but, it's irreversible. Once the soul chain has been broken, you'll no longer be a werewolf but a weak human being."

"You can't do that!!"

"You wanna know what happened to my first mate? he rejected me the moment he laid his eyes on me. The moment he crossed that line, I gave him the exact same punishment and he became nothing more than a human and he had been demoted to an Omega. I can do the same to you in a heartbeat but, all you have to do is give up this little fight and you get to keep your wolf."

Xander looked at his wolf and the soul chain that was connected to him until he spoke up.

"Do what she says! do you want to become a weak human for the rest of your life once she cuts that chain?!"

Xander's wolf shouted at him and then he sighed in defeat.

"All right, all right, I'll agree to your terms just give me back my wolf."

"That's what I like to hear but first things first..."

I looked up and I looked at Xander's pack members and I asked him.

"Let me ask all of you this, do you want to continue to follow your leader, knowing all of the bad stuff that he has done to the rogues who did no harm? there's a possibility that if you do come across a rogue he or she might be your mate."

The pack members looked at me surprised and they started whispering until I continued.

"If you stay here and follow your leader, he may never let you see them or let you anywhere near them. You saw what he did to that poor family, how would you feel if that was your son or daughter?"

The pack members had a little think before one of them asked me.

"If we chose to stop following him, where would we go? we can't leave."

"No need to worry, if you guys want to leave, then come with me. My pack will welcome you guys with open arms and don't worry, we deal with rogues differently. We don't capture them and leave them to rot, we capture them and we question them whether they're evil or not and we accept them into our pack if they have mates or they give us a good reason why they became a rogue."

The Feral Claws pack members looked at me with surprised looks until a few of them stepped forward and a few of them stood next to me along with Xander's Beta and Delta.

"Hey! what are you two doing?! Why are you siding with her?! you're my Beta and Delta!"

"Sorry Boss, we don't like how you treat the rogues or us. We had enough of your training methods and after what you did to that family, I don't think I can work alongside with you anymore."

Xander looked shocked when he told him this and then I said to Abigail.

"Abigail, mind link my mother and tell her what's going on and make sure we have plenty of space, the rest of you, pack your stuff because you're moving to my pack."

The new pack members cheered and then they left to gather their stuff. I was about to leave until Xander shouted.

"Hello! aren't you forgetting something?!"

I looked at him and his wolf and I realised that his wolf spirit is still out of his body.

"Oh right, sorry."

I mumbled before I clicked my fingers and then Xander's wolf went straight back into his human body. Xander stumbled and then he groaned in pain.

"Don't worry, the pain will only last a few minutes, you'll be back onto your feet soon enough, now if you'll excuse me. I have new pack members to take home including my mate. Bye-bye."

I told him before Atticus and I left the training grounds along with the new pack members.

"I gotta admit, you scared me back there when you transformed into that demon form of yours," Atticus told me as he packed away his stuff.

After the fight, Atticus and some of the pack members headed back to their homes to get their stuff ready to leave. Atticus brought me to his room while he packed away his stuff. While I waited for him, I looked around his room and he has a few trophies when he was in Highschool that were in glass cabinets and he has quite a lot of books. Some of them were novels and the others were comic books and Graphic novels.

I spotted a familiar book cover before I pulled it off the shelf and it was Amelia's book, 'Second Chance Mates'."

"Fan of our Amelia Williams?" I asked with a smirk.

"Not me, Victoria, one of our pack members, gave me that before you came here. When I was still grieving over the loss of my first mate, she gave me that book to help me out and give me hope that my second chance mate would show up."

"Her book has that effect on every reader who reads this book. Including the rogues that we have locked in our cells too."

"You make it sound like you know her," Atticus pointed out.

"That's because Amelia is a part of our pack and she's mated to Aiden, who is also a member of the Silvermoon pack. She and Aiden have been our guardians since I was 11 years old."

I spoke happily as I remembered the day Mom told me that Aiden and Amelia became out guardians. After Atticus doubled checked to make sure he's got everything he needed, we left the packhouse followed by some of our new pack members. Xander and Fenrir glared at me, clearly, they were not happy about me taking not only half of their pack warriors but also their Beta and Third command.

"Guys you don't have to do this, you're my Beta and Delta," Xander told them but, they were no listening as they left the packhouse.

"They're not listening to you. You really need to change, Alpha Xander. Not only did you lose your best pack warriors but you also lost a chance to ally your pack with mine. Now if would like to excuse me, I'm a busy woman. Bye-bye."

I told him with a proud smirk. Atticus and I got into the SUV and then Joshua drove us back to our home. I couldn't wait to tell my mom and the others but, I wonder how she's gonna react when she finds out that Atticus is an ex-member of the Feral Claws pack.

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