The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 26


After dinner, I helped Ellie clear away the table and while she was washing up, I was drying the dishes and we got talking.

"I'm so sorry for Jackson's behaviour and his outburst. He's like your typical Alpha following the old traditions. An Alpha finding his mate and makes her Luna of his pack. I didn't mind being the Luna but, I'm still stronger than Jackson and the other werewolves around here."

"It's okay, I understand where Jackson is coming from. But seriously though, do you think he will come around in the end and accept Serena is co-Alpha of the Silvermoon pack instead of being the Luna? I mean, he's against the idea but..."

"Of course he'll come around, Jackson is just being stubborn and he's acting like a kid who doesn't like changes. As I said earlier, it's a great idea and I think it will send a message to the other Alphas out that not all she-wolves or any other species should hid in their mates' shadow and listen to their every command. I was a leader myself and this me talking from military experience."

I was surprised by Ellie's explanation and Vilkas wagged his tail happily.

"She's amazing. No wonder Serena looks up to her so much."

"I know."

I smiled at Ellie and I told her.

"Did anyone every tell you that your their idol? because I think Vilkas, my wolf, feels like that right now."

"Hehe, I get that a lot especially from some of the female warriors. My girls feel the same way as well."

"That's good to hear."

Ellie had that proud smile on her face before she spoke up.

"Listen, despite what my idiot mate told you, it's your decision to make Serena co-Alpha. Don't let anyone stop you especially Jackson and that crazy old man of yours, no offence."

"None taken. Thanks Ellie, I feel a lot happier knowing that someone is supporting the idea."


Suddenly, we heard someone screaming followed by shouting.

"Henry Miller!!" Lucy shouted angrily.

"Hahaha!! gotcha Lu!!" Henry shouted before the sound of running footsteps upstairs.

"Henry when I get my hands on you! you're dead meat!"

"Lucy! Henry! stop running through the hallways!!" Serena shouted.

Ellie sighed heavily and then she spoke up.

"During my days as a soldier, I thought the battlefield was tough but, being a mother to not one, not two but three children is even harder. Especially when your son is pulling stupid pranks whenever your back is turned."

"*Chuckle* oh boy, that's something I am definitely not looking forward to."

"Well, when you're mated to an Alpha that's the package that it comes with."

Ellie told me before she went upstairs and I followed after her. We saw Serena holding back Lucy from killing Henry. I looked at Lucy and her once brown hair has turned blue.

"What happened?" Ellie asked her.

"Mom! Henry put hair dye in my shampoo!!"

Ellie glared at Henry who was about to escape but, I stopped him from escaping by grabbing him by the back of his collar.

"Going somewhere?"

"Come on Atticus! let me go! she's gonna kill me!!"

"Henry Miller!!" Ellie shouted making Henry stop squirming.

"I have warned you about this before! since you're already ground for a month! I'm making it two months after what you did to Lucy!"

"It's not fair! why am I always getting punished and those two get away scot free!"

"Because Serena is an Alpha now and she doesn't get involved in your childish pranks and Lucy is the same. Now get into your room and stay in there!" Ellie shouted before Henry stormed off into his room before slamming the door.

"*Sighs* I often wonder where he gets that behaviour from."

"Mom! what am I supposed to do about my hair?!" Lucy shouted angrily.

"Calm down, there's some hair dye removal shampoo in the bathroom. Come on, I'll show you where it is."

Ellie told her as she led Lucy into the bathroom. I couldn't help but laugh and then Serena spoke up.

"I am so sorry you had to see that. I live in a mad house."

"Oh no, not at all. Despite the shouting and the pranking, I actually like it."

"You do?" Serena asked me with a surprised look on her face.

"Yeah, after Mom died, I never felt happy again. Dad went from the kind and caring father to the cruel and ruthless one that you know today. Being here, it brings back the good memories before my family fell apart."

Serena placed her hand on my shoulder and she said to me.

"Well, you don't need to worry about those two anymore. You've got us now, we're your family."

I smiled at Serena before I stroked her cheek. I leaned closer to her face but just as our lips were close to touching, someone cleared their throat. We looked and it was Ellie.

"If you two are going to get all mushy then at least do it behind closed doors so no kids should see."

Serena jumped away from me and she said to her.

"Oh right! sorry Mom!"

Ellie chuckled before Serena told her.

"Anyway, I need to show Atticus the packhouse. We'll be back later."

"All right, but don't do anything I wouldn't do," Ellie teased.

"Shut up, mom!"

Ellie chuckled as I left the house with Serena.

"I know she's known as a War Hero and the ex-Luna but, seriously?! does she have to embarrass me like that?"

I chuckled at her reaction and I said to her.

"But despite her teasing, she's kinda cool."

"*Chuckle* I guess that's true," Serena spoke with a grin before holding my hand and then we headed to the packhouse.


After Serena and Atticus left, I had a small smile on my face after watching them leave. Lucy came out of the bathroom while rubbing her hair with a towel after getting rid of the hair dye.

"She looks so happy doesn't she?"

"She sure does," I told her as I gave Lucy a hand drying her hair.

"Hey Mom, when you met dad, was it love at first sight for you?"

"Which dad are you talking about?"

"My birth father," Lucy told me with a sad smile.

My eyes widen a little and then I looked at the calendar and I realised that the anniversary since Travis' death is coming up soon.

"It was, I had my ups and downs since I just left the army and I was in a bad place but, in the end, we fell in love, got married and we had you."

Lucy smiled when I told this. She always loved it whenever I told her about her birth father. After Lucy dried her hair and getting changed into her PJs, she went into bed and went to sleep. I left her room and I headed down stairs to put the rest of the dishes away until I spotted the photograph of Travis holding Lucy when she was a newborn. I walked towards it before I picked it up from the table and I stared it sadly.

'It's been 11 years...'

I thought to myself as I ran my finger over the photo while remembering the day I last saw Travis when he was a soul that I was able to see. I remember the warmth that I felt from him as he moved onto the afterlife with my Father.

'If his soul was still here...he would have been proud of his little girl.'

That thought made me smile a little and then I placed the photograph back on the table before I looked out of the window. Just then, I saw red eyes from the shadows and then they disappeared.

"What the...?" I mumbled.

I opened the front door and I called out to them.

"Hello? is anyone here?"

It was all silent and then I mumbled.

"Must have imagined it."

3rd Person

Ellie was wrong, there was someone in the shadows. The red eyes she saw were not alone. The red eyes belonged to rogues who were able to sneak into the pack grounds undetected. One of the approached their leader who was none other than Giovanni.

"Boss, we've sensed a lot of females in the pack. We've also sensed four hybrid souls. We can't tell which one is the strongest or the one that our master is after but, I have feeling he or she is in there somewhere."

"We must find the hybrid soul that was destined to destroy our master. The Feral Claws pack were no good since their warriors didn't contain the soul we were looking for but, here, that's where we'll find it."

"Shall we make our warning to their Alpha?"

"Yes, do the usual and make sure no one sees you coming in or out," Giovanni told his comrade before he left.

"Giovanni," Their master, Siruz called out.

"What's taking so long?"

"Please forgive me, Master Siruz. It would seem the search is taking a lot longer than I expected but do not worry. We've sensed four hybrid souls in this pack and I am sure the one who's destined to stop you is in there."

"You better hope for your sake that you're right because if I find out that this is nothing but a wild goose chase, you're as good as dead."

"Yes sir."

Siruz teleported out of the woods before Giovanni sighed in relief.

"If anyone is going to die, it'll be that hybrid."

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