The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 29


"So, all this time, that vampire we sealed away split his soul in half and we didn't even notice?" Jamieson asked Mom after we told him, Uncle Shane and the others what happened.

"Unfortunately, yes. Serena told us that she recognises the man that he's taken control of but we don't know where he's hiding right now," Uncle Shane told him.

"This is bad, what do we do now?" Atticus asked.

"Well, since we don't know where Shawn...I mean, where Siruz is hiding, we'll just have to wait. Until he shows up, we need to learn more about this prophecy that he spoke of. There might be more information that can tell us what kind of demon or which reaper demon is supposed to stop him," I explained them.

"Serena is right. There's nothing we can do about Siruz since we don't know where he is. I'll ask Lucifer and the others maybe they'll know something about it," Mom spoke up.

"That won't be necessary," A familiar voice spoke up and it's Hades.

"Hades? I don't mean to be rude but, what are you doing here?" I asked him.

"When Shane told me something evil was lurking in this world, I knew we needed some help. So, I asked the souls from the underworld if they know something and there is one soul who did mentioned a prophecy that concerns a certain reaper demon."


Hades looked nervous for some reason and I asked him.

"Hades...what's going on?"

"Nothing! but, can you do me one tiny favour?"

"What?" Mom asked him.

"Promise me that you and Shane won't get mad."

We were confused by this until Shane spoke up.

"All right, we promise won't get mad."

Hades stepped to the side and then a familiar face came into the office. I stood up from my seat and I was shocked when I saw the woman he resurrected and Mom looked shocked and angry when saw her.

"It's been a while, my dear son and daughter," Sophia spoke.

"Mother...?" Mom asked in a disbelieved tone.

"What's wrong? don't tell me you're afraid of ghosts," She asked with a small smirk on her face.

Uncle Shane growled angrily before his eyes glowed red in angry before he charged at her. He grabbed her by the throat and he slammed her against the wall. Sophia coughed and choked as he held her by the throat.

"Since you're a ghost you don't mind if I break your goddamn neck?!" Uncle Shane asked angrily.

"Shane! you promised that you wouldn't get mad and another thing, let her go!" Hades shouted at him.

"Are you kidding me?! out of all the souls that you chose to resurrect, why did you chose her of all people?! Haven't you forgotten what she did to you?!" Mom asked angrily.

"Listen, I know you two are angry at me right now but, I promise you, she won't stab you two in the back. We made a deal. If she were to betray you then her soul would get sent back into the deepest parts of the Underworld. Also, she knows something about this prophecy that Serena spoke of as well."

I looked at Uncle Shane and back at Mom. I sighed in defeat and then I told Uncle Shane.

"Uncle Shane let her go."

Uncle Shane growled angrily before he released her. Sophia fell onto her knees and she coughed while clutching her throat and getting her breath back.

"Okay...I deserve that..." She mumbled before she stood up.

"You deserve much worse after what you did to Hades and us," Mom spoke with a frown. "But, you know something about this prophecy that Siruz heard of and you're the only one who can help us."

"Yes I am," Sophia spoke after standing up and getting her breath back.

She raised her hand and then several stone tablets appeared on mine and Atticus' desk. We were surprised by this and then Mom and Uncle Shane looked at them.

"These tablets are..."

"Yes, they were once a part of the Devil's wall," Sophia finished Uncle Shane's sentence.

"Devil's wall?" I asked her.

"It's a wall that contains the history about the reaper demons including Diablo and your ancestor themselves but, many centuries ago, the wall got destroyed and parts of the history were shattered into fragments like this," Mom explained to me.

"How on earth did you get your hands on these?" Uncle Shane asked her.

"I have my resources," Sophia spoke.

Mom shook her head and then we looked at the tablets and we read them over. I couldn't understand what some of these symbols mean but, Mom and Uncle Shane can read them since ancient demon text wasn't my expertise.

"What does it say Mom?" I asked her.

"Some of the information has faded out but, I can still make out their symbols. Siruz was right there is a special reaper demon that's destined to destroy him. But, this reaper demon is supposed to contain light magic."

"That's impossible, reaper demons can't use light magic and they don't have the abilities that can purify things unless...." Uncle Shane trailed off.

"Unless you're an angel," Sophia finished her sentence.

Atticus and I were surprised by this and then he spoke up.

"An Angel? but, that's not possible. Angels don't exist, not unless you're dead," Atticus spoke up with a frown.

"I'm afraid that's where you're wrong little man," Sophia spoke up.

We were confused when Sophia told us this before she explained the angels to us.

"The angels existed many centuries ago. They had a temple built in this world and the humans used to respect and adored them. Until one day, evil came to this land and their impurity including the tainted souls spread poison into the air which either killed the angels or it drove them mad. In order to stop the angels from dying out, the Gods and Goddesses sent their temples and what was left of their people way up into the sky so the poison couldn't get to them. Till this day, everyone thinks the angels have died out but, I believe they're wrong."

"What makes you say that?" Jamieson asked her.

"After Hades brought me back from the dead, I did some research myself when I came across these stone tablets. I examined them over and over again until I realised the angels didn't go extinct at all. In fact, they became either hybrids or fallen angels."

We were surprised by this and then Mom asked her.

"I've heard of Fallen angels but, like my brother, my children and I, they're also on the brink of extinction. It'll be hard to find them."

"Yes, that is true but, I spoke to a friend of mine who is part angel, explained to me that during our ancestors' time, the hybrid angels were able to remain pure despite the other gene they inherited. For example, if Shane was born with angel and vampire abilities, they would have balanced themselves out and the host can use both of these abilities without having to battle it out."

"I think I understand what you mean. If one soul is evil and the other is good they can still work together and whoever the host is, he or she can still use both light and dark abilities."

"Exactly right, Serena," Sophia spoke with a smirk.

"Okay, so we get all that but, the question is how do we find this hybrid Angel?" Atticus asked us.

"Ah you see, that's another part of the research that I conducted. After reading through the tablets, I notic that at some point during our ancestor's time, the angels were able to find their mates in other species including us and the werewolves."

We were surprised by this and then Uncle Shane spoke up.

"So, does that mean Ellie and I might have angel blood?"

"No, I already searched through our bloodline along with Hades' help. It's not you two and it's not me either. I also did the same with Lucy and Henry, even though they're still young and only one of them has awakened their powers but, none of them have angel powers."

"Oh, thank goodness..." Mom sounded a bit relieved when she heard this.

"However, I did some research on the second generation of the reaper demons and someone was mated to an angel and they had children."

My ears perked up when I heard this and then Jamieson spoke up.

"If that's the case, then we need to start looking for them."

"I'm afraid that's the bad news, the second generation of the reaper demons have died out. I don't know if there are others out there except for one..."

Mom's eyes widen in shock before everyone in the room turned to look at me. I was shocked myself when I realised that I was the only second generation of the reaper demons in the room.


"Her?!" Mom shouted in a shocked tone.

"Well, it's a possibility. Hades also researched Serena's family and it turns out, her birth mother wasn't just a werewolf-demon. Serena's bor she was tribrid."

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