The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 3

8 years ago...


I couldn’t believe that the woman who was helping me is a hunter. My father warned me about these guys since they’re always hunting us and they’ve been using our pelts as trophies. I also heard Alpha Thomas say that one of the hunters is very deadly and dangerous, I think he called her the Bloodhound.

Suddenly, I heard the Beta’s voice and I quietly listened to his conversation.

“Who are you and what are you doing on my property?!”

“We’re looking for someone. A little girl with brunette hair, she’s about 10 or 11 years old. She ran away from our home and we are extremely worried about her.

I knew he was lying but, I just hope this hunter wasn’t going to rat me out.

“I’ve seen her all right. Try the back, there’s a shed there. I haven’t used it all that much.”

I sighed in relief when she told them this but, I did wonder what was going to happen when they did reach her shed. I quietly walked over to the small window where I got the view of the three pack warriors heading towards the shed with the hunter following behind them but, it looks like she was keeping her distance from them.

I watched one of the warriors walk towards the shed and when he opened the door, a spear came out of nowhere and stabbed him right in the chest. I was shocked by this and then the other two glared at the hunter who was smirking evilly.

“You little bitch!!”

“Heh, that’s you get for hunting down an innocent pup!” The hunter shouted before she fired her shotgun.

I was shocked when she did this and I swear I noticed a hint of bloodlust in her eyes. That’s when I realised that this hunter is the Bloodhound that everyone has been talking about. I watched her approach the Beta who was barely alive.

"Talk! why did you capture her and what do you want with her?!"

"She’s a rogue just like us! we watch each other’s backs but...When we capture little pups like her we put them to good use. We either treat them like omegas or we train them to become our slaves."

"When you say don’t mean?"

"Oh yeah, how do you think we satisfy our wolves’ needs."

I watched the hunter frown and then she fired her shotgun.

“She’s just a little girl, and when I find your pack, I’ll give you rogues a reason why they call me the Bloodhound.”

I gasped a little before I went back to my hiding spot. I pulled my knees to my chest before I heard footsteps. I whimpered in fear before I saw the Bloodhound again. She looked around and then she spotted me hiding behind some barrels before crouching down to my height.

“It’s all right, they’re gone. You can come out of hiding now.”

“They won’t come after me again...will they?” I asked her fearfully as I slowly came out of hiding.

“There’s nothing to be scared of, I won’t hurt you and yes, they won’t come after you again.”

I smiled when she told this before I came out of hiding and then I ran over to her and hugged her tightly. The hunter felt stiff at first and then I said to her.

“Thank you so much!”

“It’s all right, sweetie.”

The hunter soothed me as she gently rubbed my back. It felt nice having someone comfort me again. The way this hunter was comforting me reminded me of my mother and Luna Marie whenever I felt sad. Suddenly, my stomach growled which made released her.

“Oh! I’m sorry!”

“When was the last time you ate?” The hunter asked me as she looked at me up and down to take in my skinny form.

“I usually ate before my Alpha. Sometimes it’s small portions.”

“Small portions?! that’s not right, you need to have at least three meals a day!” The Hunter spoke in a shocked tone.

“It’s how we Omegas are treated.”

“Well, we’re not in your pack now, come on, I’ll make you something to eat and get those injuries treated.”

The hunter told me as she stood up to leave the room. I stood there with a scared look on my face since she might hurt me like those rogues but, a part of me was telling me she wasn’t going to do that.

“It’s all right, I won’t bite.”

The hunter smiled at me and I felt like I could trust her. We left the basement and then she led me to the kitchen. I watched the hunter get a first aid kit and then she helped me onto the kitchen counter.

“All right, now let’s take a look at those injuries.”

I cautiously gave my left arm to her. The hunter gently took my arm her hand and then she looked at my injuries. She gently ran her thumb over my wrist where the silver cuffs burned me. I glanced at her and she looked angry when she saw my injuries and she carefully and gently treated them.

“Okay, let’s take a look at your back, I wanna see if there are any more injuries on the rest of your body.”

I nodded my head before turning my back towards her and I took off my old top. I heard the gasp a little before I felt something cool against the whip marks. I thought hunters were evil and cruel but this one...she’s different. I know I’ve heard of the name Bloodhound and how she’s dangerous and every werewolf’s worst nightmare but, why was she being nice to me?

Once the hunter finished tending to my wounds, she made me sit on the chair at the dining table while cooked some food for me. My stomach growled when I smelt that yummy food. After cooking the meal, she set down the plate in front of me and I was shocked at the food she made. The Hunter made me grilled dinner and I didn’t think I could eat all of this.

“Miss! I can’t eat all of this!”

“You have to, eating small portions isn’t healthy and it won’t make your wolf strong.”

“She has a point.”

Aoi spoke while eyeing at the food in front of us. I gulped a little before I picked up the knife and fork and I cut up a slice of bacon for me and I tried some of the food.

“It’s good!” I spoke happily as I tucked into the food.

“Thank you, now tell me, what’s your name and why did the rogues come after you?”

I stopped eating when she asked me this. I lowered my head sadly before I told her.

“My name is Serena and I’m 10 years old. I used to be the Beta’s daughter until we were attacked by one of the allied packs.”

“What? allied packs don’t attack their friends and allies unless they had a reason. Who was this pack?” The Hunter asked me.

“It was the Dark Fate pack. They’re strong followers and believers of the Moon Goddess’s teachings and they thought we had committed sins. I didn’t understand what they meant at the time when they attacked us. I managed to escape but, I don’t know what happened to my parents. I was found by rogues the next day and I became an Omega.”

The Hunter looked at me and then she thought for a moment before she asked me.

“What did they do to you?”

“Whenever I ‘did something wrong’ they would use wolfsbane on me, cuff me with silver chains and I was beaten by higher-ranked wolves.”

“Do you know the name of this rogue pack and how did you escape?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember the name except it went by an Italian name. Anyway, when everyone was asleep, I was able to contact my wolf and she told me what to do and then we made a run for it until the patrol started to chase after me.”

That was a lie but, I couldn’t exactly tell her what really happened. I don’t even myself what had happened to me when I knocked out the Beta and the guards.

“You have a wolf?! I thought you could only contact your wolf when you turn 16 or 17.”

“We can but, if you’re an heir to the Alpha or Beta or Delta or a Gamma, that’s an exception and we can contact our wolves at a young age until we shift at the age of 15 or 16. My wolf, Aoi, she was able to help me and she led me here until we fell into one of your traps.”

“Sorry about that, but, as you already know from the weapons I have stored in the basement, I’m a hunter.”

“You’re not gonna kill me, are you?” I asked fearfully.

“Of course not, I may be a werewolf killer but, I’m not that heartless enough to harm a child who is a rogue.”

I smiled in relief when she told me this.

“Thanks again for helping me, but, what’s your name? I can’t keep calling you Bloodhound.”

“*Chuckle* my name is Ellie.”

"That's a pretty name."

"Thank you, Serena."

I like Ellie. She's nice and she's friendly and she gives off this motherly vibe but, I can't help but notice a small hint of sadness in her eyes.

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