The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 33


Michael and I have been fighting against each other with our weapons and neither one of us is backing down. We fought each other in our angel forms and we were definitely on the same level. We stood far a part from each other and we were panting in exhaustion while the training hall was trashed. Cracks and holes can be seen on the walls and floors while a mixture of black and white feathers were scattered on the ground.

Meanwhile, Michael and I were covered in scratches and bruises. We stared at each other with determined looks on our faces before we charged at each other again. Our swords clashed and we glared at each other and I tried to shove him away from me but, it was no good. I felt my demon reaper powers coming through and then I teleported away from him.

Michael stumbled a little and then I reappeared behind him before I sent a group of ravens at him. Michael saw this coming before he used his four wings to scare them off. I charged at him before I tossed away my blade and then I used my hand to hand combat skills on him.

Michael did the same and he managed to cross over his arms to block himself. I punched his stomach making him back away from me and then we continued to fight until I caught his fist and Michael did the same with my hand. He chuckled and smirked at me.

"Nicely done, Ellie taught you well. But she didn't teach you well enough to take down someone like me."

"You're right about that, which is why I always improvise."

Michael looked at me with a confused look before I head butted him in the face and then he stumbled away from me while clutching his nose. I placed my hands together before black lighting appeared in my hands and then I thrust my hands forwards before the lighting struck Michael and he was sent flying.

"Ahhhh!!!" Michael shouted in pain before crash landed onto the ground.

"Oops...I think I went overboard again," I mumbled before calling out to Michael. "Oy! are you still alive?"

"Barely..." Michael grumbled before he sat up. "Where did you learn that?"

"I kinda discovered it myself when my mother was training me how to use my demon powers," I spoke with a proud smirk on my face.

"That explains it," Michael mumbled before I helped him back onto his feet. "I'm impressed that you're able to use both your angel and demon powers at the same time when you're using one of your forms except for your wolf form. I guess this means you're getting stronger"


"But, don't think this means that you're ready take on Siruz. He's still the vampire King and as a royal vampire he's got powers that no one can wield."

"In other words, he's like Uncle Shane since he's able to use Shawn's wolf form as well?" I asked Michael.

"I would say yes but, I'm not even sure if he can use Shawn's werewolf abilities. Let's not forget he took control of his body when he was young so there's a possibility that he hasn't shifted yet and if he did, his wolf could have snapped him out of him."

Michael explained to me and I knew that he was right. As a pure blood werewolf, you can speak to your wolf and have the ability to shift at anytime. You could say your wolf is a part of your soul but, depending on the parents' family history and what rank they might be, it also depend how early you can shift. If you haven't shifted on the day of your birthday, that would mean you haven't inherited the werewolf gene from your parent or that you're an omega.

"If that's the case, then do you think if his wolf has awakened then...would that mean he can snap Shawn out of it?"

"Maybe but, we don't know if he has awakened his wolf. Even if he did, I doubt it would have snapped him out of it anyway."

"He's right. As a royal vampire, his powers could have put his wolf back to a dormant state anyway," Eva told me.

I folded my arms and I remembered the last time I saw Shawn and the good times we shared before my old pack was destroyed.

"Well, I think that's enough training for today," Michael snapped me out of my thoughts before he continued.

"We'll continue training tomorrow."

"Sounds good to me, we can do it back at the training grounds in the Silvermoon pack. Besides, I think the other pack members could do with the training themselves since we don't know how powerful Siruz has gotten over the years."

Michael nodded his head before we left the training room. We left the mansion after we cleaned up our mess in the training hall and then we teleported to the Silvermoon pack.


I was in the middle of finishing the last of the paperwork and looking over the training schedules until Lucy came into the office.

"Atticus! big sister is back and uncle Lucifer is with her!" Lucy spoke in a cheerful tone.

I stood up from my seat and then I left the office and headed down stairs to greet my mate. Serena was standing outside of the packhouse and she was talking to some of the pack members until she caught my scent. She looked in my direction and then she smiled at me before running towards me. I caught her in my arms and then I spun her around.

"I missed you, Atticus!" Serena told me before she planted kisses on my face.

I could hear Vilkas howling and growling happily when she gave us her affection.

"I missed you too, Serena. How did your training go?" I asked her after putting her back down on the ground.

"It went great but, my angel powers could still do some work," Serena told me with a smile.

"I'm just glad that you're back safe and sound," I spoke with a smile before looking at her friend.

"Who's this?" I asked with a frown while Vilkas growled a little.

"Relax, this is Michael. He's Lucifer's brother and he's also my instructor."

"Nice to meet you," Michael told me as he offered his hand to me.

"You too," I shook his hand before I hugged Serena close to me since I didn't trust that guy.

"Atticus, there's no need to be so protective. Michael knows that I'm taken."

"Exactly besides, I came to the human world for a reason. I heard about the prophecy and I've been searching for the angel that was supposed to take down the vampire King Siruz and I did," Michael explained to me before glancing at Serena.

"I am not surprised that an angel from the celestial world would show up," Sophia spoke up as she emerged from the shadows.

Michael looked at Sophia and he glared at her.

"Sophia, the ex-queen of the Underworld. I thought you were dead."

"I was but, Hades gave me a second chance at life and now I am helping my son, my daughter and granddaughter to stop Siruz."

"Hmpf, you? helping your children? yeah right, says the woman who absorbed too many souls just to make herself look young again, which you're still doing."

"Okay, I admit that was another one of my mistakes from the past but now I am absorbing the souls from the rogues and that's all," Sophia told Michael while he continued to glare at her.


I looked between Michael and Sophia and I asked them.

" do you two know each other?"

"That's simple, whenever I tried to help a soul to go to heaven, this she-devil comes along and steals it from me just so that she can make herself look young again! do you have any idea how many souls came to heaven after Serena released them from that body of yours?!" Michael shouted with an angry expression on his face.

Sophia shrugged her shoulders and she told him.

"So what? that was the old me. I am not that person anymore," Sophia told him but he didn't look convinced and I don't blame him, Mum doesn't trust her either.

"What's going on here?" Mum called out as she came over to us.

"Hey Mum," I spoke with a smile before Mum ruffled my hair.

"Welcome back, sweetie," Mum spoke with a smile before looking at Michael.

"Lucifer?" Mum asked him.

"No, I'm Michael."

"Oh, sorry. I always get you two mixed up."

"Very funny. Anyway, how's the little son and daughter of yours?" Michael asked with a smirk.

"Not so little anymore. Henry has become a little prankster and Lucy is not the little girl you remember either," Mum spoke with a smile.

"I'll say," I commented before I felt something wet smacking against the side of my head followed by the sound of laughter.

I wiped my fingers on the liquid that landed next to me and no surprise it's slime.

"HENRY JAMES MILLER!!" Mum yelled angrily.

Henry laughed and he said to me, "Got you a welcome present, hope you like it, sis!"

"You better start running because I'm coming after you!!" I shouted as I chased after Henry and he ran for his life.


While Serena was busy chasing after Henry, I stood there shaking my head with my hand on my face. I sighed heavily before Michael said to me.

"I thought Lucifer was the devil but I'm beginning to think your son is the real deal."

"Do you know something I'm beginning to think the same thing."

Michael chucked before he looked at Serena, Lucy and Henry with a smile on his face.

"Despite the ups and downs you've had in the past, you have wonderful family."

"Thanks Michael."

"But..." Michael looked at Henry as he was being grabbed by Serena and then she rubbed her fist on his head.

"You should keep a close eye on Henry."

"Why?" I asked him.

"No reason. Just keep a watchful eye on him and watch for any signs that he's awakened his demon."

Michael told me and I saw the look in his eyes which tells me he knows something about Henry that I don't but I couldn't let that bother me right now since my children are back together again. Even though we're about to go to war with Siruz soon.

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