The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 8

8 years ago...


It had been almost a month since I've been a part of this pack. We did had an attack from the Dark Fate pack but, the hunters and everyone else managed to stop them. What also shocked me was that Ellie is a demon-human hybrid and she was able to find out where the pack was located and we won the battle. However, she also discovered that her daughter, Lucy, was also there and she's alive as well.

I felt a little disappointed that she had to leave but, it's as they say, mommy duties have to come first. I did feel a little jealous but, I can't let that bother me since I'm not her flesh and blood but, I still remember those days when she trained me how to use a firearm and some of her combat moves from the army as well.

I also heard a rumour that she left the Hunting guild as well. I was happy that she wasn't a hunter anymore because she was like a different person when she's not killing my kind.

Right now, I was at the training grounds and I was practising the moves that Ellie showed me before and I felt like I was getting better at them too but, it was hard to tell since she wasn't here with me. Joshua was no help either since he and Alpha Jackson have that much to do since we stopped the Dark Fate pack.

I threw another punch at the boxing bag and then I gave it a good kick. I panted a little in exhaustion until I heard someone clap from behind. I jumped in fright and when I turned around, it was Ellie and she was with Jackson.

"Ellie! you came back!" I shouted happily before I hugged her tightly.

Ellie chuckled and she said to me.

"Of course, I came back. I couldn't exactly leave my mate behind now can I?"

I looked at Ellie surprised and then Alpha Jackson said to me.

"That's right Serena, I'm Ellie's second chance mate."

"You are?! I thought Second chance mates were rare."

"They are and it turns out Jackson is my second chance mate."

I smiled at this and then she said to me.

"Anyway, there's another reason why I came back. Remember I told you about Lucy?"

I nodded my head and then Ellie continued after crouching down to my height.

"Well, Jackson is gonna be her step-father after we've gotten to know each other. Afterwards, I'm going to take up the Luna position and then we're gonna move here."

"That's great news but, why are you telling me this?"

"Because Serena, I had a little think. With me going for a fresh start and having Jackson as a male role model in Lucy's life, I figured why not get her a big sister."

My eyes widen when she said this and I asked her.

"You mean...?"

"Once we get the paperwork out of the way, Jackson and I were thinking about adopting you so you can become our daughter and Lucy's big sister. If that's what you want?"

I smiled widely when she asked me this and I said to her.

"Are you kidding?! yes! yes! of course!"

I tackled Ellie into a hug and then she started laughing afterwards. Jackson laughed as well and then he said to me.

"Well, I guess we better get started with the paperwork and change Serena's name to Miller."

"Sounds good to me," Ellie spoke with a smile.

After sorting out the paperwork to make me officially a part of the Miller family and Ellie going through the Luna ceremony, I am now the daughter of the Alpha and Luna of the Silvermoon pack. I got my stuff together and then I arrived at my new home.

"I hope you don't mind sharing with Lucy. She still gets a bit scared at night so I figured you can be there to comfort her."

"Sure, but, I hope Lucy likes me."

"She will, a little birdie told me that you're good with the young pups who are orphans. I heard them calling you big sister."

"Yeah...I wanted to show the orphans that having no parents can't always be that bad and I also wanted to put a smile on their faces too."

Ellie smiled at this idea and then she opened the door which revealed my new room. There were twin beds one the left and one the right. Lucy was on the bed on the right reading a book and then Ellie spoke up.

"Lucy, do you mind putting that book down for a minute, please?"

Lucy looked up and then she got off the bed before heading towards me.

"Lucy, I'd like you to meet your new big sister, Serena. Serena, this is Lucy, my daughter."

I crouched down to Lucy's height and I said to her.

"Hello Lucy, my name Serena."

"H-Hi Serena..." Lucy spoke nervously before hiding behind Ellie's legs.

"Sorry, Lucy is a bit shy."

"Don't worry, I don't blame her. Especially after what she's been through."

"So you've heard huh?" Ellie asked me.

"Joshua, may have told me a few things about what happened at the Dark Fate pack."

I told her before glancing at Lucy.

"It's okay, Lucy. I know I'm a stranger to you right now but, once we get to know each other, you call me big sister. For now, why don't we start off as a friends?"

"Really...?" Lucy asked me as she moved a little to look at me from behind Ellie's legs.

"Yeah, tell you what, why don't I take you to MacDonald's for lunch and we get to know each other? if that's okay with you Ellie?"

Lucy looked at Ellie for permission and then she nodded her head.

"Sounds like a good idea to me. Just as long as you take care of Lucy, okay?"

"Don't worry Ellie, I'll look after her. Come on, let's get you ready."

"Okay, Serena."

I helped Lucy get ready and then we left the house after Ellie gave me some money for the lunch. We got to MacDonald's and then I bought a kids' happy meal for Lucy with a drink of cola and I bought myself a crispy chicken burger with fries and a drink of cola too.

We sat down at one of the tables and we tucked into our food. Lucy smiled when she tasted her food.

"Hmm...this is yummy! I've never had anything like this before."

"They didn't treat you to meals like this back in that evil pack?" I asked her before taking a bite of my fries.

"No...the lady at the orphanage wouldn't allow us besides...we didn't have any buildings like this back in the Dark Fate pack."

"Well, you do now," I spoke with a smile on my face.

Lucy nodded her head in agreement before she ate some more of her fries.

"Mommy told me that you came from a different pack, is that true?"

"It's true. Unfortunately, I lost my pack to the Dark Fate pack along with my family and friends. I don't know if any of them have survived but, I'm happy I have a new family now."


"Of course," I told her before I wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"Can I tell you something?"

"What is it?"

"When I was your age, I begged my mother and father to give me a little baby brother or sister but, unfortunately, my mother told me that she couldn't give me one."

"Why?" Lucy asked me and I had to choose my words carefully since she was only 3 years old.

"Well...sometimes the Moon Goddess doesn't always bless mommies to have another child. That's all I can say to you. You'll understand when you're older."

Lucy nodded her head and I continued.

"Anyway, when my mother told me that she couldn't give me a sibling, I was disappointed but, when your mommy asked me to be her daughter and be a big sister to you, I felt happy."


"Yeah, I know it's early days but, I hope one day you'll accept me as your big sister."

Lucy smiled when I said this and then she nodded her head.

"I'm sure I will."

Lucy spoke with a smile before we finished our meal. After had lunch, I gave Lucy a piggy back ride on my back on the way home. It felt nice having a little sister to carry on my back, I've always wanted one but, when my mother told me that she couldn't have any more kids, I was devastated. But, since Ellie and Jackson adopted me, I finally have a little sister.

Later on that night, I was asleep in bed until I heard Lucy gasp fearfully. I heard movement until I felt someone shaking me.

"Serena...Serena, wake up."

"Hmm...what's the matter Lucy?" I groaned tiredly before turning to look at her.

"I had a bad dream...about those people who..." Lucy trailed off and I could tell that she was scared to go back to sleep.

"Aww...come on, you can sleep next to me," I told her as I lifted the covers for her.

Lucy smiled and then she got into bed with me and then she snuggled up to me before I pulled the covers over us. I held her close before falling asleep.

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