The Alpha's Second Chance Mate

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Chapter 9

8 years ago...


A year later, I started calling Ellie and Jackson 'mom and dad'. They looked so happy when I started calling them that but, Lucy is still having a hard time calling Jackson daddy but, I know that she's getting there but slowly. She also started nursery as well and she likes it. I was happy that she made some friends at least she doesn't need me or Ellie to cling onto her whenever we leave her.

Right now, I was heading to Dad's office because there was something he and Mom wanted to talk to me about. I don't know what it was but, I had a feeling it might have something to do with the fact that I might be next in line for the Alpha position. I heard one of the pack members talking about it but, am I ready for it?

"Of course we're ready! you just don't know it!" Aoi told me in excitement.

"What makes you think we'll be good for the Alpha position?"

"Gut instinct."


I swear my wolf can be very weird sometimes. I got to my parents' office before knocking on the door. I heard dad telling me to come in before opening the door.

"Hello, you two wanted to see me?"

"We did, come in and take a seat, Serena."

I took a seat in front of my parents' desk and then Dad spoke up.

"Serena, as you already know. Once an Alpha and Luna have an heir to the position, they need to start training him or her for it and once they reach the age of 18 that's when they take the Alpha position."

"Since you're the eldest, we believe that you should take the Alpha position."

I was surprised when Mom and Dad told me this and then I smiled a little.

" an Alpha? but, wait, shouldn't Lucy take the position? I mean no offence but, she is your flesh and blood, Mother."

"We thought about that but, the thing is, we don't even know if Lucy has inherited the werewolf gene from her birth father and besides, only the eldest from the Alpha bloodline can take the position."

"What about all that smack about the males being the Alpha? won't the elders get on your case about that?" I asked them.

"Well...I did thought about that too but, Ellie gave me the claw talk and I mean that literally," Dad mumbled that last part before continuing.

"After I gave Jackson the claw talk and how I told him about me being squad captain back in the army, we didn't care what the elders think. If they come knocking on our door then they've got me to deal with. I'll show them that not all the Alphas have to be male. This is the 21st century not the old days where women should stay in the backgrounds while cooking and cleaning and being the mother of their husbands' children."

I giggled when Mom said that and I did see her point. I was training to become the next Beta after my birth father anyway and I didn't care what other people were thinking.

"...All right, I'll go for it but, do you two think I can do this? I was the Beta's daughter before you two adopted me."

"We know but, with the right training you'll do fine. We believe in you."

I smiled when Mom told this and then, my training began.

Since I agreed to become the next Alpha, I've been working my butt off. I've been going to meetings with my parents and I paid very close attention to the subjects they were talking about. For example, rogues, making new alliances etc. I've also been training a lot harder than usual as well and that's thanks to Mom's training. I know she can be a bit...scary and harsh when she's training the other warriors but, that's because that's how she was trained in the army.

Mom taught me how to use some of her firearms and how to use a sword as well. Mom also taught me some of her combat moves as well. She was impressed how well I've improved the few months since I'm next in line for the Alpha position.

Lucy, who is now calling me big sister and Jackson 'daddy', is also impressed and I've been spoiling her rotten but, I couldn't help myself, I did mention before that I've always wanted to have a little brother or sister.

However, when Amelia showed up, that's when things started to change for me and I've discovered something about myself. It started after Mom found out who caused Liam, Amelia's crazy ex-boyfriend to escape from the pack prison and after Lord Hades showed up.

Hades carried Lucy and then we got to the clearing in the forest because he wanted to show us a little trick that Cerberus can do. Once we got to the clearing, Hades commanded Cerberus.

"Cerberus, show these girls what your true form looks like."

Cerberus barked before a puff a smoke appeared and then we saw this huge three headed dog that was the size of the packhouse.

"Holy crap!!" I shouted loudly and then Lucy shouted.

"Wow! that's amazing!"

Cerberus wagged his tail before he laid down on the ground and then Hades told him.

"Cerberus, shrink."

Again a puff of smoke appeared and Cerberus turned back into the height of a Great Dane.

"Whoa! that's so cool."

"Whenever Cerberus and I leave the underworld, I have to keep him at this height otherwise we'll have a crisis on our hands but, the only time when he's in his true is when he's guarding the Underworld or when he's in a fight."

"I guess that's understandable," I told Hades before I petted Cerberus' head.

We got back inside the house before Cerberus ran over to Mom, who just got back from Amelia and Aiden's place.

"Ah! Cerberus! get off me!" Mom shouted after Cerberus tackled her onto the ground and licking her face excitedly.

"Cerberus, get off the lady," Lord Hades commanded him before Mom got up from the ground.

"Hades, glad you could make it. I hope my daughters haven't been running circles around you and Jackson again."

"Nope, not at all. Serena has been the best hostess this little girl has been bugging me to read her a book over and over again."

I chuckled when he told her this because that's true. Somehow I get the feeling that Lucy might have a future in writing like Amelia.

After Mom came back, she and Lord Hades went into the kitchen to have a talk until I heard them talking about me. I stood near the doorway and I listened to their conversation.

"You have a wonderful family, Ellie. Well done."

"Thank you, Hades."

"However, I suggest that you keep a watchful eye on Serena."

I was surprised when he mentioned me.

"Why? what she done?"

"*Chuckle* oh, nothing like that. Let's just say there's a connection between the two of you and I don't think it's just a mother and daughter bond that you two share."

I was surprised at first but then again, he did have a point. There was a reason why I felt this connection with Mom when we first met. I don't know what it was about her until I found out that she's a hybrid. When she showed me and Lucy her marking I felt like I've seen it somewhere before and I knew why. I got back into the living room before I looked at the weird marking on my shoulder.

This strange mark appeared after I turned 10 last year and I've been keeping it covered up ever since. I don't know if I should tell Mom about this or keep it quiet but, Hades did have a point. There is a connection between me and her. If I'm gonna find out about this mark then maybe Hades or some other demon can tell me about it.

After we had our dinner, Lord Hades was about to leave until I stopped.

"Lord Hades wait!"

Hades turned to look at me and I asked him.

"Forgive me for saying this but, I overheard your conversation with my mother. What did you mean that I was special? does have something to do with...this?"

I moved my sleeve and I showed him the marking. Hades looked at it and he smirked at me.

"Sorry kid, I can't give you the answers."


"Look, if you really want to know then you're gonna have to do it yourself. You are gonna become the next Alpha in 7 years time, aren't you? you're a smart kid, you'll figure something out."

I smiled and I nodded my head.

"Okay, thanks Lord Hades."

I told him before he ruffled my hair and then he headed back to the pack house.

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